Justin Bieber Prepping Unplugged Album for Holiday Treatment

October 18, 2010 08:18:56 GMT

Before catering fans with a third studio album, Justin Bieber will treat them with a collection of his acoustic songs.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: Frank Dicks/WENN

While some of the other artists are flooding this holiday session with Christmas albums, Justin Bieber prefers to drop an acoustic effort. "...hey @dankanter I think it's time to make an UNPLUGGED album for the fans for the holidays...or maybe we already did...hmmmm," he wrote on Twitter.

He continued, "Listening to tracks from the new UNPLUGGED acoustic album. feeling really good about it. @dankanter u excited. back to the roots." He quickly replied, "Im in" when asked what "if he put some proceeds to charity, [so] every1 could have joy during the holiday season."

Receiving favorable responses from his fans over the upcoming stripped-down album, Bieber who has just released an illustrated tour book posted another message, "Thanks for everyone supporting the book and the music. glad i get to share who i really am with u guys."

The unplugged album is recorded amid Bieber's hectic schedule. He is currently traveling across North America for My World tour and at the same time has cameras following him during the traveling show to shoot scenes for his movie "Never Say Never".


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posted by bonbonluvsu on Oct 20, 2010
i luv ur music and u are cute. u r not a fag. fuck the comment that "I HAte Jb" and fuck her or him.
posted by paola leal franco on Oct 19, 2010
justin biber love you te amo y te adoro eerez el niño maz lindo y simpatiko :D ♥♥♥
posted by Lacy on Oct 18, 2010
Justin is awesome...
posted by LittleMs.biEber on Oct 18, 2010
I love u justin...txt me @ 520 335 4158;)
posted by jacquelyn on Oct 18, 2010
i love justin
posted by georgia burns on Oct 18, 2010
hi justin bieber i love you
posted by I HATE JB on Oct 18, 2010
posted by Britnie Tatum on Oct 18, 2010
I know all your songs from heart your awsome your the best justin I love you sweety.
posted by Britnie Tatum on Oct 18, 2010
Justin you are my favorite artist I love you with all my heart. your really cute I know people say this a lot to you but am your biggest fan I love you Justin

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