Chris Brown's Collaborative Song With RichGirl Uncovered

July 11, 2009 03:16:12 GMT

Chris Brown hooks up with RichGirl in a song entitled 'Smile and Wave' which is rumored to be listed in the girl group's upcoming album.

Chris Brown's Collaborative Song With RichGirl Uncovered
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Chris Brown has teamed up with new girl group RichGirl, and their collaborative song has just made its way out. Titled "Smile & Wave", the never-heard-before track reportedly will be included in RichGirl's upcoming debut album "RichGirl".

Beside lending his vocal to RichGirl's song, Chris Brown also joins forces with Mary J. Blige in a single titled "Stronger", and collaborates with The Game, Usher, Mario Winans, Boyz II Men and P. Diddy in Michael Jackson tribute track "Better on the Other Side". Moreover, he is busy working on his next studio album "Graffiti".

As for RichGirl, the girl group managed by Chris' manager Tina Davis are prepping for their eponymous effort. Commenting on what kind of songs they are crafting for the new album, one of the band's personnel Brave recently said, "Our sound is very honest. Each song tells a specific story." Another member Audra then added, "One thing that we want to do is bring the singing back to the songs. That's something that's lacking right now."

Audio stream of Chris Brown and RichGirl's "Smile & Wave"


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posted by Najii on Jul 19, 2009
yea people hating on you chris, juss keep doin u and you'll be iight
posted by g on Jul 16, 2009
I think some of these comments are really rude...if you have nothing good to say of chris brown out of the many things don't say anything at all!!
posted by latifa breezy on Jul 12, 2009
i cant wit chris nw album ,he still rock ...go chris go baby we luv uh keep it up 4 us ...god bless u
posted by rikihicks on Jul 11, 2009
I'm wondering if it's just Chris Brown who should be shot down or all of the many hollywood stars that have abused women and their fans are still supporting them, just to name a few, Josh Brolin, Don Corneilus, Christian Slater, Terance Howard, Jazy-z yes, you can look these and other up on the web and find that they too have abused women and know one seem to remember this. I'm thinking that they were given second chances and they were much older than 19 when their offense took place.We must pray that this youngman will learn from his mistakes like most of us have, " he without sin, let him first cast the first stone!".
posted by Pam on Jul 11, 2009
He deserves somebody to shot him down. He's awful and his so called fans all a mass of retarded.
posted by dnice on Jul 11, 2009
I'm glad you moved on. Everybody makes mistakes. He deserves a second chance. After all both him & Rhianna made the mistakes.
posted by XxChErRyLiCiOuSxX on Jul 11, 2009
alos need to comment 1 mre time is dat da song dat u mad wiv richgirls dat awesome and gawshusshhh and since uve left rhianna u hve moved on further soo keep on going XxtcxX
posted by XxChErRyLiCiOuSxX on Jul 11, 2009
keep going make ur life career goo further chris brown because ur going on well so keep it up plzz kk xxtcxx
posted by Tracie on Jul 11, 2009
I am so looking forward to his new CD! Stay Strong Chris!

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