Video Premiere: Justin Bieber's 'Somebody to Love' Ft. Usher

June 18, 2010 01:44:48 GMT

Instead of wooing girls like in his previous clips, the 16-year-old Canadian pop star is trading impressive moves with his mentor and 'America's Best Dance Crew' stars.

Video Premiere: Justin Bieber's 'Somebody to Love' Ft. Usher
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Justin Bieber shows off energetic dance moves in a music video supporting his single "Somebody to Love". Usher who provides additional verses on the remix is also featured in this clip. They are backed by a number of "America's Best Dance Crew" alumni.

"[We're] bringing Justin into the world of dance on this one, giving Justin the chance to integrate to different styles of dance," director Dave Meyers said. "So we kind of kept it simple with the art direction, just real graphic and really highlighting the dance. No big story lines, no crowds of people, just real clean."

The choreography is created by Jamaica who has worked with the likes of Usher and Ciara. "It's really awesome to be able to work with professional dancers, you know, people that were in, like America's Best Dance Crew," Justin himself stated.

"Somebody to Love" is taken from Justin Bieber's chart topper "My World 2.0". The music video was premiered on the Thursday night, June 17 episode of Fox's dancing competition "So You Think You Can Dance".

Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" music video


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posted by anna on Nov 17, 2010
justin bieber is like sooooooooooooo hoooooooooot i love you justinbieber
posted by jb fan on Nov 05, 2010
justin i love u so much u r the best popstar
posted by Ice-Princess..x on Nov 05, 2010
Justin beiber is totally cute I soo got beiber feva
posted by u suck on Nov 01, 2010
justin bieber sucks balls ok!!!!
posted by latina15 on Sep 10, 2010
hes totally cute his smile makes me melt
posted by feedal on Aug 20, 2010
justin beiber its not sooo gooooood
posted by NOELIA MISHELLE on Jul 30, 2010
posted by melissa on Jul 26, 2010
No Comment on Justin Bieber.... Usher ur awesome and really talented.!! (Y) ;P
posted by Maulik Desai on Jul 20, 2010
justin beiber so cool
posted by J@zM!n3 on Jul 17, 2010
posted by blazence on Jul 16, 2010
i love you justin bieber and i love you for everything about you , how you're so kind and how you actually notice your fans , how you're so sweet and romantic with your romance fantasies . ^_____^
posted by IeYlYaNa on Jul 15, 2010
don't naughty , bieber ... from , me beriey ...
posted by ieyLyAna on Jul 15, 2010
i love you bieber ... you are hot than my boyfriendz .. thought's you'd always be mine ... i love you .........
posted by baby hOt on Jul 15, 2010
i always like you bieber ... hahaxxx
posted by hmmmm on Jul 14, 2010
I'm not the biggest fan of JB but i loved this music video!!!!!
posted by justin bieber lover on Jul 01, 2010
omg justin bieber is like sooooo hott ily justin
posted by chloe on Jun 29, 2010
hay justin bieber how are u bro im at school
posted by glam girl on Jun 29, 2010
i love justin bieber his sooo cute i love him
posted by ??? on Jun 28, 2010
posted by jasmine on Jun 25, 2010
oMg he is like soo cute his hair is the best though and i loooooove him im learning his dance moves (not acomplishing it)
posted by I love jb on Jun 24, 2010
Justin bieber is the hottest guy in the world
posted by Jblover on Jun 24, 2010
I loved jd's new music vid it was totly rocked when he was dancing with the packpack
posted by mallory on Jun 23, 2010
justin bieber you r the hotest popstar i ever seen.
posted by yzabel on Jun 23, 2010
i think that he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by unknown on Jun 20, 2010
posted by TURE JUSTIN BIEBERFA on Jun 20, 2010
posted by bieba feva!! on Jun 20, 2010
justin has hot hair!luvin u,ur songs n specially ur hot hair flips!!!!!2day iv got bieba feva!
posted by J.B lova!! on Jun 20, 2010
i cant believe hes drivin!p.s...luv cutie bieber!
posted by jesus on Jun 19, 2010
justin bieber should die
posted by -De$honna♥ on Jun 18, 2010
I Love Justin Bieber.He Follows Me On Twitter !!
posted by janet on Jun 18, 2010
justin beiber is soooo cute i love him
posted by ROXANA on Jun 18, 2010

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