Robert Pattinson Signs Up for 'Twilight' TV Series, Not

November 23, 2009 07:33:31 GMT

Daily Star's report that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be signed to reprise their 'Twilight' roles for TV has been denied.

Robert Pattinson Signs Up for 'Twilight' TV Series, Not
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The report that Robert Pattinson will get a huge deal for starring in the TV version of "Twilight" is dismissed. A representative of Summit Entertainment that distributes the movie has denied that there is any truth to the story.

Over the weekend, a news was quick to spread that Pattinson will get $500 million if he agrees to star in a television series based on "Twilight". The number reportedly will be the biggest contract in Hollywood history with the actor landing as much as $1.5 million per episode.

Summit allegedly wanted to kick off the deal early next year and Kristen Stewart is also wanted to reprise her role as Bella Swan. The actress is expected to join Pattinson for a filming after the third installment "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" shooting is wrapped.

"Twilight" has spawned a sequel "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" which was released on U.S. theaters as of Friday, November 20. The movie opened huge with $140.7 million in box office, becoming the third biggest opening weekend of all time behind "The Dark Knight" and "Spider-Man 3".

"Twilight" is indeed coming to television but not as a TV series. Showtime had bought the rights to have the TV premiere of the 2008 movie and will air it on January 23.


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posted by HERN on Jun 08, 2013
i really liked the whole twilight saga and really wanted it never to end it was just so great there are so many times i wanted to just meet all the actors i loved all character parts EVEN BELLA'S PART i thought she was a great actress even though she said she didnt like it and i think that bella and edward looked so right for each other in the movies i couldnt even pick a team jacob or team edward i love em both ... i wish i could meet the cast so bad me and my aunt are the biggest fans ever i think yall are just haters to kristen but i loved her as bella and i loved edward and jacob soooo much ..... i love you Kristen, Robert, and Taylor<3
posted by hi on Sep 05, 2011
you twilight haters all the movies were awesome. the actores are great too. the idea for a tv series is great and they should keep all the actores.
posted by Joe on Jan 10, 2011
I have no problems with Rob or Tayloe, but if they add Stewart I would start a petition on line for her removal, In her own words, she does not think Bella has a character and her acting for me proves she meant it. She is a TERRIBLE Bella! Please don t torture us beyond the films! Keep any and all cast but LOSE Stewart, Please set her free!
posted by sitq on May 05, 2010
I ama great fan but I was relived to know that there won't be TV program on Twilight, it was just too much!!
posted by kyla vega on Apr 07, 2010
i love yah robert you are so awsome and generouse at all. don't leave youre fans ok p.s i love you so very much muah! *....
posted by kia on Feb 09, 2010
i agree with corry i really didnt like kristen as bella she just didnt act in a way i thought bella would i know its not ever going to be the same as in my head but still. i also reckon tht tim burton would rule as a directer he rox
posted by Alda on Dec 14, 2009
i love everything about twilight, everything
posted by yey on Dec 12, 2009
I cant wait for Eclipse, love this actors, movies and story :))
posted by lelo on Dec 11, 2009
You guys, the movies weren't going to be good even if they got a good director: the problem is with the source material unless it was based on it VERY loosely. Anyhow, THANK GOD THE TV SERIES IS NOT REAL. Rpattz is too smart to sign a deal for THAT. (hopefully)
posted by lelo on Dec 11, 2009
You guys, the movies weren't going to be good even if they got a good director: the problem is with the source material unless it was based on it VERY loosely. Anyhow, THANK GOD THE TV SERIES IS NOT REAL. Rpattz is too smart to sign a deal for THAT. (hopefully)
posted by ugh on Dec 09, 2009
Twilight sucks. Only people stupid enough to like it are fat/ugly girls that can't get any.
posted by vale on Dec 06, 2009
Will be great to have Robert abd Kristen, but what is Twilight Saga without Taylor...they all have to be there..the three of them...about the person who wrote the thing after me ...ummm I thought that too first but is much much better in New Moon...was perfect
posted by helms on Dec 02, 2009
Serioulsy?!?! No one can sit there and say that these movies are well made in any way. The acting is terrible! The CG is awful as well! The books are fine for what they are but the only reason anyone would say these moives are good are die hard fans of the books who have crazy crushes on the shirtless boys in the films. If fans dont insist on better writers, directors and actors then mediocrity will be constantly rewarded.
posted by AmandaLove on Dec 02, 2009
I loved all the Twilight Books and I loved both Movies. Im looking forward to the rest of the Twilight Movies. And if they are coming out with a Twilight tv show!! I hope its very realistic.
posted by Hxc_jen on Nov 30, 2009
Wow some people justdotn know anything. The Twilight saga's movies are really quite great. Though New moon moved along a bit to quickly,it was very fast paced,wich wa awkward to me, but I can clearly see what you were aiming for,anywyas. great job so far.
posted by Cindy on Nov 23, 2009
......and BTW Chris Weitz did a FANTASTIC job directing this movie......Go away haters!
posted by Cindy on Nov 23, 2009
Cory........Bella is supposed to be awkward and clumsy if you didn't know and most people obviously don't find her annoying since the movie is doing amazing at the box office!!!!!!!!
posted by Cory on Nov 23, 2009
I agree Chris Weitz didn't do a good job. I don't understand why they get these mediocre directors. The movie has proved to be popular enough to bring in directors of a higher caliber. Too bad they couldn't get a good director from the beginning that could have cast a better Bella. Kristen's twitching and excessive blinking is beyond annoying.
posted by alyssateamrob on Nov 23, 2009
i think chris Weitz didnt do a very good job with new moon dont get me wrong i still loved it well when robert pattinson was in the shot but chris Weitz shouldn't do any more cause he made it very slow and the music was not very good twilight movies i think Tim Burton should do bracking dawn and as for Eclipse david slade is a really good choice to direct the 3rd film for twilight. talking about music i think the band H.I.M has the song for one of the twilight movies its called vampire hearts cheack it out it perfect for the movie twilight.
posted by deli on Nov 23, 2009
thank god, Im a twihard, but that would be over doing it

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