Tokio Hotel's New Album to Be Called 'Humanoid'

July 21, 2009 08:06:26 GMT

Tokio Hotel's forthcoming new studio project will be titled 'Humanoid' and arrive in stores on October 2.

Tokio Hotel
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Tokio Hotel's upcoming new studio album is going to be called "Humanoid". While details about the new set are yet to be shared, rumor on the street suggests the band will release the effort on October 2.

"Bill [Kaulitz] has already given a name for the new record: Humanoid. The word 'Humanoid' comes from the science-fiction language, meaning humanlike," producer/songwriter David Jost said as quoted by Zeit Online. "This word is pronounced differently in the English and German language but is written the same way in both languages. Bill wanted the new record to have only one name worldwide: Humanoid."

Bill previously opened up in an interview that the new record "will probably surprise a lot of people." He said, "They handle about our mood, new thoughts and reflections, and also new wishes and hopes. ... We have a song but there are many different ways to interpret the song. And we have to find the best interpretation. We, then start to experiment with each song by changing the guitar-sounds or modifying my voice."


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posted by eirin0uli kaulitz on Jul 30, 2010
hiiiiiiiiiiiii im from greece and i have to tell u that th have been here!!!!!!!! in athens!!!! they were awsome but tom was the best!!!!
posted by nena on Oct 30, 2009
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu bill
posted by nat on Oct 29, 2009
i love them more than anything else(L)
posted by Angie on Oct 10, 2009
I just love their songs and their songs' meaning... I also love Bill's new hairstyle!!!:-*
posted by TH on Sep 10, 2009
i love all their songs!!! cant w8 4 new!!1
posted by tokio hotel faaaaan on Sep 10, 2009
i just love them!!!!! i cant wait 4 "humanoid" 2 come out! TH 4 ever!!!!!!!!
posted by tom kaulitz on Sep 05, 2009
yeah!! very good
posted by LadyAnastasia12 on Aug 25, 2009
poia einai ta trgoydia? 8elw na ta afiervsv sthn kollhth moy Alesia kai katerina.!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by SomeGuy on Aug 19, 2009
Same year as Muse's new album... You can kiss all those best album of the year awards goodbye.
posted by tokiohotelobssessed on Aug 05, 2009
OMG!!!!! I LUV THEM ALL AND CAN'T WAIT 4 THEIR ALBUM 2 CUM OUT!! Bill said it wud surprise us, hmmm...did he mean we won't like the songs? I luv them AND THEIR SONGS either way!!! THEY RULE!!! No other band is this great yo!!
posted by Kate Kaulitz on Aug 05, 2009
Hi people! I'm from Brazil and I came here to say I love Tokio Hotel <3
posted by Twins Kaulitz on Aug 03, 2009
I`m so excited,i can`t wait!!!!!!!!!!=)=)<3<3
posted by sophia on Aug 03, 2009
can't wait 4 z new album 2 come out. I just luv their music and BILL
posted by mala on Jul 28, 2009
me neather
posted by thfanatc on Jul 27, 2009
ahhhhhhhhh! i cant wait i cant wait! im so exited!
posted by EIRI on Jul 26, 2009
posted by mrs.tom kaulitz fore on Jul 25, 2009
omg i wish the album came out this month. it was supposed to come out already but it got delayed because of Bill's surgery :(
posted by SophiieTokioHotel4ev on Jul 25, 2009
omg cant wait :) x
posted by LaurenKaulitzxx on Jul 24, 2009
I Cant wait until the album comes out (:
posted by www.TokioHotelFansit on Jul 22, 2009
I can't wait! Tokio Hotel owns ALL! [:
posted by yeah! on Jul 22, 2009
im so stoked for their new ablum it has taking awhile but still
posted by HelenaaYvette on Jul 22, 2009
damnn, i haven't heard from these guys in a while <33 can't wait.
posted by FireWoman on Jul 21, 2009
Awesome! I can't wait to hear it!
posted by Live4TokioHotel on Jul 21, 2009
cant wait for it come out!!!!! i love they're music!!!!! i am soooooo excited!!!!!!!
posted by selinaKaulitz on Jul 21, 2009
I cant wait for the new album to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWWWWWWWWWW=)
posted by estela on Jul 21, 2009
am i the second comment? yeah!! i cant wait for their album to come out!

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