Adam Lambert Launches Twitter Rant Over Fashion Copycat Claim

August 31, 2010 07:25:34 GMT

Learning that In Touch claims Will Smith's daughter Willow is copying his style, Adam responds on his Twitter page, 'Willow's a little badass lady but I don't think we have much in common!'

Adam Lambert
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"American Idol" alum Adam Lambert has thrown Twitter rant on Monday, August 30 over In Touch recent article which said "Willow's copying Adam's Style!, is Adam Lambert Willow Smith's inspiration? Sure looks like it." Adam began his tirade by linking the publication's page featuring him and Willow in several similar styles.

"Willow's a little badass lady but I don't think we have much in common! Lol. C'mon InTouch! This is a stretch," Adam wrote on his Twitter page. He later refreshed his fans' memories, writing "Didn't you hear? I'm copying Bill Kaulitz. So... In a round about way, so is she. Right? And he's copying Rihanna. In truth ladies and gentlemen... No one is copying anyone."

"Following trends is a stylist's job and part of ours is to appear fashionable. Leave the copy cat bull to the school playground," the "Whataya Want from Me" singer explained. "For example: the Xtina/(Lady) GaGa Conspiracy? Lets look just look at Madonna. Seems they were BOTH inspired by her. And she borrowed a page from Marilyn (Monroe)."

"(Amongst others) its the Post Modern age - everything's been done. Pop stars acknowledging something and editorializing on it is an art," Adam continued. "And to clarify before any media takes my rant out of context: I am a fan of all the artists I just mentioned! I love you Madonna, Marilyn, GaGa, XTina, Rihanna, Bill, and little Willow (for inspiring this rant and inTouch to begin with) btw girl - you fierce."

"Also anyone that took me too seriously just now needs to... NOT!" Adam noted. "While I'm ranting: whats with this 'FTW' or 'For The Win' phrase? Also, 'epic Fail'. I'm sick of these sayings. I don't even know why. I wish more people would invent their own sayings. Originality would be more... Original."

And as one of Bill's fans dissed Adam for dragging Bill's name into his rant, the star replied, "Haha i was actually giving him free publicity. Think of it as a birthday present. Lol."

Adam Lambert, who is currently in his North America tour to promote his debut album "For Your Entertainment", ended his Twitter rant with a message read, "Thanks for the entertainment! Goodnight and sweet dreams."


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posted by Sarah. on Sep 04, 2010
I honestly have no problem with this article at all, what Adam is saying IS true, fashion is recyclable and its recycled A LOT. I'm a massive fan of Tokio Hotel but unlike all of the Adam Lambert haters I think they both just like to express themselves, so what if its in similar fashion? If it makes them happy, why do you people have to go and start shit, music is supposed to unite fans not cause fucking riots over a jacket worn by both parties. This feels like prom night and someone is wearing the same dress. get over it and move on.
posted by backatya on Sep 03, 2010
Oh @Jackson, I'd love to see a picture of you to see what beauty you possess. Often people who make such derogatory remarks are extremely void in the looks department. Bad genes perhaps? You should be scolding your mom and dad about that one and quit ragging on Adam. Actually,after you're finished laying the DNA guilt trip on your parents, I'd like to scold them for raising such a jerk!! Oooh, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of the venom? I have no doubt that you're a 'dish it out,but can't take it' type!
posted by tsk tsk on Sep 03, 2010
Good grief,some of you people are soooo stupid and transparent (BK fans,perhaps?). Are you kidding me? Some magazine issues an article to garner attention,Adam Lambert responds to said article,and that makes him a 'famewhore'? He's just setting the record straight,dissing no one (except maybe calling the mag. out) and he still gets grief from seemingly uneducated types who can't read or decipher meanings thoroughly!! He loves everyone he mentioned. He's making a point (a valid one at that). Obviously smart people can understand what he was doing with the twitter thing. The only copying being done are the stupid comments that seem to be saying the same thing without really saying anything!! You 'copycats' know who you are!!
posted by glittergirl on Sep 03, 2010
Backatya - ditto, ditto, ditto! And, if I may be so bold as to 'copy you' (lol!) apply your post to the rest of tha Adam haters. Adam is a Gentleman with amazing talent and charisma, a man with a huge heart and a very bright future. Adam and his music have helped me through an exceptionally difficult time in my life and I wish all the best for him. Personally, methinks there's a whole lot of jealously going on around here! In Adam's words, 'God doesn't hate'. You haters couldlearn something from him!!!
posted by jackson on Sep 02, 2010
This fame whore shit never stops bitching. Whenever seeing him, I feel something crawling on my skin. ewwww.. Puke. His childhood attention deficit syndrome clearly reveals now at almost 30 year old. This big fat ass uses gossips as his ways of getting fame. Watch him when he is no longer center of attention, you will find him naked on cocaine at public places. This is why American Idol never gets respect.
posted by Jez on Sep 02, 2010
I'm a huge fan of Adam. I just think he's in.cred.i.ble. He's got the most amazing voice and the best personality. Everything he does is for the sake of someone else. He's just so loving. Adam should be praised as a hero, not dissed by TH fans. I really can't say that Bill has the best voice or the best songs, because I'd be lying. But I do have a lot of respect for him- he seems like a very genuine person. Such a contrast between him and his fans! It's pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Hating on Adam for mentioning his name in a positive way? Yikes. Maybe I've missed something, but when did Adam ever do anything wrong to him? He spikes his hair like bill does. Okay, that makes all the difference in the world. People, grow up. Like Adam said, leave copycatting at the playground.
posted by Lost on Sep 01, 2010
Hopefully Bill will just ignore yet ANOTHER, p.r. stunt by Adam. What is with Katy Perry, Perez and Adam Lambert, all using hate and fights to get attention? Wonder if they have the same PR reps?
posted by Perez\'s earwax on Sep 01, 2010
Celebrities can all be inspired by each other's clothes all they want, just as long as no one copies Adam's overly botoxed foreheard!! :O
posted by M R on Sep 01, 2010
Adam just wants to start up hate against Bill. Only a few fans got mad at him for his copying styles, most simply pointed out a fact. The guy was sporting full outfits identical to Bill's within a week of Bill wearing them - fan or not of either, you're gonna notice that and say something!! But of course that's what Glambert wanted.
posted by Fiona on Sep 01, 2010
Adam's a great talent, but can only sell out small theatres. He needs to stop whining and get on with his career. It's just beginning and he's bitching and name dropping.
posted by Liloo on Sep 01, 2010
Bill is straight and gorgeous and Adam is already a fat hasbeen. He's just trying to get attention.
posted by Anonymous on Sep 01, 2010
I didn't believe he copied at first. He did ton down his style from super glam to teenager emo, but many have similar styles. Then he went through this phase of wearing the exact same outfit as Bill Kaulitz (the anorexic from Tokio Hotel), same designer and all, a few days after Bill would wear it. It was a PR stunt that failed but he got to name drop.
posted by emerie on Sep 01, 2010
Forget about the Adam-Bill thing~ WHO CARES?!? I personally love Adam's criticism of people who can hardly speak or write without using trite, unoriginal words, acronyms and phrases. Being a creative person myself, I should have known that Adam would appreciate the original over stuff reeking of "sheep mentality." If I hear one more person say "good to go" or "hot mess" I think I'll have to report them to the 'Don't Bore Me" Police ...
posted by Angel on Sep 01, 2010
If Willow was copying Adam's style, I can't think of a better person for her to copy. The kid's got good taste!
posted by ladygingermint on Aug 31, 2010
Bill Kaulitz needs to man up and address those fans who have been making these accusations against Adam. A true friend would have his back, after all.
posted by No Worries on Aug 31, 2010
Who the blank, blank is Bill Kaulitz? Never heard of him!! In Touch must have run out of stories of another Brangelina Breakup or Kate Gosslin. so went to a story about a young child who's parents allow her to be an individual. LOL
posted by Shadow505 on Aug 31, 2010
It's all hysterical...EVERY LAST BIT OF IT.
posted by Dee Dee on Aug 31, 2010
Props to Adam for sticking up for Willow. Boo to In Style for picking on a kid.
posted by sweetart on Aug 31, 2010
I'm a TH fan. Prolly would barely know they exisisted if Adam hadn't tweeted what a big fan he is of Bill. They both stand on there own merits...talent!
posted by Mel on Aug 31, 2010
@Anon: well said. I'm a TH fan and I have seen how some go over the top but it is the minority. The rest are respectful and there are a lot of TH fans who like Adam Lambert. I am sure Bill would not be pleased if he knew what was going on. But like you said I do know he does not go to the Internet which is probably for the best. It can get viciousis.
posted by Britte on Aug 31, 2010
You go, Willow! Thanks for your intellegent twit, Adam.
posted by Anon on Aug 31, 2010
@TheTruth- I don't think either Bill or Adam will care who's bitching about their meeting if they do have one in the future. They both have that strike in their personality, they're both free spirits. I'm a TH fan myself and I agree that some TH fans are over the top but every fandom has that. I did see that youtube video, and it goes both ways, Adam fans have used the F word as well. All I ask is for you not to group all TH fans like that. Those fans tend to be the most vocal while the normal respectful fans don't even bother commenting or replying. I hope you won't generalize TH fans in general based on some TH fans. Also, Bill is a fascinating individual and I do hope that you give him a chance. Try not to base your opinion of Bill on the behavior of some fans who are defensive of their band. Bill has absolutely nothing to do with the defensive behavior of his fans and probably know nothing about this Adam & Bill copying fiasco. He doesn't even go on the internet to check on news about his band, in order to protect themselves from unnecessary criticism and bashing from people online. I respect both Bill and Adam and I applaud their ability to excel in personal expression and just be who they are. And this is what most of the normal non vocal fans think. But yea, for some, devoted fans will always be devoted fans. :D
posted by Number8gurl on Aug 31, 2010
TH fans will jump all over Adam if he so much as utters Bills names. I think they're kind of a bunch of hypocrits. They are always dogging Adam for 'copying' Bill but when Adam jokes that Bill is copying Rihanna they get their panties in a wad. Like Adam always says "it ain't that deep". Loved his rant last night...I'm pissed I missed it in real-time. Last night was the one night I left my phone on the charger and went to bed early :(
posted by TheTruth on Aug 31, 2010
@Len I truly hope Adam & Bill never meet. Adam would get tweeted to death from TH fans accusing him of something or other during the meeting. You never hear MJ fans point out how similar Bill's style is to him now do you? TH fans are a turn off and yes I'm sure they'll be flooding the articles pretty soon with their lunacy. I think they are still sleeping right now because of the time difference. Want to see viciousness? Go to YouTube and check out the rants TH fans made about Adam on a TH interview. They were liberally using the "F" word about Adam. Real class act those people are.
posted by Len on Aug 31, 2010
Bill fans may be a bit too protective. Can't blame them. I watched some interviews of Bill and he seems to be a really cool and genuine guy. Adam and Bill should meet.
posted by And... on Aug 31, 2010
Watch the Bill Kaulitz stans flock to every article mentioning Adam's Twitter rant and flood them with "Adam sucksss!1!1!" and "Bill is totally like really like original and EVERYONE IS COPYING BILL!!1!!1"
posted by &Gaga on Aug 31, 2010
The copying crap talk about Xtina/Gaga was fueled by Perez Hilton who should stop bringing other artists down to build up Gaga. I have no interest in Gaga anymore helped by Perez's constant belittling of everyone else and her taking herself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. ugh.
posted by lil\'one on Aug 31, 2010
I love that Adam stuck up for Willow, the girl does have some fierce style for such a young girl!
posted by musicfan on Aug 31, 2010
Adam rocks! haha I love his twitter rants! He makes great points in 140 characters or less. lol (although now he's discovered twitlonger, he can use more than the allotted 140 characters ;-P ) TH fans need to "chill" as the glam god said. "It ain't that deep"
posted by Soozin on Aug 31, 2010
What struck me wasn't even part of Adam's rant. Why does 9 year old Willow need a personal stylist? Yes, mom and dad are big name stars, but really!?! And as others have said, EVERY fandom has its OTT fans, whether it is the TH fans or the Glamberts, the media will focus on the most outrageous and try to paint ALL fans with the same brush when that faction is just a small percentage of all fans. BTW to those who find such discussions a "waste" why are you here reading it and commenting on it then? I'm sure there are far more significant subjects that need your attention!
posted by StyleMonger on Aug 31, 2010
In Touch kind of picked on a young child - Willow. Not cool. But Adam defended her and also thanked In Style for raising the discussion. Lol. Love it.
posted by Nomore on Aug 31, 2010
@Snooki there is no reason why you can't love them both. But it has to be pointed out that TH fans have been constantly attacking Adam because he said nice things about Bill. Where's the logic? Beats me. I know I never heard of TH before Adam. I would have given them a try but have no desire to now because of his fanbase. WTG TH fans. Considering TH is unknown in the US having someone who is known in the US say nice things about their guy should have been considered a good thing.
posted by 4real on Aug 31, 2010
Adam Lambert has been playing to sold out shows all summer long, and this is all that "In Touch" could come up with to write about. The magazine really isn't living up to its name.
posted by Snooki on Aug 31, 2010
Come on everyone!!! Stop bashing ADAM and Bill!! They are both amazing entertainers!!! Why can't we love them both???
posted by Deb on Aug 31, 2010
And if there is any copying going on, isn't that a form of flattery? I always thought that you only copy someone when you like what they're doing. Adam is an original, but he has musical and fashion influences just like everyone else.
posted by CJ on Aug 31, 2010
Bill Kaulitz fans quite frankly have turned a lot of people off of Bill with their constant attacks on everyone. It's ashame. Anytime anyone wears remotely the same outfit or the same hairstyle the media says they are copying. Epic fail is annoying and so isn't the constant use of the term Epic in general or FTW or iconic or for that matter those who keep typing in caps to make a point. Everything is not Epic or Iconic. People earn epic or iconic status over time and he's smart enough to know. It was cool of him to defend Willow like that.
posted by RoRo on Aug 31, 2010
Anyone who puts on a pair of blue jeans is "copying" someone. Moving on...
posted by jona55 on Aug 31, 2010
he found it too much when the media publish news like this about teenagers he defends it as much as he can
posted by Mary on Aug 31, 2010
He is hilarious and honest, love it!
posted by Bee on Aug 31, 2010
I love him. He's right as well. All the copying talk when it comes to pop music is silly. Everyone draws influences from other acts before them and art too
posted by Culture Clash on Aug 31, 2010
Adam Lambert and Bill Kaulitz need to meet. Adam is such a huge fan, I know he wants to see Bill face to face. Adam is right. No one is copying anyone. It's just fashion.
posted by Jayanator on Aug 31, 2010
@Jay you do realize you are reading a blog called "Ace showbiz" right? The operative word being Showbiz. This isn't Newsweek or CNN.
posted by DJ on Aug 31, 2010
@ladygingermint Bill & Adam never met so can't call them friends and at this point I don't think either one of them want too. Adam has gotten so much grief from Bill fans and the media constantly saying he's "in love" with Bill when all he said was he liked Bill's style. I doubt at this point he wants too much to do with Bill. I think Bill is probably sick of the media asking him about Adam too. It's too bad that fans and the media can ruin things.
posted by jay on Aug 31, 2010
omgawd, you'd think someone had made a comment that actually affected the world at large. Sheesh. Try following something a bit more productive than discussing fashion and who is worthwhile of being famous. Waste.

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