'X-Files 3' Said to Be in the Works

August 22, 2009 04:26:51 GMT

During her appearance at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Gillian Anderson allegedly spills the beans that a third 'X-Files' movie is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012.

'X-Files 3' Said to Be in the Works
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"The X-Files: I Want to Believe" may have failed to deliver back in 2008, but it looks like the disappointing result doesn't stop filmmakers from planning another "X-Files" movie. According to Croatian website, leading actress Gillian Anderson has addressed the chances of the third "X-Files" being materialized.

In an indirect quote, the site reported that Anderson said the third film is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012. The 41-year-old reportedly suggested the matter to the media and the audience at the last press conference of the 15th Sarajevo Film Festival after revealing that she would love to reprise her role as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully for "X-Files 3".

While none has been confirmed or denied, Bloody-Disgusting (BD) claimed that "there is in fact talk about doing another" movie. The site went further with its report that there is also "talk of a REBOOT". Nonetheless, BD stressed that nothing has been set in stone just yet and all of the reports should be "taken as rumor until confirmed".

In late 2008, producer Frank Spotnitz revealed that the development of the third "X-Files" film may depend on the DVD sales of "The X-Files: I Want to Believe". "I think there very well could be more in the future," he told BD at the time. "...When the studio looks at the sales of the DVD that's when they will really decide to see if its worth risking."

Upon its release on July 25, 2008, "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" debuted fourth at the North American box office behind "The Dark Knight" and "Step Brothers". The movie that teams up once again David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson raked in nearly $21 million in the domestic market and $68.4 million worldwide.


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posted by Nathan on Nov 18, 2011
The X-Files 3 may start filming by April 2012. It took them four months to film the second film. Hopefully, with our fingers crossed, we will get a third and final installment to the franchise. As far as I know, as of September 2011, the movie is in the talks of being made. So get ready for Mulder and Scully to kick some alien butts!!! I'm excited!!! I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!
posted by DANAMULDER on Aug 22, 2011
I want another x-files, but only if David and Gillian are in it. They are so perfect together. I want the third x-file to be about bringing william back. if he was in the last movie he would've been 3 years old. PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU TO BRING ANOTHER X-FILES WITH DAVID AND GILLIAN.
posted by xaholic on May 12, 2010
let it be the way it was supposed to be and bring on XFiles 3. the movie was released at the wrong time and written to appeal to a secular audience. Bring on the real deal for we Xphiles want closure.
posted by Larry on Mar 28, 2010
posted by Tess Mart on Mar 06, 2010
I want another X Files movie with my favorible actors, David and Gillian. But give them a love life scenario.
posted by frida on Feb 09, 2010
I`m still waiting for my closure. Please make it happen
posted by Gil Pearson on Oct 21, 2009
Everybody wants another X Files Movie!It has to be made and will."I Want To Believe", was only a tune up, for the "Mother Load", X Files Three. Gil
posted by crs on Oct 18, 2009
If a third X-Files movie doesn't get made it would be a huge disapointment to the entire series. The Alien Plot of the show needs to have closure and we certainly must see what has become of William. Especially with all the hype in the series about the year 2012, this movie MUST get made. I don't think anyone could honestly ask for anything beyond a third movie but we should have that atleast.
posted by Believer on Sep 20, 2009
X Files Three Has To Happen, because too many people want it to! Please, make millions of people happy & make it! Believer
posted by Jessy on Sep 03, 2009
Hell yea!! The final hurrah before Doomsday!!XD X-Philes, I WANT TO BELIEVE!!! Btw, the 2nd movie was nice, n it's be a perfect opening after years for the alien invasion. I hope Baby William comes back='(
posted by Agent Doggett\'s Son on Aug 27, 2009
Fluckin Right,Bring On another movie for the real X-Philians,straight up the last movie should have been a made for Tv special as a hype machine for a true 2nd X-files move but 2 late for that shit,but If done right I say DO IT!!! I'd rather have more X-files then none!!!
posted by Arnie! on Aug 26, 2009
Yes yes yes make another x files! Its great seeing these two great actors togther! I love it!
posted by Duane Barry on Aug 26, 2009
Well the cool thing about this is that 2012 has always been the date for the final alien invasion ("The Date Is Set")& we could well see a new series (Hopefully), plus Frank Spotnitz teases about what is in the mythology about 2012 on the dvd & that he always wonders what will happen with that.
posted by Eugene Edgar Toombs on Aug 25, 2009, I mean, 'I Want To Believe' had virtually no AD/PR budget compared to 'The Dark Knight' and 'Indiana Jones' AND whatever other huge summer movie that it had to compete with, and it still was 4rth, which is really good. X-Files 3!
posted by Mia on Aug 24, 2009
OMG!!! is this for real...another X file movie..i am lovin the idea so far...cant get enough of X files..plz plz plz tell me its true..
posted by moe on Aug 24, 2009
I want to believe!
posted by Lynn on Aug 23, 2009
Love that they have talked about, though about it, pondered it once in a while, whatever it is. I'm always up for more Mulder and Scully.
posted by Ian Cook on Aug 23, 2009
Make it true! Please make this movie!
posted by lois on Aug 23, 2009
I hope so. Really!
posted by Bay Harbour Butcher on Aug 23, 2009
I loved I Want To Believe, I love the X-Files, having 4 out of the 9 seasons. I would love to see a new X-Files movie. I would love to see Fox and Dana again...mmmmm Gillian Anderson is HOT!
posted by Er... on Aug 22, 2009
I'm assuming the writer figured that the tone of the article would illustrate the fact that much of this is just rumor and speculation at this point. They did throw a lot of doubt on it. The article does say "indirect" and "reportedly", after all.
posted by Gillian on Aug 22, 2009
Sorry, message got messed up for some reason, so here goes again: Gillian never said a third movie was in the works. All she said was that there was talk about it and if it should be made, she'd be glad to do it. Why don't you check your information prior to publishing???
posted by Gillian on Aug 22, 2009
This is not true - Gillian never saud a third movie was in the works. All she said wat that there was about it and if it should be made, she'd be glad to do it. Why don't you check your information prior to publishing???
posted by CSM on Aug 22, 2009
Give us hope! Give us hope!

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