'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Be the Last Time Christian Bale Plays Batman

Christian Bale

The depicter of Bruce Wayne affirms speculation that the movie will be the last Batman film from Christopher Nolan, saying 'If Chris maintains, this will be the last one.'

So far, all hints point out that "The Dark Knight Rises" will mark the end of Batman film series by Christopher Nolan. In several new interviews, Christian Bale has affirmed the speculation as he states that it will be the last time he portrays the superhero.

"The thing is that this will be, I believe, unless Chris says different, this will be the last time I'm playing Batman," Bale tells E! Online. Moreover, when sitting down with MTV Movie News, the actor claims he is "very excited" about the upcoming Batman movie "because if Chris maintains, this will be the last one." He adds, "We've got to up it."

However, beside what he has said, the depicter of Bruce Wayne claims he does not know a lot about the project, stating "Chris will let me know what I need to know when I need to know it. I probably know a little bit more than some other people out there, but I think most people would be surprised at how little I do know."

"It just hasn't been necessary yet," he explains. "I know he'll give me plenty of time to prepare for whatever I need to, and I'll discover it. He's a pretty damn good filmmaker. I trust that he's going to come up with something wonderful."

Back in October, Nolan talked about his plans to make his third Batman film as the end of the series. "I'm very excited about the end of the film, the conclusion, and what we've done with the characters," he told Los Angeles Times. "Unlike the comics, these things don't go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful. Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion and the essence of what tale we're telling."

"The Dark Knight Rises" is slated to kick off principal photography in New Orleans in April 2011 for a scheduled July 20, 2012 release in the U.S. Tom Hardy has been widely rumored to be cast as the villain though it is not clear what character that he will portray.

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    Ted Cunn
    Nov 23, 2010

    @yeezy83: Jerry Bruckheimer is a producer, not a director, so you can't really compare anybody's directing style to his.

    Nov 23, 2010

    @JC: Realism is Nolan's key element in making his Batman films. Bane doesn't fit in at all. With what that character represents, why change the appearance and story to fit in Nolans universe. Nolan foreshadowed the villain in the first one, but he only foreshadowed the possible tone for the third. You read into the end too much. As far as your pirates of the Caribbean reference/comparison, you are nuts for even putting Bruckheimers directing style to Nolans. You obviously did not read the entire post. This is Nolans and Bales last Batman film.

    Nov 22, 2010

    Bane is a Modern English word meaning "that which causes ruin or woe", from the Old English bana ("slayer", "murderer"), from the Proto-Germanic *banon, cognate with *banja ("wound"). At the ending scene of The Dark Knight, Batman requests of Gordon that he be labled the murderer responsible of Dent's crimes to keep Gotham's criminals at Arkham and Blackgate. Further Disambiguation is that Bane is also the name of a genus of plant that is highly venomous (Henbane, Wolfsbane, Leopard's Bane, ect.) Possible allusion directly to Bane and indirectly Ivy? Tom Hardy I hear was cast as having a major role and has played in exceptional films like Nolan's Inception and a British movie about Britain's most violent inmate, a Charles Bronson, entitled respectively as Bronson. Bane is a most exclusively violent and highly calculating and ingenious character from the comics, as he was able to deduce Batman's identity as well as nearly "breaking" him to death and in the BTAS as well as TNBA he did come quite close to killing him. But it is plausible that maybe Hardy could be cast as Black Mask? I can see that. I kinda can also picture this: Theron as a expert cat-burgler named Catwomen respectively (thinking Aeon Flux) as some anti-hero love interest. Bane (due to background in prison life, drug involvement with Venom, South American heritage, physical prowess and genius) could be in Nolan's universe a very powerful South American Drug Lord of the top Cartel machine, his latest product "Venom" is concocted by a scientist (possibly kidnapped and held hostage) Pamala Isely (will she become Poison Ivy in some way? Maybe, maybe not how we've seen her portrayed, maybe it could be a pseudonym) who could be Farmiga. The Venom has it's respective properties and attributes with it being sold as a steroid to first military for super soldiers and then somehow to athletes, which soon get's discovered for it's often hazardous and dangerous side effects. Or maybe Black Mask (I could totally see Daniel Day Lewis play this character and will cite most spectacular and phenominal performances in Gangs of New York and There Will be Blood) is Kingpin of this large operation over Bane and other Cartels and can use him as a hitman (Like the Montana and Sosa relationship in Scarface). I can also picture this occuring much like how I described and have it mixed with the The New Batman Adventures episode "Over the Edge" and the "Knightfall" comic story. But this is just my own speculation and take. We all saw in Batman Begins the ending was a clear allusion to the Joker however the Dark Knight was not so clear. We'll just wait and see. I hope Nolan leaves the ending open to a possible 4th, like POC: At World's End

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