Britney Spears' New Single to Come Out in March

January 05, 2010 09:07:19 GMT

This March, music lovers will listen to Britney Spears' new single and several months later, they will be able to purchase her new album which is promised to have 'epic' materials.

Britney Spears
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Britney Spears' brand new single which is yet to be titled is rumored to be sent to radios in March. The news was brought forward by KIIS-FM which also hinted that the song may be the one which is produced by David Guetta.

The album in which the track appears, meanwhile, reportedly will be dropped several months afterward. On what to expect from the "Circus" singer's forthcoming album, one of its producers Jon Asher told New York Post that it will feature "epic" sounds.

"Epic Pop is a genre that I am pioneering at the moment. Music that has meaning. It's not your everyday pop love bug sound. It's upbeat rhythms and sounds with meaningful emotional lyrics that people can feel. Something that truly moves you," he explained.


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posted by sc on Jan 04, 2011
avril and britney is putting there album coming out in march im buying britney's
posted by jing on Dec 11, 2010
i guess the pop princess is back!Godbless with the up coming album..
posted by dousa on Oct 01, 2010
love u britney queen
posted by Maximas on Jun 24, 2010
Am a14 yr and am kenyan sha rocks
posted by lady_sujini on Jun 14, 2010
wow,epic pop,,,awesome,,can't wait for her album...
posted by fiko on May 27, 2010
it's 'Dramatic'...
posted by juven on May 03, 2010
what was her album name?!!! a song from it, at least one would be very helpful...
posted by juven on May 03, 2010
anyone who could tell anything about her new song? I keep searching the internet about it but instead they gave me a telephone demo performed by britney.
posted by Bobby Tacky on Apr 29, 2010
Its almost May... Where's the new Britney single?!
posted by WTF! on Apr 20, 2010
hello its way past march 1 where is this song!
posted by Roxanne on Mar 06, 2010
what is your new song called anyway i hope it is good or not
posted by tii on Mar 01, 2010
ok so , this is march 1 where is the song ? when is it coming ?
posted by joey on Feb 06, 2010
david guetta and britney ..dream come freaking must be a good track...i got a title for gotta buy the album this year
posted by Ani on Jan 15, 2010
wow I can't wait for her new single and album I can't sleep I want to see it and hear all songs wow I will wait
posted by Screen Name on Jan 07, 2010
why on earth for the love of all things sacred did you choose that picture of Britney ?
posted by milo on Jan 06, 2010
ahhhh cant wait till single and album!!!!
posted by samid on Jan 06, 2010
as soon as possible
posted by Chris on Jan 05, 2010
YAY!!!!!!! EPIC POP! I'm excited!
posted by happy! on Jan 05, 2010
Awww! I can't wait till I see it! Along with her new album! So excited. ^.^
posted by Horror on Jan 05, 2010
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posted by Horror on Jan 05, 2010
What do you think about this comment (in other Website). <<<"The matter is more complicated. As I know, so 2 years ago by wisch of Paris H. (and few another girls), Britney had a short-term symbiotic contact with one Lithuanian magician (his Website). And from that Britney got many psychological problems because of "exchanged view of space". This man gave previously a very detailed description of the case (he promised that he may clearly demonstrate of all... "to Restore"). "Few moments" about it... Britney had "from there" subconscious imagination that the surrounding people are very influential. Because of those "veak sense of self" Britney was drowned into a masochistic selfrealisation..." etc. etc.
posted by jacob black on Jan 05, 2010
u are cute
posted by kumar on Jan 05, 2010
Cant wait!

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