First Look Into 'House M.D.' Snakes on a Cane Promo

September 04, 2009 03:06:10 GMT

Starting Monday, September 7, ads with House being wrapped in a double helix position will be debuted in promotion of the show's sixth season.

First Look Into 'House M.D.' Snakes on a Cane Promo
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FOX has given the first look into their "House M.D." ad campaign that makes use of Hugh Laurie's "Snakes on a Cane" idea. In the ad that imitates The Caduceus symbol used in medical field, House literally is wrapped by two pythons and is attached to wings. The tag, meanwhile, is read "incurably himself".

The ad was shot over the summer, using real snakes which Laurie joked about. "I remember Hugh asking the snake wrangler if the snakes had names. He replied, 'No, because they don't come when you call'," said Exec Producer Katie Jacobs. The actor came up with the idea in Spring when he thought about the phrase "snakes on a cane" and quickly sketched a symbol to be presented to FOX's marketing department.

Approved by the network, the ad becomes part of the summer-long guerrilla marketing promotion for season 6. Beside being featured on and off air, the ad will invade the show's official site and the street of Los Angeles. The network will have a vintage ambulance driving around the city bearing the symbol and information about the show.

Such huge campaign is not common for a show which has established itself in the TV community. "Teaser campaigns are usually reserved for Year 1 shows," Joe Earley, FOX's executive vice president of marketing and communications, said. However, "given how brilliant it is, it's intrigued people in a new way," Earley added.

"House M.D." comes back September 21 with two hours premiere.


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posted by synesthesia on Sep 25, 2009
I like that picture. Mainly because it's cool and i love snakes.
posted by housian daze on Sep 04, 2009
Where do you get your info! Snakes on a cane was not hugh at all. He came up with the logo for a crew t-shirt and then the exec producers liked it so much they presented the logo to the marketing department who came up with snakes on a cane. Not as pithy a story but has the benefit of being true.
posted by =) on Sep 04, 2009
Remember, remember the 21 of september, Hugh Laurie and the doctor he play I know no reason Why it should not be treason To the season premiere of House forget.

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