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Miley Cyrus - When I look at you (Feat. David Bisbal)

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Hi! Miley How are u? I think you are one of the best singe of the world i love your song and love

posted by Prince kuwal on Mar 28, 2011

i love this song.l.o.l

posted by eila on Sep 17, 2010

Nice video and miley if u r reading this u totally need to give me your number :) nice chatin :)

posted by Shania on Sep 10, 2010

this song was really awesome and i love 2 hear it.

posted by trigger on Sep 06, 2010

is beautifull song in this world and good luck

posted by Budy on Aug 10, 2010

It was his idea and I loved it!!! Thanx!!! for commenting!!!!

posted by Miley Cyrus on Jul 28, 2010

Miley cyrus looks hot in this music video

posted by thor on Jun 23, 2010

u r the best

posted by Dina on Apr 27, 2010

es la mejor no cabe la menor duda

posted by marlen on Apr 22, 2010


posted by lilmeme on Apr 21, 2010

i sooo love your music

posted by js on Apr 14, 2010

yah ur right karen.. the original is bettes..

posted by sad on Apr 07, 2010

i love is

posted by rc on Apr 05, 2010

Naaaaa The original is sooo much, they don't suit each other.

posted by Karen on Apr 04, 2010

when i look at u by miley cyrus

posted by miley cyrus on Apr 01, 2010

Estupendo do. Felicidades a los dos

posted by Maria on Apr 01, 2010