Justin Bieber Reportedly Had Secret Reunion With Ex-Girlfriend in the Bahamas

July 01, 2010 04:45:52 GMT

The 'Baby' hitmaker allegedly spent quality time with his ex-girlfriend and first love, Caitlin Beadles, who tweeted, 'What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas!'

Justin Bieber
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Kim Kardashian apparently wasn't the one Justin Bieber's fans had to worry about following their photo shoot at the Bahamas. Life & Style recently reported that the 16-year-old sensational singer enjoyed some quality time with his ex-girlfriend and first love, Caitlin Beadles, in the country.

Although Justin and Caitlin's alleged secret meeting would be kept secret, the two's Twitter posts pointed to the reported reunion. On June 6, Caitlin wrote on her Twitter page, "Bahamas here I come! Gonna be an awesome week!", while on June 14, another tweet posted, "What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas!"

When Justin, on June 19, tweeted, "Back in Canada!", Caitlin posted a message of her own which read, "I hate when you have to leave. It's like half of me is gone. I miss you already!" The site further claimed that they still stay in touch despite the "Baby" hitmaker's busy schedule.

Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles met before Justin became famous. When they broke up, Justin's music career rocketed. The site also reported that Justin flew to see Caitlin as soon as he heard she was involved in a serious boating accident in August 2009. Moreover, Justin also serenaded her onstage during a concert near Atlanta on December 17, 2009.

E! News' Report on Justin Bieber's Secret Reunion With Ex-Girlfriend:


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posted by tori on Feb 05, 2011
hey guyz justin is my bf im so sorry if u have a problem call 07505399074 agien im soooooooo sorry but i really am nice u guyz rock o i gtg justins here
posted by vitoria justis on Feb 05, 2011
hey justin im famous to so i under stand im like a sis to you coz im famous just follow ur hart xxxxxx
posted by chloe on Feb 03, 2011
can you just leave Justin and Caitlin alone she dose understand that they are only friends and please shut the fuck up.
posted by stephjustininlove on Dec 24, 2010
catilin and justin u guys need 2 be 2gether u look great 2gether as much as it hurts 2 say this but its the right thing leave jasmine go back 2 ur first love plis i like her more lol from u only fan luv u babe
posted by maryann moham. on Oct 25, 2010
if only the world is like a mgic everything wuld 've possible.well jb has made 'is drm 'nd i am hppy for him.
posted by FILIPA on Oct 14, 2010
posted by filipa on Oct 14, 2010
posted by gowry on Oct 09, 2010
i luf u justin bieber...
posted by ms.beaber on Sep 28, 2010
if somebody trys to mess with him its on
posted by tt on Sep 28, 2010
i love justin beaber so much i went to all his concerts
posted by aein on Sep 03, 2010
i love justin
posted by trinidad on Aug 28, 2010
i love justin and iam from trnidad but i dont love him as a singer as a friend and he dont know who i am but i know who he is and i see him every day i need to tell him somting tat i hope belive in god jesus becase someting bad is commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming his way man
posted by Cooly 101 on Aug 27, 2010
You dont have to worry about his life worry about yours he can date anyone he wants......k hope we meet some day :D
posted by His E-X on Aug 25, 2010
Hello guys why do u always go in peoples persinil lifes get over it would u like it if i did the same thing Love u Biebs even though im not ur ex
posted by bieberfever 12345 on Aug 13, 2010
justin bieber i love u
posted by kayla clater on Aug 12, 2010
U know justin I was wondering u want to hang out some time no maybe not justin I just wanted to say it looks fun hanging out with famous my dream is to be an actor justin I really want to meet u I hope I do your song and u mean everthing to me love u justin
posted by kayla clater on Aug 12, 2010
Okay so let's put it this way justin bieber can date anybody he wants we can't be mad we don't controll him people so about kim and beyonce and katy there older then him so really there just friends I hope justin read this sorry people its the truth I hope we meet justin bye
posted by Elizabeth on Aug 03, 2010
I love justin bieber
posted by I love u on Aug 03, 2010
y cant i watch it?
posted by lucky girl on Aug 02, 2010
I was in crush with JB but now I'm gettin' over it.I like him and his music. and I really wish to be one of his friends. I'm happy for him cause he'll not gonna stay single for eva. I'm from libya to...piece out
posted by selena gomez on Jul 30, 2010
theres a lot of fights but we all get it hes hoooot but he dosnt like girls that fight sorry if i afend people:)
posted by madine on Jul 26, 2010
dear justin my grand drorter love you sow much she wanted to go see you sing for her brithday but my said no and she relly want to meet you but she to say HAPPY BRITHDAY much
posted by ... on Jul 21, 2010
I will like to be with you.. in the bed .. Just you and me loveee you ..
posted by ashley on Jul 21, 2010
look justin i luvvveeeee uuuuuu but i the only number one fan tht knows tht you and catlin r not datin look the only reason she wnts u 2 date her again cuss your famous and she wants all your fans to bck off and thts not goin to happen so do u wnt to listin to your number one fan or some slut sorry catlin i know the damn truth! i love u justin! call me! no one i mean no one call this number but justin bieber my number is 8643252179 thnx! i luvvvveeee you!!!!!!!
posted by ashley on Jul 21, 2010
justin bieber and catlin beadles r not datin there just friends she thinks tht there gettin bck togetha but they aint sorry catlin and im the one girl who one the date with justin bieber and he put his arm around me and i asked him if yall dated he nope im traviling i cant date her she thinks where gettin bck together but where not he dont like you any more!
posted by insecure little kids on Jul 14, 2010
Caitlin Beadles is a really nice girl.. Soo fuck off. Can someone say Jealous? (: I like JB, i think hes an amazing singer but just because he get a girlfriend thats prettier than you doesn't mean you have to hate on her.. js,.
posted by Amy on Jul 13, 2010
yu better baq off bitch. i LOVE YOU SO MUCH JUSTIN(:
posted by FUTURE MRS BIEBER on Jul 13, 2010
posted by GUHGGSDK on Jul 11, 2010
posted by me pluse justin bieb on Jul 07, 2010
met justin n got his cell phone number want it send me a message here
posted by me plus jb on Jul 07, 2010
i love justin bieber all i want 2 tell him is just 2 leave all his exs n get with me p.s. just dont hate b****** cause he is mine n only mine
posted by vampiregurl1901 on Jul 06, 2010
oh justin why would u do this to me...? oh well it's not like its going to last. they're only 16, they'll get bored with each other eventually then justin will realize wat a mistakes he's made. wat ever caitlin just wants him again cause he's famous. wat a fake!!!
posted by justins1&only on Jul 06, 2010
if justin is happy then he should be ... but nuthing will make me not like him it hurts to know that he gots sumbody in his heart but when the day cums im his 1 and only girl ... i love you justin bieber i am jealous of caitlin and she is a very lucky girl.
posted by vampiregurl1901 on Jul 06, 2010
that sucks. i wonder wat they did in the bahamas?? i guess thats why she put wat happens in the bahamas stays in the bahamas. caitlin is a stupid little slut. jb is my man beotch :)
posted by Jb\'sonlyshawty on Jul 05, 2010
TO be honest, I was stupid. I was jelous at first and srted to compare myself to her..I was tht inlove with Justin....Im inlove but Im not intiminated by Catlyin like I recently used to be. She has fans for being pretty...we all know tht..We can deny it but we all do know thts why. Now, tht tweet bothers me more than anything when he said "what happends in the bahamas, stays in the bahamas" And U know they were there together. Now to be honest..look I dnt wanna sound like a brat or an obssesed jb freak but she bothers me alot. like alot,alot. She still has feelings for him and even tho he says he just wants a friendship nobody really knows if he has secret feelings 4 her. She might not even know,his mom,nobody but him. Nobody knows how he feels if he dsnt tell any1. She REALLY bothers me... I dont wanna say I feel threatend but I do. Hey,Im being honest. Im not going 2 act like every other girl who says they love catylin cuz to be honest, I dnt. I really do think If anybody she still has it in her mind to win him back and either way I just never was a fan of her. I alwaya felt like there was something not right about her and shes famous for nothing when u think about it..4 being pretty? His first love? Either way thts not famous for soemthing andI jst never had a good vibe form her. If Justin does find a GF andI cant be her,believe me,I'll struggle more than u know but I'll deal with it. As long as he's happy, Im happy. Seeing him happy makes me feel good even though my heart might be breaking into a million pieces. Justin deserves to be happy,regaurdless who makes him that way.
posted by luvjustinb on Jul 04, 2010
i wish i could have been there to comfort you when you sang down to earth it will be ok luv you
posted by luvjustinb on Jul 04, 2010
justin i love you so much and if you are happy with caitlin then it's okay i wish that i could be the one to be with you though love you so much muah
posted by paigeebabess. on Jul 04, 2010
okayy this videoo makes me pree jelouss she is so lucky i wouldd love to be her man.
posted by jojo on Jul 03, 2010
Hey justin, how r u nd ur family?? I hope ur ok.. I just wanna 2 till that i'm an arabic fan nd a biggggg fan of u,I'm from libya- tripoli And i love u so much,i'm 18 nd i lv ur music nd u look so nice!! i just want give u advice Follow ur heart.
posted by jojo on Jul 03, 2010
I love u soooooo much..i like u, u look so amaizing..
posted by ha! ha! on Jul 03, 2010
well i don't really like justin bieber but catlin beadles maybe likes jb alot
posted by *******I lovee justi on Jul 03, 2010
I LOVE U JUSTIN MORE THAN U THINK CALLL ME!!!!! :) PLEASE U MAKE MY HEART RACE FAST omg! Realy dont be shy ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by I lovee justin biebe on Jul 03, 2010
posted by I lovee justin biebe on Jul 03, 2010
I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEE!!!!!!!! JUSTIN MORE THAN U EVER KNOWWW CALLLLLL ME! :) please i love u my heart races every time i c u and hear omg i love uuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):)
posted by I lovee justin biebe on Jul 03, 2010
posted by I lovee justin biebe on Jul 03, 2010
I love u justin more than u think
posted by lilmiss sunshine on Jul 02, 2010
if yall want to talk about justins personal life im sure he will hate yall for ever just puting out his personal info sure every body will like yall but justin he will hate yall for ever .and hell if you dont like kaitlin beadles just because shes his girl friend so dont put out his or her info (aka)wta if i come and put out all yall info leave him alone
posted by Dollies on Jul 02, 2010
people, he had a girlfriend during his time in the bahamas it was a 'secret girlfriend' apparetly she was a fan he met on the internet
posted by eh lay on Jul 02, 2010
Leave them alone if u areal fans make them happy
posted by JBFANyow on Jul 02, 2010
posted by Stupid paparazi on Jul 01, 2010
U guyz r da worst eva! Leave dem alne! If his hapy nd shes hapy then jst let them b. Do u knw how iratating u guyz r! Y do u guys keep harasing him! GET A LIFE OR BETER YET JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!
posted by catyria on Jul 01, 2010
Justin is so kind nd caring
posted by ITS BARBIE on Jul 01, 2010
If justin wants to keep intouch with his ex he can its his life not your so get over it
posted by godsgirl8393 on Jul 01, 2010
this is a horrible thing to comment on, it's her personal life and she doesn't want it to be broadcasted to the world. caitlin and justin are friends, they meet up regularly as her brother and justin are best friends. i think you should stop harrasing her, and get a life of your own and stop ruining theirs. also, caitlin has enough on her mind without you making it worse. of course justin visited caitlin after her accident. who wouldn't????
posted by ghetto on Jul 01, 2010
you people just leave justin alone its his life that hes living if he wants to get back wit his ex just let him you cant do anything bout that
posted by meg on Jul 01, 2010
good luck wid that!!!!!!!!!
posted by kira on Jul 01, 2010
i really dont agree at the first comment..really..let justine choose his own
posted by kira on Jul 01, 2010
ilove himmmmmm
posted by SCREW HER!! on Jul 01, 2010
OMG!! i f****** HATE KAITLIN BEADLES!!!!!!!! SCREW HER!!!!
posted by BiEbEr\'S BoO! <3 on Jul 01, 2010
OMG!! i frickin' luv justin bieber!! nd none of us beliebers want him 2 ever have a girlfriend, but we all know it's gonna happen. soo let's just be happy 4 justin!! if u were really a fan of JB, u would WANT him 2 be happy!!
posted by Mrs.bieber on Jul 01, 2010
one day ill meet him n ill be da true mrs.bieber. Like im already being.

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