Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Can't Take Lips Off Each Other

May 27, 2011 15:58:21 GMT

During a recent vacation in Maui, the couple embraced each other passionately while there's no parents in presence.

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber
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The sight of Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez is getting more and more common. The young couple was oblivious to paparazzi capturing their photos and to other beach-goers crowding the Maui beach during a recent vacation.

Justin and Selena had a romantic vacation, staying in a Four Seasons Hotel suite which costs \$10,000 a night. According to Hollywood Life, 'The pair are in the Maile Suite, a luxury palace on the seventh floor of the resort. The signature of the three bedroom suite is floor-to-ceiling windows which allow a magnificent ocean view." They shared the three-bedrooms suite with their parents.

Selena wore a pink two-piece while Justin put on surfing pants. They spent a whole day on the sea, playing with water, riding jet-ski and flying above the sea with parasail. In between these activities, they showed a number of public displays of affection. Justin lifted Selena to his waist while they kissed, and grabbed her butt while kissing also. Even mid-air, they could not take their lips off each other.

Beside spending the day in the water, the couple strolled on the beach hand in hand and enjoyed romantic meals in the hotel's elegant dining room that features adjoining butler's kitchen.


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posted by C on Sep 21, 2011
wow selena you need to find someone else quick he is just not right for you k peace out
posted by mlb on Jun 05, 2011
ok calm down u guyz! itz not lik ther gonna get married but as metioned b4 selena is not being a good romodle and neither is justin. nobodys perfect...but...they could at least try a lil harder especially when they know whos gonna c this..and how upset this makes us 11 yr old bieber lovers!!:)
posted by Jelena Fan on Jun 02, 2011
Hey be happy for Selena and Justin so what if their showing PDA at least that shows their willing to be a normal couple and that they don't care wat ppl like u haters think. So them alone I want them to be happy because im a true BELIEBER. and stop sending death threats to selena she doesnt't deserve that.
posted by Chelsea on Jun 01, 2011
you guys aren't real beliebers, your fakes. GROW UP, stop calling Selena ugly, cause she's not. nobody's 'ugly'. stop saying she stole your man, because she can't steal something you never had. they are perfect for eachother, if you's really loved justin you'd be happy he's happy.
posted by Alexis Bieber on Jun 01, 2011
posted by K on May 29, 2011
I don't like Selena but honestly, if justin were to date another girl, ppl were hate her too! And seriously, at this point, Miley is a better role model! At least she doesn't go snogging someone in public!!!
posted by km on May 29, 2011
i honestly dont like justin bieber that much and we shouldn't acre if they are 2gether bcuz its not like we will even hv a chance w/ him unless he wants to but the point is that WE shouldn't be part of THEIR love
posted by rebecca on May 29, 2011
dnt u belibers want justin to be happy, and b4 the ask yes im a bieber fan but u would have never had a chance with him anyways so stop slating the girl and let them have fun thats what being inlove is about
posted by Pink on May 29, 2011
All of you are wrong they r perfect for each other
posted by magine on May 28, 2011
slutena gomez is a slut on heat ill kill that bitch you better watch ya back you slut face fat ass bitch
posted by A on May 28, 2011
Oh just wait till justin is 18 they is gunna do it everywheree bitchhh
posted by A on May 27, 2011
ill get you selena
posted by A on May 27, 2011
I hate selena gomez and i want to paint her blood on the walls
posted by Jeremy on May 27, 2011
Bad is Jail mad Kiss Justin Bieber not good Job Selena Gomez by jeremy Thanaparamy

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