Pictures: Miley Cyrus Is a Peacock in 'Can't Be Tamed' Video

May 04, 2010 02:12:01 GMT

The 'Party in the U.S.A' singer is also seen inside a huge cage with a number of male and female dancers.

Pictures: Miley Cyrus Is a Peacock in 'Can't Be Tamed' Video
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Three pictures taken from video shoot of Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed" have been out for sneak peek. One of the images has her wearing black shredded jumpsuit, another photo features her lying as a peacock queen with eyes closed, and the other sees her standing inside a huge cage with a number of dancers surrounding her.

The song is the lead single from Miley Cyrus' album of the same title "Can't Be Tamed". The music video is directed by Robert Hales and reportedly will be "a departure from the light and bubbly videos of her past."

The video will be premiered on E! News Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 P.M. ET/PT and 11:30 P.M. ET/PT. "A unique insight into the creation of the video and the inspiration behind it" will be shared by Miley on an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Pictures of "Can't Be Tamed" video from E! News:

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posted by mileythebest! on Jan 01, 2011
i love Miley! i love her music! i love her style! she is awesome and amazing singer! she has a strong and good voice! she can dress up like anyway she want! u all don't need to call her "SLUT" or "WHORE". if u call her, u r really really rude.
posted by Mrs. SWEET POTATO PI on Oct 16, 2010
posted by Mrs. SWEET POTATO PI on Oct 16, 2010
posted by Lady P on Oct 16, 2010
Why do these young girls have to act like slut to prove there adult hood~? being a real woman means having self respect
posted by jiggles on Oct 16, 2010
She going to get pregnant and the person sad we cant spell well I can spell GAYWAD
posted by Dont mess with me on Oct 16, 2010
zz shutup just cause nobody want u you best believe I aint going to listen okay boo she nasty Im 22 and better not tell those little kids what to do srew you***!!!!!!!!
posted by Gogxf on Oct 16, 2010
Yo stop believe she good she nasty.
posted by jiggles on Oct 16, 2010
Why would Ihate on that piece of trash
posted by Punchfacelaugh on Jun 21, 2010
Jealous much?? Think you need to sort yourself out, by 17 she's alredi accomplished more than you jealous hating cunts ever will. I think she looks hot in that video and think the song itself is class so get off her back.
posted by Can\'t Be Tamed21 on May 10, 2010
Stop talking about her like that. your mad because she is trying to break out of her "Kiddie" shell as i call it and about time too. Also she looked FINE in this video. Keep up the good work Miley! ♥
posted by ILOVEMILEYCYRUS :) on May 08, 2010
Miley's So Great .. And So Pretty .. YA'LL JUST JEALOUS ;)
posted by Emma on May 08, 2010
Shout out to Shauna! WOOP! :) Yeah,MILEY CYRUS, YOU A HOEE. ;]
posted by Cielo on May 07, 2010
I hate Miley cyrus!
posted by zz on May 07, 2010
Yall need to SHET-UP!She didn't do nothing to yall little kids!
posted by neutralbaby on May 06, 2010
..think we really don't have the right to judge miley..
posted by ????****** on May 05, 2010
Miley will end up like Britney. Her music stinks she is ugly and even with a boob job that still would not help her. She needs to just go away and get a really job. I feel sorry for the animals that she used for her 25K outfit it was down right stupid.
posted by hell0kittie on May 05, 2010
Jealous Much? I think she looks hot! Looks like every one ells need to get a life. If don't like her why are you reading about her? Freaks!
posted by strew on May 03, 2010
good lord Miley Cyrus is strange but you people should learn how to read and spell and not be so worried about Miley's life and go get your own life you all sound like a pack of crazy people
posted by Bitchface on May 03, 2010
Dude. What a bunch of haters.
posted by rockaholic!!!!!1234 on May 03, 2010
she sorta looks hawt. just saying.
posted by marissa on May 03, 2010
straightup BITCH. she needs 2 get a life cause she aint pretty she a wanna b. she doesnt even hav a good voice she tries so hard. next shes gonna get a boob job. MILEY U SUK GO HELL. ur new song suks
posted by :D on May 03, 2010
wow, just wow. Miley has gone crazy ! shes like what, 12?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! stupid. go get a job at a stripclub, Whorely Cyrus !
posted by demiFAN! on May 03, 2010
omg, no no no! TEAM DEMI ALL THE WAY >:D
posted by mileyfan! on May 03, 2010
shE lik3 l00ks aW3some !
posted by theraconterussss ! X on May 03, 2010

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