A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster Invited Back to 'Criminal Minds'

April 14, 2011 08:53:15 GMT

These two victims of creative and budget cut are in talks to return to the CBS show under the command of a new showrunner.

A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster Invited Back to 'Criminal Minds'
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Good news comes in two for "Criminal Minds" fans. Not only the new production team is trying to get back A.J. Cook who plays Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau on the CBS crime drama, but also Paget Brewster aka Emily Prentiss.

Cook was written out of the show for creative reason and budget cut. She was back for two episodes this season to give her character a good closure. In the story, JJ is transferred from BAU to Pentagon. Executive producer Simon Mirren told TV Guide, "We've always intimated that JJ's character has connections outside of our world - other more powerful elements in the government. Those powers that she's connected with come back into her life."

Brewster was out for the same reason and was quickly replaced by a new agent played by Rachel Nichols. The actress did not take the termination well, tweeting " 'Creative Reasons' has been an executive bulls--t excuse for decades. It is financial. AJ is a dreamboat. And yes, I am hurt too."

Fans who were bitter about their departures can now cross their fingers. Executive producer Ed Bernero is leaving his post, replaced by his peer Erica Messer. Cook, according to Deadline, is "in talks" to return next season as a regular for she got the offer late last week after producers came up with new ideas for JJ.

Brewster meanwhile is also poised for the same plan if her pilot on NBC, "My Life as an Experiment" fails to get picked up. These two's potential returns consequently may be a bad news for Nichols.


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posted by Big Fan on May 12, 2011
Did the decision-makers think we were fooled by the replaacement for JJ? (Long blonde hair worn the same way JJ did.) I will not watch another episode until she is gone, and JJ and Prentiss are back. If they're not brought back, well...there's always reading. One doesn't NEED to watch tv.
posted by MLM on Apr 29, 2011
Return Paget Brewster to "Criminal Minds" as well. Period! The "Team" is perfect - nothing to fix!
posted by laur on Apr 26, 2011
i love AJ and Paget, and i love criminal minds. such disrespect to get kicked off the show like that.
posted by Letscheck on Apr 20, 2011
Glad Bernero, is out if he is the one behind the firing of these two actresses. Erica Messer has always been the brains behind CM. Glad to see her in charge of this show. Under her leadership it should return to it's greatness. Thank goodness J.J. and Prentiss are back.
posted by infinite colors on Apr 14, 2011
the show is not the same without JJ and Prentice
posted by Lynn on Apr 14, 2011
How out of touch with the fans must a producer be to let these two women go?? They are worth 10 times what they were being paid! The guys are terrific, and Kirsten is fabulous, but with out Prentiss the show lacks integrity and spark. Get her back (AJ would also be great!) no matter what you have to do/pay, go on bended knee and beg if necessary...just have Prentiss return to the new season!!
posted by Amy on Apr 14, 2011
I have not watched a full episode since they both left (failed to capture my attention - felt like it was a different crime show) and WILL NOT WATCH unless they return. The way they were treated was atrocious and offended me, as a woman. Criminal Minds thrived on the family dynamic of the team...firing AJ Cook and Paget Brewster was a huge mistake. Hopefully, one that's rectified :)
posted by Cat on Apr 14, 2011
Oh PLEASE bring them back, the show is suffering. Crosses fingers & toes!
posted by nlc on Apr 14, 2011
It's not the same without JJ & Prentiss, especially Prentiss! She had great chemistry with Hotch. Hook 'em up!
posted by susiek on Apr 14, 2011
bout time
posted by paget brewster on Apr 14, 2011
I just discovered paget and the show, criminal mind, and I enjoyed her acting so much. I did not care for the new characters I saw for the first time last night. I hope I don't have to say "never, never, never to your new show.
posted by suelynn on Apr 14, 2011
Great news for the fans! That was suicidal to get rid of both those ladies who are a hugh asset to the show. The replacement was absolutely horrible.

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