Lady GaGa Joins BP Boycott Group, Justin Bieber Up for Gulf Aid Telethon

Lady GaGa Joins BP Boycott Group, Justin Bieber Up for Gulf Aid Telethon

GaGa along with Korn, Creed and Backstreet Boys decides not to use BP oil, while Bieber will raise people awareness to help the victims in star-studded 'Larry King Live' telethon.

A-list artists, ranging from Grammy-winning superstar Lady GaGa to Canadian teen pop idol Justin Bieber, have joined growing group of protesters against British Petroleum which caused massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. GaGa refused to use BP oil for her tour bus, while Bieber will appear in "Larry King Live" special telethon to help the oil spill victims.

The boycott group was initiated by Korn and already have Creed and Backstreet Boys joining them in addition to GaGa. "We need to do our part to let BP know there are consequences for causing something like this. We want to send a message to corporations like BP so that they will take more preventative measures in the future," frontman Jonathan Davis said.

Bieber, meanwhile, is going to be joined by Cameron Diaz, Robert Redford, Kathy Griffin and Sting. Aired Monday night, June 21 at 8 P.M. EDT (midnight GMT), the gig will feature the guest stars sitting down with Larry King for interview and taking viewers calls and donations at the phone banks.

Additionally, Sting will make a special performance and Ryan Seacrest will host a special "Social Suite" on such social networks as Facebook and Twitter. People can participate online to raise awareness of what people can do to help victims of this massive oil spill.

"The Gulf oil spill is a disaster both national and natural in scope, and the point of this effort is to get immediate relief to the people and Wildlife who are in urgent need," King said in a statement released by CNN. "The telethon's proceeds go directly to the relief organizations who are working on the frontlines to do just that."

The proceed from this telethon will benefit United Way, The National Wildlife Federation and The Nature Conservancy, organizations working directly with the families, individuals and Wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill.




    Jun 19, 2010

    HI im ashley and I im looking forit to get your number and i wonding if u like boys because i im hearing that a lot of people are saying u like boys but if u do then I dont like u ANY more because I lov u to deth and i wont your number relly bad AND I THINK IM GETING bieber fever SICK JUST KIDING LOL.

    Jun 19, 2010

    They are uneducated buffoons. Yes sure boycott BP and whilst you are at it boycott Shell for the tragedies they have created in Nigeria or Chevron for their blatant disregard for local peoples health in Ecuador. None of the oil companies act with integrity in what they do and if this disaster opens the eyes of the energy wasting US population who have been crying out for more and more oil without thinking about the trail of destruction that it leaves in it wake, then maybe some good will come from it.

    Jun 19, 2010

    well, i think its too much to ask that hollywood celebs be educated. at least we are getting what we expect

    Jun 19, 2010

    Rational and BJ70: Just let the idiots feel like they're doing something with their lives. If they could understand what you are saying, they would have already figured it out for themselves.

    Jun 19, 2010

    Meah, I've been boycotting GaGa since she appeared for crimes against music.

    Jun 19, 2010

    This boycott of gas stations only hurts American small business. Almost all BP gas stations are not owned by BP,and the gas isn't often even BP's gas. So there is absolutely no effect whatsoever on BP. Anyway, if BP were to be brought to bankruptcy, then that would leave people out of work and prevent BP from paying for those who suffered damages. I am a fan of Gaga's, but this is another example of rock stars getting off the track from what they do--making music--and it does nothing to support their fan base--in this case,her "Little Monsters."

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