Rihanna Talks Possibility of Her Befriending Chris Brown Again


She says she will probably befriend Chris again, but not in the near future taking into account of what he has done to her.
After being battered by Chris Brown earlier this year, Rihanna says she will probably befriend him again but not in the near future. "Maybe in like ten years, you know? But it's not something that I'm depending on. I'm not depending on his friendship," she tells Lisa DePaulo of GQ magazine.

In a revealing interview for the publication's January 2010 issue, Rihanna also opens up about how bad Chris' battery has affected her. "I didn't really want to be around anybody, for them to stare at me and stuff, and feel sorry for me. So I just - I stayed in the house a lot. Then I started to get cabin fever. I was like, I'm going crazy in here," she recalls her days post their altercation.

It was since then that she decided to leave the incident behind and started moving on by "talking about it" a lot. "I wanted to move on. And I knew that was the only way I could have done it. And I wanted people to move on with me. 'Cause the last big thing they know about me is That Night. And I don't want that to be what people define me as," she quips.

"It took a lot of strength to pull out of that relationship," she says. "To finally just officially cut it off. It was like night and day. It was two different worlds. It was the world I lived for two years, and then having the strength to say, 'I'm gonna step into my own world. Start over'."

"It's relieving," says the 21-year-old singer of breaking up from Chris. "Because it was built up for so long, and all these thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind for the past eight months. And now it's like I finally get to let go and move on."

Already learning her lessons from Chris' assault, Rihanna shares to GQ the best advice she can offer to women in abusive relationships, saying "Stop blaming yourself for that outcome. There's nothing you can do, ever, to excuse a man's behavior like that."

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