Robert Pattinson Seen Guiding Kristen Stewart Into Budapest Airport

April 12, 2010 07:15:34 GMT

Following report that the 'Twilight' beauty celebrated her 20th birthday with her co-star, the rumored lovers were spotted at Budapest airport on Sunday, April 11.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart has indeed visited Robert Pattinson in Budapest, Hungary where he is filming his upcoming movie "Bel Ami". On Sunday night, April 11, the alleged couple was photographed at Budapest Airport with their entourage.

Previously, Stewart who turned 20 on April 9 was reported flying to Budapest to celebrate her birthday with her "Twilight" co-star. The British actor was said planning to give a special surprise by asking for her hand in marriage and asking blessing from Stewart's parents, who accompanied her to the European country.

"He says he has a special surprise lined up that has set him back a few thousands dollars," a source said as quoted by Trans World News. But the movie heartthrob reportedly kept the expensive surprise under wraps as the source claimed, "He won't say what it is!"

Pictures of Robert Pattinson leading Kristen Stewart into Budapest airport can be seen at Just Jared Jr.


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posted by Lauren on May 02, 2010
I think the press are rediculous, they should ask rob & kristen. i think that if they are together then let them, i find robert very attrative, but i no i wont be with him, i have read loads of sites about them and each site says something different, nobody will ever no the truth, unless rob and kristen tell us. they have the right to have privacy and keep secrets.
posted by KStew Krew on Apr 16, 2010
Hey Cindi from the post on the 14th suck. No one needs a fan like YOU. Haters step aside...Kristen has your man all locked up tight. LOL!!!! Go home to momma now lil' children and throw your temper tantrums there.
posted by Cindi on Apr 14, 2010
My parents use to say would you jump off a bridge if so and so did. The point being because someone else does something stupid doesn't mean you should. However this apparently doesn't matter to the press. All the crappy little no name press are selling the same lie! Kristen did not go to Budapest. Robert wasn't even in Budapest at the time everyone is reporting. If it's CNN or some respected press you can believe it because they check the facts before lying. Who cares? This isn't true love. I'd give them maybe three months and then they would hate each other. Look, Kristen dated Michael for almost three years and Nikki and her were best friends. What Kristen do, she screwed them over. Do all you loyal Robert fans want him with this superficial druggie? If so he really doesn't need fans like you.
posted by kris on Apr 12, 2010
i love them !
posted by kris on Apr 12, 2010
i love them
posted by Belle on Apr 12, 2010
What a tough job to pull up just to be together, there is certainly a lot of effort invested to it. I have to say well done guys, Rob and KStew.Sounds like they got the team work elements workout together.
posted by Melissa Foster <3 on Apr 12, 2010
The pictures online are just of him and her, and not her parents. Have not seen her parents in any of the pics yet, but who knows. I did not think they were really together in Budapest until I saw the pictures... so maybe her parents are there. I hope they all have fun!
posted by Emma on Apr 12, 2010
It's good e won't say what the suprise is, cause if he spills it somehow it will be sent through the media and not be a suprise to her anymore.

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