Tokio Hotel's New Single 'Automatic' Arrives in Full

August 21, 2009 07:19:10 GMT

'Automatic' off Tokio Hotel's October release 'Humaniod' has hit the web in full.

Tokio Hotel's New Single 'Automatic' Arrives in Full
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"Automatic", the lead single from Tokio Hotel's upcoming studio album "Humanoid", has got radio airplays and its audio stream recently made its round on the Internet. Led by lots of guitar and drums sounds, this new song is expected to be brought out for digital purchase on September 22.

"Automatic" is produced by David Josh and was written "in less than two hours." In support of the new track, the Bill Kaulitz-fronted band have filmed an accompanying music video in South Africa. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when the video will come out.

"Humanoid" itself is scheduled to be released across United States on October 6. "We took our time with this album until we had the perfect feeling about the songs and the entire production," Bill said of the album in a press release. "We're totally in love with 'Humanoid' and hope it will make up for the fans' long wait!"

Audio stream of Tokio Hotel's "Automatic"


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posted by pau on Sep 22, 2009
posted by carmen on Sep 07, 2009
bueno pues ami no me gusta mucho tokio hotel pero tengo una amiga que le encanta y proximaamente cumplira 15 años y de regalo quiere conoserlos espero que le cumlan su sueño adios chicos y estan bien guapos los quiero
posted by ludiitha on Aug 26, 2009
i love this song! i love bill kaulitz too.. well.. just i like me..
posted by orestawas on Aug 25, 2009
its not as good as monsoon, but its okay, tho song is good, worth to listen
posted by fer tokiota on Aug 25, 2009
the best ban wooo is good
posted by Vickie on Aug 22, 2009
Ich liebe Tokio Hotel für immer <3
posted by aloe on Aug 21, 2009
i love the song <3 so much. ich liebe tokio hotel <3 go go go

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