Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Reportedly Fought Over Food

December 31, 2009 09:24:35 GMT

The actor and the country music singer were allegedly often involved in arguments about picking restaurants for date nights because they have different health lifestyle.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift Reportedly Fought Over Food
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Following report that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift ended their romance, an insider has revealed an issue that was said causing the break-up. Speaking to National Enquirer, the insider said the pair could not agree over food as they have different health lifestyle.

Lautner who is "a health nut" and has exercise regularly is said in the exact opposite of Swift who "hates the gym, takes only occasional yoga classes." Moreover, the "Twilight" hunk reportedly follows an ultra strict diet while the country music singer is allegedly anti diet.

Regarding food choice, the insider stated Swift's favorite restaurant is "the Cracker Barrel near her family's Henderson, Tenn., home and her favorite dish is their biscuits and gravy" in addition to cheeseburgers and some sweet foods. In contrary, "Lautner is very athletic and health-conscious, so he eats mostly low-fat protein like skinless chicken breasts, egg whites and vegetables and fruits."

Thus, the pair reportedly often argued about where they were going to have meal during their date nights. Additionally, the insider further claimed, "The only food option they can agree on is sushi."

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, who played coy about their special relationship, reportedly called it quits earlier December. "There was no chemistry," a source told Us Magazine about the twosome, who was said deciding to be friends.


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posted by gossip gal on May 07, 2010
omg everyone who likes taylor llisten up hes going out with rachel out of glee and in the next glee puck dies in a car crash and my bithday is in the plex the zoo at 1 o clock on saturday on the 28 of may 2010 im going to be 7 but i dont want presents see ya tere love u all u girls dont mind that girl miss lautner on the computer she is mean and i dont like her ok i dont want 2 be mean so ill see ya later bye bye
posted by miss lautner on May 07, 2010
listen all u taylor l fans back off all your texts ar stupid and i am the only aloud go out with him so all u girls get lost use ar all bitches and im goin to marry him hahahahahah in ur ugly faces
posted by sarahdempo on May 07, 2010
hi guys i love cathail oteig and so does my best freind lolo and i think taylor swift is a peice of poo miley and liam are meant 4 each other and taylor and taylor should just go out bye
posted by lolo on May 07, 2010
i think they should just stop fighting me and my freinds at scoil an steachtar laoch agree a lot of people like different food and if u wanna go out with them well then you have to put up with it and i love cathail out of 6 class if u need advice come to me and if any of u now cathail o teig tell him lauryn loves him out of 4 class ok byee
posted by Just Annoyed on Jan 14, 2010
One really, i think that these two are a little more mature than that....also taylor lautner does not have a twitter or facebook account
posted by beatrice on Jan 14, 2010
i love tayllllllor launter .can iknow his twitter account? please..,. his a good guy i know it and i also see him in my dreams.
posted by enterianmentluver on Jan 07, 2010
:-( they were cute, but taylor s was 2 old 4 him like shes 20 n hes's 17 but i still wish they were a couple
posted by jazz b agian on Jan 06, 2010
dontlisten so ant rubbish like that its all lies n taylor lautner honestly desserves better
posted by JB on Jan 06, 2010
people should not listen to that s**T its all fake they should not care about wat taylor s n taylor l (AKA) mr biseps are doin even know taylor l desservs better coz hes so fit n kind any way people just lay off and forgett about it coz mr biseps is single agian woop woop !!!
posted by MMM Taylor L soo fi on Jan 06, 2010
i luv taylor l and i think people should just but out of his personal life and focus on there own xx
posted by :) on Jan 06, 2010
okay i love both taylors y do people write stuff honestly there i absolutly no point!!!!! no one really cares y they broke up just that they did!!! i kno im happy they did cuz taylor l. is very hot
posted by r on Jan 06, 2010
tayor hot
posted by shello!!! on Jan 05, 2010
yeah man leave them alone. that would really make me mad if someone spread crap about me. i would go and drop kick them. oh and my friends are drowling over taylor lautner. GET A LIFE AND A NEW HOBBY
posted by i luv taylor lautner on Jan 05, 2010
you poeple should stop buggin em, like who cares if he wants to look good i mean im not complaingin
posted by i luv taylor lautner on Jan 05, 2010
you people are homos for insulting him like who cares if he wants 2 stay sexy and maybe him and taylor swift didnt click well
posted by i luv taylor lautner on Jan 05, 2010
why cant u people just leave them both alone i absoluitly luvvv! taylor lautner and taylor swift is okay soo just buzz off and stay out of their lives
posted by New Moon Fan on Jan 04, 2010
Seriously ,I think Selena and taylor must make up.Their SO cute together
posted by Twilight luva on Jan 04, 2010
Okay seriously what is hot about Jacob??
posted by taylor lautner angel on Jan 04, 2010
ok now that taylor lautner is singal he is mine and that goes to all of u girls he is mine and i am his little angel and fuck off taylor swift
posted by ts fan (again) on Jan 04, 2010
to my earlier post, i dlete it.... THIS ARTICLE IS A BUNCH OF CRAP IF I EVER SAW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Bella Lautner on Jan 03, 2010
Oh for the love of God!! Stop posting untrue CRAPP!! I can't believe liars! I follow Taylor Swift like a religion and I follow the SEXY Taylor Lautner like I'm going to die tomorrow and that is how I know that you are lying. Idiots ... writing and saying whatever they want to get noticed is SO stupid!
posted by taylor lautner lover on Jan 02, 2010
L to the freakin OL!!!! Wow, stupidest reason in the world to break up!!!! I mean, seriously. I dont believe this crap but I do love commenting it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'mma give it a piece of my mind. First of all, I love love love Taylor Lautner, and yes, he is healthy....but not a COMPLETE FREAK OVER IT!!!!! And Taylor Swift can just kiss my ass anyway, sorry. I hate her sooo dang much. Always have, so I do believe that Taylor L needed an excuse to end things....I would have too if I was him!!!! Taylor Swift thinks she's all that, thinks she's perfect, a little angel, never does any wrong, yadda yadda ya......I'm proud of Taylor Lautner. He got rid of her like yesterday's trash, just bcuz she is. But this isn't all about my hatred for her. Ya'll need to stop puttin crap up like this bcuz it does make the stars look bad and immature. And they're still young!!! You can end up ruining their careers if thir image is turned the other way around. Is that what you ENJOY doing?????? I think people who do nothing but sit around and write this crap need to get actual lives....actual jobs. Find a new career, cuz you have millions of girls hatin on you right now for getting the facts of Taylor Lautner wrong. And guys too, for Taylor Swift....but I don't care about her. Ruin HER career, life, whatever. I don't care. But it's Lautner that I care about, and you need to learn to get facts straight before posting the story.
posted by :@ on Jan 01, 2010
They broke up!*shocked Look* I did'nt see that coming!*very sarcastic*
posted by dlautner on Jan 01, 2010
yay taylor L is single :)
posted by TL FAN on Dec 31, 2009
I dont know y celebs fight over small things thats y they breakup!!then dont date anyone who is not your type atleast its better than breakups!!!its crazy man!!!
posted by tazy on Dec 31, 2009
Sweet!! Sweet!! VICTORY!!! i mean i love taylor swift she's an amazing girl and i love the kind of strong person she is but i'm kinda ecstatic cuz they broke up!! now i dont have to try to make myselp hate her for going out with Taylor Lautner :) and these reporters...ARE YOU AN OVERFLOWING TOILET??? CUZ YOU SURE TAKE IN AND SPIT OUT ANY CRAP YOU SEE!!!this story is completely fake cuz Lautner even said so himself the hardest thing about gaining 30 pounds of muscle (and pure sexiness) was eating cuz he likes red meat and not really a chicken eater. He does like the gym though. and idk about Taylor Swift not liking the gym but she doesnt really have to be in a gym. She looks beautiful with her small petite but yet tall fisque :)
posted by A person on Dec 31, 2009
This is indeed a fake. Taylor Lautner has repeated time and time again how he loves his red meat and burgers. Taylor Lautner even mentioned how his personal trainer wanted him to eat more chicken because of all the red meat he consumes and Taylor said that he is a steak and burgers kind of guy. And sushi? Well, maybe, but Taylor Lautner repeated time and time again how he dislikes sushi, so before you ACTUALLY put an article up there, you should actually do some research, reporters! I'm pretty sure the Swift fans are calling foul too. This is a great example of just really bad journalism. No offense.
posted by gigi222 on Dec 31, 2009
This story is fake. In RollingStone, Taylor Lautner says he usually eats steak and mashed potatoes. That's even what he ate while DOING the interview. He's about as 'red meat' of a guy as there is. And Taylor Swift's favorite restaurant as Cracker Barrel? LOL. Yeah, I can see her hanging around the ol' Hendersonville Cracker Barrel with all of the grandmas and grandpas on their way to 'Dollywood'! haha Nice try, tho. Some nice fiction here. :P
posted by Sasha on Dec 31, 2009
I don get y people actually bother y celeb's break up!!!!!!!! Isn't living your own miserable live's enough work? Buzz off people!!!!!!!!!
posted by Individual on Dec 31, 2009
My Gosh The Biggest Fools Besides The Writers are those who actually believe this load of crap! Quite Frankly i feel sorry for the writers who have to write this load of crap just to satisfy themselves! Oh gosh whats the world getting to!
posted by tsfan on Dec 31, 2009
wow....... he cares more about his body than his own gf...... or ex-gf....... i used to like him, but now this changes things...... taylor swift, ur better off w/o him
posted by Ronnia456 on Dec 31, 2009
Wow, really! The people that are so called "sources" must have a camp site set-up TL & TS ass to know all that.
posted by queen 200000000 on Dec 31, 2009
that is sooooooooo CAzy
posted by :o O_o on Dec 31, 2009
Wow what a shame.
posted by Nat100 on Dec 31, 2009
Oh crap. Stop creating stories. This is so fake and I believe that they're never together.
posted by tanya on Dec 31, 2009
People break-up over that type of stuff all the time. Two completely different lifestyles. A heath nut and a fast-food junkie don't mix.
posted by s222 on Dec 31, 2009
wowzers!!! really food fights. that seems a lil unbelievable.
posted by allison on Dec 31, 2009
seriously? this is so obviously fake. why do people think this is actually true? my god.....
posted by meee on Dec 31, 2009
Seriously Cant you people get a new hobby. Who cares if he stuffs his face with ground up cow or mows down on grass it does not make a difference. People break up it happens so why in the world are we giving someone the pleasure of making millions off one artical on these two. They are just like everyone else. How about everyone get there own lifes so that they dont have to live through other people.

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