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August 11, 2009 06:06:47 GMT

The mother of eight shed a tear over her marriage and stood firm on her belief that the show, 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', does them good.

Kate Gosselin
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Almost two months after she announced her separation from Jon Gosselin, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin said that she still loves him and wears her wedding band. Kate did an interview with Meredith Viera on "TODAY", spilling about her life after the turmoil and how it has changed the whole family.

Kate said what happened between her and Jon would happen eventually with or without the publicity, stating that their divorce is not the product of their reality show. When asked whether she still has feelings for Jon, Kate said, "When I think back to the Jon that I knew, yes."

At some point of the conversation, Kate broke down in tears. Viera asked her why she is still seen with her wedding ring. "For them," she said in reference to her eight children. "I don't want to upset them." Kate also addressed her statement that she still wakes up feeling like a failure. "This is not what any mother sets out for their children. It's necessary. It has to take place. I think I've turned the focus on myself," she explained.

The issue of her affair with her chief of security was also discussed with Kate denying any sort of cheating. "There is no affair. There never has been an affair," Kate stated firmly. "We are very, very good friends with him, his wife and his family. They are huge social support. It's just another crazy rumor. It sells tabloids."

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" still airs every Mondays on TLC. Kate believes the show has helped her kids to have a trust fund for college.

Jon Gosselin was also scheduled to have his first interview after the separation with E! but it was canceled. "The interview with Jon Gosselin originally scheduled for tonight�s (August 10) E! News has been canceled,� a spokesperson for E! said in a statement.


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posted by Maltese mum on Nov 08, 2009
good job kate keep on going taking care of that 8 little angels
posted by Mary on Oct 06, 2009
I hate Kate she believe she deserves more than any other woman just because of having 8 kids, bull.. and how he treats him Good Lord!!! I am amaze he took it all this time, I hate women who dont respect their husbands, and boss them around and their is many here, and the hair dam they would have to drug me or knock me down to cut my long hair like that she looks like an african bird, or like she stick the hand in the outlet, horrible hair.... and she takes everything for free that ridiculous, I understand help but that lifestyle I dont agree on it while many other children die because of MALNUTRITION I hate her, she represents all the mateiralistic b... with the same haircut.... If you can feed your kids dont have more!!! is sinful how people waste money..I HATE KATE SHE REPRESENTS the worst of american women iakkk
posted by jenny on Oct 05, 2009
Kate, I wish you the best. Please ask the judge for sole custody, and take Jon to jail.
posted by prittystar on Oct 01, 2009
I thank that Kate is doing a great job with her Children,I thank she is very smart in the way she is taking care of them.I thank Jon should be taken off the show and made go back to work to suppore the children with want he would make at that job.
posted by meanjean on Aug 20, 2009
If Kate was so smart she never should have married a KOREAN guy. Everyone knows korean men don't care. And Jon clearly doesn't give a sh**. I can't watch the show/ It's so BORING and ANNOYING with all those kids screaming and whining. yes, they're just being kids but we don't have to be their audience. Kate is such a self-centered narcissistic B****. Jon is a chubby loser. the show is NAUSEATING ugghhhhhh mind numb BORING
posted by Beenthere on Aug 18, 2009
Of course Kate appeared to be a b!^ch...who wouldn't with a child for a husband? Each day you wake knowing you have to guide, mold and teach your children. You expect your husband to be beside you. You don't expect to have to guide your husband through life along side your children. She obviously wasn't a b!^ch when they met...she became what he made her.
posted by anony on Aug 12, 2009
@meanjean: you are an idiot! He's 1/2 Korean and 1/2 White.... NOT Chinese...
posted by meanjean on Aug 12, 2009
If Kate was so smart she never should have married a Chinese guy. Everyone knows Chinese men don't care !!
posted by BC girl on Aug 12, 2009
You know, all you see is Kate with the kids being a consistant parent. Jon is wining about being the bad guy. Well all I see is photos of him and some new young girl. Well if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog - its a DOG! Kate may have been a bit bitchy at times, but please, does she deserve to be left with 8 kids so Jon can go be a college kid again? One day he will look back on this an regret it because his kids will always have google. Shame on you Jon!
posted by atlanta resident on Aug 11, 2009
its sad that she has to deal with this. Its obious that she still wants to work things out, but the problem here is Jon. whhat an irresponsible human being. a marriage is ideally forever.
posted by ERICA on Aug 11, 2009
I am sad for Kate and the kids.
posted by babs on Aug 11, 2009
I am heartbroken that this relationship could not be worked out and strengthened. It appears that one of them (presumably Jon) took another as his partner (intimately) and that broke the covenant between them.I hope this helps illuminate to many men (and women)the permanence of this action.
posted by dandjmaxwell on Aug 11, 2009
She is so fake and is milking this tragedy for every cent that she can.
posted by Wife of one on Aug 11, 2009
I hope no one gets married to get divorced. I have children and the one thing I tried to remember raising them was that some day they would grow up and leave home and the life they would leave behind would be the wonderful family life that my husband and I had built together through good times and bad. The life that they would go to would be one that emulated what we had. Couples have to remember that when your kids are grown and gone all you will have left is each other. So don't sacrifice your marriage for your children, thats just dump! The more you put into the marriage the happier the children will be. All children want is that their parents are together. To be happy together requires mutual respect and appreciation. I never really felt Kate gave that to Jon. You are clearly #1 and He was clearly #10! I pray for your kids.
posted by DanaAngel on Aug 11, 2009
I totally agree with you! Mid life crisis or what! She was raising 9 kids...funny how he wants his "freedom" after the hard work is done and there are no more diaper to change!

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