David Archuleta Previews 'Something 'Bout Love'

June 29, 2010 04:50:28 GMT

A one-minute exclusive snippet of David Archuleta's brand new single 'Something 'Bout Love' is now made available for stream.

David Archuleta
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In order to give fans what to expect from his upcoming single "Something 'Bout Love", David Archuleta offers an audio preview. The snippet unveils mid-tempo catchy hook with a short message from David included.

"Starting right now, you can hear a one-minute EXCLUSIVE snippet of David's new single," his camp explained how music fans can listen to the preview. "All you have to do is call his line at 801-386-8196 and register if you haven't already."

Confirmed to be the lead single of David's upcoming studio album, the song will be debuted in full on his official website on July 13 and will be made available for digital purchase a week later on date 20. Of the other materials, he recently tweeted, "In Nashville! Going to work on some of the songs we've written here."

David Archuleta eyes to release the not-yet-titled effort in fall. Recording sessions for the album have been started since he was touring with Demi Lovato in summer 2009 with Matt Squire, Victoria Horn, Daniel Bedingfield and Kina Grannis on board. Earlier this month, he has done photoshoot for the album.


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posted by jamie on Jul 19, 2010
the song is amazing and his eyes are beautiful!!!!!
posted by Pascalee on Jul 05, 2010
I'm sure there are some fans who are disappointed with this song, but I love it. People have to remember that David is 19 and he is a lover of pop music. He did say in an interview, though, that this song does NOT reflect the rest of the album. He needs a radio hit!!! Period. I believe it will happen with this song. Looking forward to Somethin' 'Bout Love's official release as well as the rest of the album. I adore him!
posted by mabel on Jul 03, 2010
catchy melody,great hooks, killer bridge,clean and meaningful lyrics...what else could a fan or non-fan ask for? :) Bravo david!
posted by Ashley on Jul 01, 2010
I LOVE this song!
posted by Miss Vicki on Jun 29, 2010
Ok... I left David a message last night on his voice mail... and I was a little too negative.... I told him I thought this was too commercial and I wanted him to perform songs more like "The Riddle" or "Bridge Over Troubled Water." I now realize that David HAS to make a mark in the Pop world before he can truly sing the songs we all know he is best suited for. The sucesss of this song and album will ENSURE that Daivd is around a LONG, LONG time to come to sing more songs like Frank Sinatra. As Donny Osmond told him when he came in second in Idol... David has to keep reinventing himself. I love ya David... Keep on being eclectic. Miss Vicki
posted by samantha on Jun 29, 2010
posted by jomo on Jun 29, 2010
I like his voice...very fascinating ..
posted by allyssa on Jun 29, 2010
We love david archuleta he is such a great singer,,
posted by em on Jun 29, 2010
Im so so glad that david has new album to release!Im very excited to hear his music...I miss him..
posted by TrudyFOD on Jun 29, 2010
I love David Archuleta's new song! I can't wait for to hear it on the radio. David has amazed us again :)
posted by VJ on Jun 29, 2010
I really, really like this one. It's a keeper! Go David!
posted by Remax on Jun 29, 2010
love it, love it, love it!! david is the shizzzzzzz
posted by joyacht on Jun 29, 2010
I love it! Can't wait to hear the entire song and the album.
posted by nancy on Jun 29, 2010
can't wait to hear the entire song...this is only a snippet and it's already amazing!
posted by lct on Jun 29, 2010
Love it! He doesn't surprise me singing again in a different genre. Now waiting Patiently for a Spanish album!
posted by aliiie<3 on Jun 29, 2010
i love this song! it's gonna be a hit! :D
posted by sarah on Jun 29, 2010
Love, love, love the snippet of the song!!! His voice is amazing!!!

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