Tokio Hotel's 'World Behind My Wall' Music Video

December 16, 2009 07:46:13 GMT

A music video for 'World Behind My Wall' gives fans a closer look to Tokio Hotel on-stage and backstage.

Tokio Hotel's 'World Behind My Wall' Music Video
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Tokio Hotel have debuted a music video in support of their latest single "World Behind My Wall". They are featured delivering a live performance with fire burning the stage around them. Also, a look at how they spend their time in between hectic touring schedule is shared.

"World Behind My Wall" is taken from Tokio Hotel's second English studio album "Humanoid". The track was showcased live on TV for the first time at 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards on November 5.

Back in September, Bill Kaulitz told Rolling Stone that the song projects the softer side of "Humanoid". The vocalist explained, "Sometimes you have the feeling that there are so many beautiful things out there that you can not see for whatever reason. It takes courage to break down the walls that keep you away from really living your life."

Tokio Hotel's "World Behind My Wall" music video


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posted by tokio hotel on Feb 06, 2011
you're d' best for me! bill' i love you, you're so cool!!
posted by Thebigun 17 on Jun 26, 2010
Great Song............Love you Tokio Hotel.........
posted by cindi on Apr 12, 2010
I LOVED IT!!!!how awesum!!!wow words cant descibe how i feel abwt this will be the best day of my whole life if I can go see them live!! I LOVE YOU BILL!!!!I cant believe dat some people think ur gay!! I can back you up 100% dat ur a normal you!!mwah guyz.xoxoxo
posted by sham-sham-dja on Mar 22, 2010
tokio hotel is the only no.1 band forever for me....... my crush their is bill kaulitz because hes handsome and cute but my friends say that you are gay is that true,if you are or you can read this pls.answer cause i will prove them that you r not gay but im only 10 i was born on dec 14 , 1999 bill kaulitz i love you as a fan im your biggest fan ill tell you about my self ............ my name is shermie ill not tell you my last name 10 . i live in philippines.part mindanao davoa your biggest fan forever and ever
posted by mee on Jan 12, 2010
you guys are the best!
posted by Anna <3 on Dec 31, 2009
Tokio Hotel is my absolute favorite band. they haven't performed a song yet that i didnt like. "World Behind My Wall" is an inspirational work of art that many people can relate to, including me. You guys are amazing! I love you Tom!
posted by auburnlove on Dec 28, 2009
My son got their CD for Christmas and I can't put it down. "World Behind My Wall" pull at me. The lyrics, the music, Bill's voice all become this awesome musical perfection. Very nice work guys!! Melissa of Ramona, CA USA
posted by Sharon ! on Dec 22, 2009
this video is so emotionally awesome !!!!!!!! i love it because it's a big glimpse into TH guys life which is so important for us fans :D
posted by yariana on Dec 22, 2009
i love the video is awesome and the song is so powerful.. the video goes perfect with the song.
posted by Goga on Dec 22, 2009
This video is perfection on SO MANY levels I've never known of.
posted by Karencita on Dec 22, 2009
"World Behind my wall" is such a beautiful video :D It shows us fans Tokio Hotel's life backstage and it makes me so happy that they shared it with us :D
posted by Dacia on Dec 22, 2009
I love this video! It goes so perfectly with the song.
posted by lucie on Dec 22, 2009
j adore tokio hotel suretout bill i love you bill
posted by Phoenix120 on Dec 22, 2009
World Behind My Wall is such a beautiful and very personal song. I like Bill's description of it. The video portrays that theme well.
posted by Skye on Dec 22, 2009
The song is beautiful, as is the video and it means a lot to me right now especially. Thankyou for the article.
posted by kinney madden!! on Dec 19, 2009
itz a fuckn amazing damn song......i rely luv it..
posted by Agnes on Dec 18, 2009
Beautiful video. Great song too.
posted by Mary on Dec 17, 2009
Bill i love u!
posted by gaga on Dec 17, 2009
you rock
posted by Mikaela on Dec 17, 2009
I love this video!
posted by Europa on Dec 17, 2009
The song is beautiful. I hope they release also Zoom Into Me as a single, I like it even better.
posted by faye on Dec 17, 2009
i love this song! it's awesome!!!
posted by intheparkinglot on Dec 16, 2009
The World Behind My Wall is such an amazing song & video. They're perfect in every way. I wouldn't understand why someone wouldn't like the song, especially the video. I love it so much!
posted by yariana on Dec 16, 2009
the song is wonderful and the video love it
posted by emme on Dec 16, 2009
Love this song..and love the music video :)
posted by Skye on Dec 16, 2009
It's a really beautiful song that I've been really able to connect with recently. And the video is equally beautiful too. Thanks for the article.
posted by digga on Dec 16, 2009
I love that quote. Thanks for the article. The video for "World Behind My Wall" is beautiful.
posted by Hailey on Dec 16, 2009
I love this song! My faveorite one from the album right now ;]
posted by Vintage59 on Dec 16, 2009
Thank you for the article and a a big thanks to Tokio Hotel for showing us a glimpse of the world behind the wall of security that, unfortunately, must always surround them!
posted by Augustina on Dec 16, 2009
This video is probably the most personal that Tokio Hotel has made. Seeing the backstage footage of them just being normal guys is wonderful, and when combined with the fire burning the walls of the room they're in, the image is complete. Very mature and meaningful video. Thanks for the article about it!
posted by Jaspar on Dec 16, 2009
This is a great video. It really captures the mood of the song. I love it. Tokio Hotel did an amazing job.
posted by Zeta on Dec 16, 2009
I think this is one of their best videos. It's really simple yet wonderful.
posted by ~caysee~ on Dec 16, 2009
This video was their best yet! I can't describe how beautiful it was. When I heard that they were using fire, i though "wouldn't that be a little much" but now, I don't think I would have it any other way. And watching the backstage footage of them gives everyone a peek of how special their time together really was. Congrats boys, you made us truly proud to be your fans!
posted by skcajkr on Dec 16, 2009
I love the video, no words can describe how amazing the video is and the song so touching.
posted by Arisa on Dec 16, 2009
It really does give all fans an intimate look into their lives and we cherish that trust so much. &#9829; The song itself is so moving and perfect, combined with the atmosphere of the music video it makes for an amazing experience. Thanks so much for this article!

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