Girls Paid for 'Bachelorette' Affair Story

August 11, 2009 07:19:18 GMT

Chris Harrison revealed what he knows about the allegation that Ed Swiderski slept with two women after proposing to Jillian Harris.

Girls Paid for 'Bachelorette' Affair Story
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"The Bachelorette" host chipped in important information regarding the allegation that Ed Swiderski was hitting on two girls after getting engaged to Jillian Harris. Chris Harrison revealed that Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen took money from what they said about an affair with Ed.

"The problem is the two girls cashed in and took a paycheck for the story in Us, so, they kind of sold out, which is unfortunate. They sold out at the expense of Ed and Jillian," Harrison revealed to ET. Johnson and Steffen claimed in an interview with Us Weekly that they slept with Swiderski just a few days after the season finale in July.

Although it was branded a lie, Harrison said "there is a shred of truth in there, which Jillian already knew about." He continued, "But if there is a shred of truth, you can't fight the bull!@#$, so what are you going to do? There is not much she can do."

Jillian herself admitted to The Province that she was torn up by the rumors. "I would never do anything mean-spirited in my life," she said. "I'll never say a mean thing about one of those girls even though I'm very confused why they would do something like this."

Despite the drama surrounding them, Jillian and Ed are still very much engaged. "It is tough, but they are still together; they are still engaged. That has not changed. Someone reported she dumped him in Las Vegas. That is not true," Harrison who recently talked to Harris said.


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posted by Supporter on Aug 12, 2009
I have been watched the entire show. Jillian and Ed is perfect match. When Ed left during the show, I was so upset but can understand as I am a well trained professional as well. After he came back, I knew Jillian will choice him as she is smart girl. They both have same level and quality life, intelligent and deep heart. They can take of care each other. Kiptyn and Reid are great guys, but not good enough for Jillian. Reid is friend and Reid is a little brother. The other two girls are just trying to be famous, Ignore them. The important is that you should trust and love each other, hold hand to hand walking though your life and let other people say whatever they want. Past is Past, the future is yours.
posted by Christina on Aug 12, 2009
Hey Chris (if you even come back to read this) You should know better than to put the gals down for being paid. Of course they’re paid. Anyone who interviews in the media mags are paid unless they are part of, oh say a program like the Bachelorette & pushing their script…I mean publicity. What the Paps can’t snap & the writers can’t generate…the celebrities get paid. Would you have rather had the girls talk to your buddy Reality Steve? Lord knows he tried and sent his lawyer friend Jeremy their way. While you’re talking, why don’t you tell Jillian to quit biting the American hand that fed her. She keeps it up, she can have her “respectful” Canada that could care less about her and try to get a TV show there, eh?
posted by gladdie on Aug 11, 2009
so what if the girls were paid? So were Chris, Ed and Jillian. Does that make the three of them liars, too? Wake up and smell the coffee Chris and Jillian!
posted by chicago on Aug 11, 2009
There is more than a shred of truth to the story. I know one of the girls and knew all along what Ed was doing. The Chicago girls are not lying.
posted by realist on Aug 11, 2009
how does chris harrison know details? he's guessing and of course he's going to back the couple he was PAID to manipulate into getting together.
posted by friend on Aug 11, 2009
I have said all along, consider the sourece (US Mag) and girls who want their 15 minutes.
posted by justanothergirl on Aug 11, 2009
Just because the girls cashed in for money or 15 minutes of publicity, doesn't make the story any less true. Their accounts are way to detailed of the events. If this douchebag could fool two girls into thinking he was the greatest catch, what makes anyone think he isn't fooling that poor girl Jillian for his 15 minutes?

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