First Picture of Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Music Video

May 19, 2010 04:41:56 GMT

Lady GaGa is surrounded by shirtless men who sport black Three Stooges bowl hair-cuts in this fresh picture.

First Picture of Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' Music Video
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The first look at Lady GaGa's upcoming music video for her single "Alejandro" has been shared through a brand new picture which is obtained via Lady GaGa Online. It features the dance queen having her hair dyed yellow and slicked back. Wearing red-and-yellow outfit, she is surrounded by a number of shirtless males who are sporting black Three Stooges bowl hair-cuts.

In a previous radio interview, Lady GaGa said the music video will not be a sequel to her "Telephone" music video which features Beyonce Knowles. Fashion photographer Steven Klein reportedly sits behind the lens.

In a leaked storyboard from Popjustice, one scene is described: "This is the moment when GaGa first experiences the draining of color and she feels naked, cold, empty, drained. She didn't know that leaving would make him such a monster."

Other details about the clip including its premiere date are still under tight wraps.


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posted by ANN on Sep 06, 2010
posted by JEL on Sep 06, 2010
posted by candace on Jun 28, 2010
i love lady gaga videos it is creative and she is very beautiful
posted by barbiiebiitch on Jun 26, 2010
everybde who hatiin on gaga can shut dha fuqq up she ah bad biitch so hop of her u dum fuqq I heart gaga
posted by katy on Jun 14, 2010
i love lady gagaaaa
posted by JON on Jun 07, 2010
posted by jonathan dockham on Jun 07, 2010
i fucking hate you lady gaga go eat shit
posted by pepe on Jun 05, 2010
posted by Peter on May 30, 2010
I love Gaga. The world needs some larger-than-life entertainer, and it's her! I'll be watching out for the Alejandro video.
posted by ember on May 29, 2010
may 31st is the official date, gaga said so on her monster ball tour.
posted by emman gee! on May 29, 2010
I LOVE LADY GAGA!!! I'm so excited for the music video of ALEJANDRO! I expect a Latin theme for this video, since the song reminds me of Shakira!
posted by Jesse on May 26, 2010
Man its going to be epic. Just like ur last videos of paparazzi, bad romance and telephone (Bad romance my favourite) This picture makes it look really coll already
posted by Imazumac on May 26, 2010
I'm excited to see Lady Gaga's new video. I love her music! She also seems to be so down to earth.
posted by nikki xxx on May 24, 2010
cnt wait luv lady gaga
posted by moomoo on May 24, 2010
posted by FUCK U on May 24, 2010
posted by BRITNEY&GAGA on May 24, 2010
LOL i guess loser floptina will copy this style also:)
posted by Louie Z. on May 22, 2010
i cant wait to see this!!
posted by whatevdude on May 21, 2010
i can't wait, although i expected a latin type vid to go with the song but whatev gaga desides to do is awesome
posted by Latina on May 21, 2010
masses are masses, she released this on her website dumbass.
posted by moomoo on May 20, 2010
she is copying christina aguilera now from her video. Christina Aguilera has her hair slick back, and does the red lip stick... who is copying who now?
posted by josie on May 20, 2010
i just like lady gaga she has a unique voice and she can wear anything she likes she has such a unique sense of fashion shes really pretty lady gaga rocks my world i wanna be famous like her when i win idol
posted by posted by your darli on May 20, 2010
its so funny the video clip of alejandro is coming out next montn just two weeks wow bring the gaga in sydney we adore her so much
posted by eva tanzordi on May 20, 2010
lady gaga is just amazing and i really like to see her perform live in concert that would be amazing
posted by eva on May 20, 2010
the video clip from lady gaga alejandro is realeased on 7th of june i can't wait to see how the clip is chii
posted by kitty on May 20, 2010
i like lady gaga because she comes up with excellent song like poker face i really can't wait to see her next video clip alejandro i'm excited to see it
posted by kitt on May 20, 2010
lady gaga is the best and i really wish that i could meet her and get her autograph
posted by kitty on May 20, 2010
lady gaga has a very sexy body and she has a really talented voice she sings like a diva
posted by katy on May 20, 2010
i think that lady gaga is very amazing and i really wish to meet her in a live concert that would be my ultimate dream is to meet her
posted by katy on May 20, 2010
posted by Lil black 4ever on May 19, 2010
when is alejandro music will be released.
posted by massess are masses on May 19, 2010
It's so 'funny' that anytime gaga is about to release sth, it miraculously leaks to the public. People stop being fooled and manipulated. Its sheer marketing !

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