Rihanna Mentoring Sugababes on Their New Album


Rihanna 'has been a huge help' to Sugababes, helping the girl group picking up materials for their new album.

Rihanna has helped Sugababes choosing materials for the British group's new album. "She's been like our fourth member, listening to all our songs and saying what she liked and what she didn't," one of the Sugababes' members Keisha Buchanan said.

Explaining how they end up receiving some advice from Rihanna, Keisha told Daily Star, "We keep missing Jay-Z." She added, "Every time we're gonna hook up he's off partying with P. Diddy or someone, but Rihanna has been a huge help to us."

Rihanna herself is currently working on her own album. Details about the record are still kept under tight wraps. But, recent rumor suggested that she works with Trina for a new song and will diss Chris Brown on it. Beside getting help from Trina, she was also said hitting studio with Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

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    stevie-anne hawea
    Jun 24, 2009

    Hi Rihanna and sugababes. What is ur real name [sugababes] I knowur real name Rihanna

    stevie-anne hawea
    Jun 24, 2009


    Jun 19, 2009

    Rihanna's record will be hugely promoted, and crafted by the very best of record industry. Still, as she has no talent and she can't sing at all, it will be just pointless as an artistic effort, cos she's just no artist. Granted it will sell, probably more than ever for her. Granted she will show outrageous look vehicling her only quality (beauty). Still, Rihanna is just a mass appealing product with no skill at all. AT all. But skills aren't needed nowadays to sing or make music (see crappy Brothers, the trio of midgets who will get to number one and then disappear fast), Miley Horseface Cyrus and even the Idols wannabees. All that is trash. ALL.

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