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Video: Larry King's Last Few Words on 'Larry King Live'

December 17, 2010 11:12:24

signed off from "" on Thursday, December 16 with a retrospective of some of his most iconic moments, including the time he had a comical duet with Marlon Brando. His last episode was also packed with a salute from a variety of media personalities such as and .

While Seacrest and came in person, most of the others bid their goodbye to King via satellite. This included President Barack Obama, former president Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Regis Philbin, , Diane Sawyer, and .


It's Official, Piers Morgan to Replace Larry King

July 14, 2010 04:07:21

British broadcaster has signed a multi-million dollar deal to replace veteran newsman after he ends his 25-year run hosting "Larry King Live". The "tAmerica's Got judge inked an $8.25 million four-year deal for the coveted role presenting CNN's popular talk show, which features interviews with celebrities and prominent figures.

Morgan, who will work 30 weeks a year to film the nightly show, beat competition from hotly tipped "" host and news anchor to take the job. A source tells Britain's The Sun, "Bosses were impressed by the quality of Piers' interviews."


'Larry King Live' Anniversary: Marlon Brando's Kissing Picked as Memorable Moment

July 07, 2010 10:07:59

The spotlight was turned on during his Monday night, July 5 talk show - the famed newsman became the interviewee as took charge of a star-studded special episode celebrating the program's 25th anniversary. The TV veteran, who will quit CNN's "" later this year, became the star guest as business tycoon Trump stepped in to interview the newsman about his 25year stint on the show.

A slew of King's former interviewees, including , and , also paid tribute to the legendary TV host and asked their own probing questions in special video messages. Opening the show, Trump told the audience, "I'm Donald Trump and I'm turning the tables on Larry on his 25th anniversary at CNN."


Larry King Gives Up Late Show for Family Time

June 30, 2010 09:06:21

It was purely 's decision to retract from "". In a statement written on his personal blog and Twitter account, the late night host stated his reason to leave as the opportunity to spend more time with his wife, Shawn Southwick, and the kids. Just two months ago, King's marriage was on the verge of a break-up but they reconciled shortly after.

He began the June 29 evening note, saying "Before I start the show tonight, I want to share some personal news with you. 25 years ago, I sat across this table from New York Governor Mario Cuomo for the first broadcast of Larry King Live." He continued, "Now, decades later, I talked to the guys here at CNN and I told them I would like to end Larry King Live, the nightly show, this fall and CNN has graciously accepted, giving me more time for my wife and I to get to the kids' little league games."


Larry King NOT Replaced by Piers Morgan, Yet

June 16, 2010 12:06:15

TV chiefs have moved swiftly to dismiss reports U.S. newsman 's talk show will be cancelled in favor of new programming featuring "" judge .

The veteran broadcaster's nightly news show, "", has experienced a slump in ratings over the last year and bosses at the CNN network are said to be discussing a replacement for the 76 year old. Morgan - who fronts his own series, "Piers Morgan's Life Stories", in the U.K. - was reportedly in negotiations to take on the role.


Piers Morgan Touted to Replace Larry King

June 14, 2010 10:06:40

"" judge is reportedly in talks to take over 's U.S. talk show. The veteran broadcaster's programme, "", has experienced a slump in ratings over the last year and bosses at the CNN network are said to be discussing a replacement for the 76 year old.

And Morgan - who fronts his own series, "Piers Morgan's Life Stories", in the U.K. - is reportedly in negotiations to take on the role. A source tells Britain's Daily Mail, "CNN bosses have been desperately searching for somebody to revamp the show. Larry's ratings are massively down year on year - and Piers is just the chap (man)."


Casey Johnson's Family Boycotting Tila Tequila's 'King' Appearance

January 09, 2010 01:01:15

Earlier this week, it was reported that is negotiating to appear on "" but the road to there may not be so smooth after all. Family of Casey Johnson, the fiancee of Tila who was found dead on January 4, is reportedly against the reality show star appearing on the CNN talk show although rumor has it, it would be a tribute to Casey.

Per E! News, the Johnsons and Casey's friends are calling to cancel the plan of having her live on Tuesday, January 12. "The Johnsons just want Tila to go away," a source told the publication. "They're in mourning. She is the last thing they want to deal with right now." Tila reportedly would be the only guest in that evening.


Excerpt of Chris Brown's Full Inteview on 'Larry King Live'

September 03, 2009 01:09:05

Packed under one hour, 's first TV interview since his altercation with has been aired on "" Wednesday, September 2. The beginning of the chat went rather light with throwing questions about facts such as the charges that the judge lay on him. One thing that Brown disagreed with was how he is assigned to pick up trash while he thought he's capable of doing something more than that.

Knowing the fact that Brown is not allowed to communicate with Rihanna in a period of time, King asked whether Brown loves her and is in love with her. The singer answered with definite tone, "yes". King brought up the subject of Rihanna's bloody and bruised picture that was published on TMZ. "I honestly did not know what to think, I'm just really disappointed at myself," Brown said about his feeling when looking at the photo.


New Snippet of Chris Brown's Interview With Larry King

September 02, 2009 09:09:35

Another excerpt from 's interview on "", which will air in its entirety on Wednesday, September 2, has been released. This time read out what the police report said was happening between Brown and then-girlfriend during the February 8 incident.

"You punched her a number of times, you threatened to beat the blank out of her," King said. "When you got home you also said you want to kill her. You bit her in the ear." Brown looked down all the while and occasionally said "yeah".


Video Snippet of Chris Brown's Interview on 'Larry King Live'

September 01, 2009 10:09:37

His infamous February incident has landed a hot seat on "". Accompanied by his mother Joyce Hawkins and attorney Mark Geragos, the R 'n' B singer answered some sensitive questions about his altercation with ex-girlfriend that left her with bruises and bloody lips.

The exclusive interview will be aired in full on Wednesday, September 2 on CNN but a snippet from the episode has been released. asked him how he reacted to what the police and reporters said about what he did. "I just look at it like, wow, I'm in shock, because, first of all, that's not who I am as a person, and that's not who I promise I want to be," Brown said. "So when I look at the police reports or hear about the police reports, I just don't know what to think."


Chris Brown's 'Larry King Live' Interview Gets a Date

August 28, 2009 10:08:27

The latest to sit with and be peeled to the core is . The R 'n' B singer, who was embroiled in an altercation case involving ex-girlfriend , reveals all to the talk show host during "" accompanied by his mother Joyce Hawkins and attorney Mark Geragos.

This would be the first interview he conducts since his infamous February 8 arrest for assaulting Rihanna. Brown reportedly answered every question directed to him, which revolve around none other than the assault case and the couple's stormy relationship. A source has been telling media outlets that it is one emotional interview that Hawkins eventually was brought to tears.


Perez Hilton Responds to Miss Calif's Gay Marriage Stance in 'Larry King Live'

April 21, 2009 03:04:21

Perez Hilton refused to lay down the issue of gay marriage that was controversially opposed by Miss California at the Miss USA pageant on Sunday, April 19. The celebrity blogger who was made a guest judge at the event, appeared on "" on Monday, April 20 to address why he asked such question.

"I felt it was a very important question for me to ask," Perez explained. "It wasn't meant to be a big bomb, or a very hard question to answer for that matter. She knew she had lost because it was a bad answer."


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