Miley Cyrus' 'When I Look at You' Music Video Feat. David Bisbal

April 01, 2010 06:37:16 GMT

The Disney star is seen sitting behind the piano, while the Spanish singer hits the shore in this new music video.

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus makes a collaboration with Spanish singer David Bisbal on a revamped version of her new song "When I Look at You" and debuts the accompanying music video. David's performance on the beach is mashed up with footage from a music video for the song's original version.

"When I Look at You" is one of the songs appearing in Miley's first mini album "The Time of Our Lives [Walmart EP]". It is also included in the soundtrack compilation of her new movie "The Last Song". "We listened to it and went, 'Oh my gosh, this could not be more perfect.' It describes the entire movie," so Miley said.

Based on Nicholas Sparks' best-selling novel of the same title, "The Last Song" itself has arrived in the U.S. theaters since March 31. It has Miley Cyrus playing opposite her real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Joining them in cast ensemble are Kelly Preston, Greg Kinnear and Bobby Coleman.

Miley Cyrus' "When I Look at You" music video feat. David Bisbal


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posted by bobbie-lee on Aug 01, 2010
hello miley cyrus see you do good♥ ♥ ♥
posted by WILMARY RIVAS on May 22, 2010
posted by ♥;) on May 21, 2010
hahahah wow..shes is beauitful in this movie. but dont be so stuck on her. its not about looks. && Melody...STFU OBV. Lorena is spanish..she was NOT writing for you to understand and its legitly her BACK THE FUCK UP.
posted by alexia on May 13, 2010
alzaria you dfraking stupid y would you write that
posted by alzaria on May 13, 2010
these nigga's are stupid if they won't date miley fucking cyrus
posted by annz on Apr 29, 2010
Hi Miley one day i wanna be a singer just like you...:):):):)
posted by cuchi on Apr 07, 2010
dude u really need to learn some other languages... u looked so stupid
posted by sam on Apr 06, 2010
miley happy
posted by bobbie-lee on Apr 05, 2010
hey miley you is go see i love you good and bobbie-lee and bj and booma and dog you sex
posted by annabel gregori on Apr 05, 2010
i sooooooooo want to watch your new film the trailer looks soooooooooo cool im deffinateley going to be the first person to see itxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
posted by SAM on Apr 05, 2010
posted by sam on Apr 05, 2010
posted by smileygirl20108 on Apr 04, 2010
she said "congratulations on the great duo with your wonderful voices and like always David you are spectacular!!" Does that help???
posted by Melody on Apr 02, 2010
What the hell are u saying i do not understand spanish speak english
posted by friskey207 on Apr 01, 2010
posted by lorena on Apr 01, 2010
felicidades por el gran duo unas grandes voces y david esta como siempre espectacular

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