Paris Hilton 'So Excited' by 'Supernatural' Cameo

Paris Hilton

Whether she will hook up with one of the Winchester boys or appear as a ghost is not known, but she has expressed her excitement in making a guest starring appearance.

When producers Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble revealed at San Diego Comic Con that there would be a bunch of new and interesting characters in the next season of "Supernatural", they didn't say it would be Paris Hilton. The socialite, in her own words, has confirmed her cameo, writing on Twitter, "love the show Supernatural. It rocks! So excited! :)"

The casting news was first reported by E! Online that revealed Paris will appear in the fifth episode. The new season premieres on September 10 at 9/8c. Therefore, the episode with Paris in it can be expected to air around the second week of October.

While the casting of Paris is mind-boggling, Kripke reportedly has prepared a very fitting storyline. E! which claimed to have heard about it, described it as "awesome". A source told the site, "The fans should trust Eric Kripke."

During the show's panel at Comic Con last month, the producers said that many mythological creatures from the bible including God himself will appear at some point of the show. They are also going to have celebrity ghosts such as Abraham Lincoln.

*Update: Chicago Tribune acquired more detail about her role from Sera Gamble. "She plays the role of a demonic creature that takes the form of... Paris Hilton," Gamble said.




    Dec 28, 2010

    "many mythological creatures from the bible including God himself will appear at some point" God is no myth...

    Aug 26, 2009

    yow! i do agree that with hilton appearing on the show, it might be some added promotion... trust me guys, it really is hard to convince my classmates to watch the show... anyway, it's their loss.. i trust eric kripke in getting hilton, the fact that he made this awesome show is enough reason to do so... =)

    Aug 15, 2009

    i luv u

    Aug 14, 2009

    What the hell is wrong with you Linds, season 4 was awesome. If you hate Kripke that much, go watch some other show.

    Aug 14, 2009

    I loved supernatural season 1,2,3 and the majority of 4 but seriously having paris hilton in an episode my expectations for season 5 now are pretty low which sucks :( I hope it is good though. x

    Aug 06, 2009

    Guys comon we need to trust in him, this is good- for the show, and i mean some never watched supernatural never heard of theis show, and going watch it because she on there! that got to mean something right!

    Aug 06, 2009

    I loved season 4 and I do trust the Krip. I hear Paris is playing a demon, and if they do away with her in a nice, violent way, I will completely enjoy it!

    Aug 06, 2009

    Sam, you have a point. Where's the music!

    Aug 06, 2009

    great, they can afford paris hilton but not the music we love?

    Aug 06, 2009

    There was by far no mess made in season 4 one of the best seasons so far, a lot more people tuned in. I trust Kripke,he made everything else works this far. So lets just see what happens before we all start shouting our mouths of because that tends to happen a lot with this show and things usually turn out fine.

    Aug 06, 2009

    After the mess they made of season four, I wouldn't trust Kripke to wipe my *ss.

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