Video: Lady GaGa Performing 'Alejandro' on 'American Idol'

May 06, 2010 02:42:17 GMT

In the taped performance, she at first appeared like a Frankenstein's bride before stripping down to bra, panties and fishnet stockings to sing her dance number.

Lady GaGa
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Lady GaGa was the featured musical guest on "American Idol" result show this week. The dance queen did not appear live but she taped the performance a week prior as obvious from the stage arrangement which will require a lot of time to set up if it were live.

It took an hour for the crew to prepare the stage which consisted of a metal angel with fire sprouting out of its wings, two black spiky trees, benches made of bloody razor blades and a grand piano covered in shrubbery. It was all done on April 28, few hours after the result show where Siobhan Magnus was eliminated.

GaGa appeared behind the piano, donning black bra and thong, and opened the set with a slow version of "Bad Romance" before moving on to "Alejandro". She said at one point, "I just want to say thank you. - You're my little monsters, and you're the reason we all work so hard for our dreams."


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posted by Truth Teller on May 05, 2010
Good performance from Gaga. Very dramatic.
posted by gdaddy on May 05, 2010
I don't get "lady gaga". Madonna already did this and she isn't very good either.

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