Adam Lambert to Play Safe in Tour but Still Offer Tasteful Performances

June 03, 2010 06:43:55 GMT

Stating that he has learned what his 'limitations' are, the 'American Idol' alum promises to take concertgoers 'into emotional and thematic world' in his Glam Nation tour.

Adam Lambert
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One day before kicking off his Glam Nation tour on June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, Adam Lambert met the press to divulge what he has planned for the traveling show. In an interview with Billboard, he is convinced that those coming to his gig will definitely "be comfortable."

"That was kind of an artistic experiment, the AMAs. I learned a lot from it. I learned what my limitations are," he explained further. "I learned what my audience wants to see. The [Glam Nation] concert definitely is sexy, but I feel if anyone thought [the AMA performance] was not tasteful, this is tasteful."

Visually, the tour is influenced by "turn-of-the-century New Orleans...a kitschy, glam, voodoo, crystal ball, black magic kind of look [with] a lot of psychedelic, classic rock visual references." Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Keith Richards are cited as his inspiration. "Those are the people who have inspired the look and the feel of the show. I had fun with the projectionist and my costume designer and...[the show] has its own little world," he shared.

"From the top of the show I'm inviting the audience to take a journey with me into this emotional and thematic world," he gushed more. "At the beginning it's more about seduction, venturing into the unknown and taking chances -- mystery and intrigue and sexiness. The midpoint of the show really explores heartbreak and vulnerability and honesty, and then the latter half of the show is celebration and joy and love and connection."

In addition to performing songs from his debut album "For Your Entertainment", this "American Idol" alum also promised to deliver "a surprise cover [song] or two" as well as stripped-down performances which "will vary from night to night, week to week."


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posted by cindy18 on Jun 15, 2010
Whatever..I wish people would be judged by their overall character, not by their "sexual orientation", because I could give a "crap" about who he kisses or sleeps with, or how "sexual" his tour is. I am not a Glambert fan, never have been. I do not dig, his music or personality with his comments about the fans are "smelly and sweaty" from awhile back. He said something that he thought, and it was off the cuff. Those "smelly, sweaty, fat women are your fans, Adam. They buy very expensive tickets to your concerts and download your music. They keep food on your table." He does not seem very genuine to me, and that is the ONLY reason I do not like him. I would rather listen to David Bowie or Roxy Music at home.
posted by LL on Jun 03, 2010
Hope he brings the sexy full on 'though! I was irritated at reading all this latest press at first because I truly believe that the majority of his fans would be completely rev'd up and cool with concert content that had bits and pieces as hot as the AMA performance... but I do admire Lambert's business savvy in considering the feedback of the last year. I suppose he shouldn't shut off the concerns of the parents whose teens want to attend, more and more teens drinking the Lambert koolaid every day, and that's great! ('course, they are probably doing more in the back seats of cars and such than anything Lambert would be hinting at during his concert even if he included content as hot as the AMA content...) but, he's got a career to think about and I always say that I find Lambert's brains as attractive as anything else about him, so I get it... I just hope he still brings the sexy full on. I trust him, I think he will. Seeing two shows, can't wait.
posted by moonflowerROAR on Jun 03, 2010
He can definitely pull it off. I'm praying for an international tour
posted by rf on Jun 03, 2010
i guess billboard was wrong. they listed on jun 3 but i checked official site.its jun 4.well done this site
posted by rf on Jun 03, 2010
the first concert is on jun 3, isn't it?
posted by Freya77 on Jun 03, 2010
Ok... Michael Jackson's concert are more than reserved and safe, but it doesn't offend anybody, but we are still stunned, so I bet Adam's will be mindblowing and safe at the same time
posted by Deb on Jun 03, 2010
Can't wait to see him, have tickets for Tampa Bay in September, we have kind of a conservative crowd around here,and the concert follows a baseball game (yikes), but I sure hope he doesn't hold back too much... I am looking forward to going on that glammery, glittery, magical tour with him for one night.
posted by voodoo on Jun 03, 2010
Being Safe doesn't go with Adam Lambert. There are definitely surprise, fresh and advanture on Glam Nation tour. It is a pity he can do the whole things in US. I am sure the international Glam Nation is going to be the real deal.
posted by biuo on Jun 03, 2010
the first concert is on friday the fourth in PA. not the third
posted by Beth on Jun 03, 2010
Can't wait to see him in Wilkes Barre. Voodoo live !!

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