Director's Cut of Britney Spears' '3' Music Video

December 17, 2009 07:17:41 GMT

Take a look at more not-safe-for-work edited scenes in the director's cut of Britney Spears' '3' music video.

Director's Cut of Britney Spears' '3' Music Video
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Recently, scenes taken for Britney Spears' "3" music video which have been cut by director Diane Martel were leaked. Featuring more or less the same scenes from the official video, it adds more racy and provocative scenes.

"3" is picked up as the lead single from Britney's latest greatest hits compilation "The Singles Collection" which has been in stores since November. The official music video for the dance track was premiered in late October.

"I think it's her next sexy video. It's a very simple video for her -- I don't think you've seen her this much under a magnifying glass. Everything's really strong and playful," Diane told Life & Style. "The video is very simple, it's very, very minimal. So it's her, her, her. And she's totally engaging every second. She really knows how to work with a camera and move."

Britney Spears' "3" music video (Director's Cut)


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posted by CT Cruiser on Dec 26, 2009
Luv it too. People should give to food shelters.
posted by imurtink3rbell on Dec 19, 2009
<3 Britney spears
posted by Jocelyn on Dec 18, 2009
I really loved the misuc video even though i only listen to country misic
posted by criss890101 on Dec 18, 2009
Great song, great album.
posted by I love myself on Dec 18, 2009
Yeah, the Digital Deluxe is the best value. It has more songs than the Standered (also more complete), and the Box Set costs too much.
posted by A-rod 183 on Dec 18, 2009
I luv the singles collection too!
posted by Tye on Dec 18, 2009
That's awesome, it is a good video!
posted by Tye on Dec 17, 2009
yeah, the Digital Deluxe has so many new songs and remixes. I like the remastering a bit. You can also get it on other Digital Download sites like myplay, rhaspsody amazon mp3, Itunes, etc. The Singles Collection rocks!!
posted by Guy Fan 101 on Dec 17, 2009
I love her new album The Singles Collection. I bought it's awesome deluxe edition on iTunes
posted by britney on Dec 17, 2009
ilove it

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