Adam Lambert Brands People's Hottest Bachelor Predicate 'Pretty Cool'

June 18, 2009 06:04:13 GMT

Responding in disbelief at first on him being listed on People's 10th annual list of Sexy and Single Men in 2009, Adam Lambert however thinks the predicate is "pretty cool."

Adam Lambert
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

"Am I really? I'm not hot!" Adam Lambert responds in disbelief when Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell reveals the news that he is listed on People magazine's 10th annual list of Sexy & Single Men in 2009. He, however, quickly adds, "That's pretty cool. That's really cool."

"How great is that though - to show how far you have come? Because that means you're a bachelor - straight, gay - it's just that you're a good looking man," Nancy chimes in. "You're attractive to many people."

Adam then comments, "I think that attractiveness is a universal thing. It shouldn't matter who your preference is. I mean, it's like, [if] you think something is good-looking, you think it's good-looking. What's the difference?"

Despite the fact that he is now considered sexy, Adam says "my goal is to just sing. I'm just putting on a show, you know, and if that's how people feel about it then that's really cool."

In addition to addressing his inclusion in the particular list, which ranks him at 4th, Adam also opens up to Nancy that amidst his hectic schedule recording a debut album slated to be released this fall under RCA Records he is eying to launch his own line of cosmetic product. "Maybe [an] eyeliner, nail polish combo line," reveals this season's "American Idol" runner-up. "It will be very livable. You can put it on and it will stay for the whole week."


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posted by Kate75 on Jun 28, 2009
posted by 2t2tag on Jun 22, 2009
sexy to look at,sexy to hear, omnisexy ,hypersexy,and just way,way cute! not hot? cat on a hot tin roof hot! as paula said," take it all in my dear". we love you adam!
posted by Tomi in DE on Jun 21, 2009
Adam has shown us sexy on so many levels. He's got us mature women just behaving like we haven't behaved since we were teenagers. We are addicted to Adam..all he has to do is use his eyes...and smile. Can't wait until I can hear him sing LIVe this summer!
posted by Irishlass27 on Jun 21, 2009
Adam is the most gorgeous, sexiest man in the world! I get weak in the knees and have shivers up and down my spine whenever he performs -- or just stares at the camera! Oooooh -- and he is simply the most amazing talent out there right now!
posted by Julie on Jun 20, 2009
I wish there was an Adam Lambert TV show on every week.We couldn't wait to see Adam every week, and now we miss him so much.Adam, please get your own show where you sing and have guests on every week.You are so versatile, you could have a different theme every week. Just like you kept us on the edge every week waiting to see what you would do next.We Love You.
posted by Melanie on Jun 20, 2009
ADAM is my Dream Lover.He is so good-looking and sexy. And, charming too..
posted by peaches on Jun 20, 2009
He deserves to be #1! HOT! SEXY!!! ALLURING!!! He's got it all! And then some! A Class Act!
posted by paamul on Jun 19, 2009
Soooo Sexy, Love him!!!!!
posted by tg on Jun 19, 2009
Yes, Adam is GORGEOUS!!!
posted by UsAndThem on Jun 19, 2009
Adam is ugly. He wears tons of make-up, dyes his hair AND eyebrows. He is fat and full of freckles. YUCK. Danny is waaaay cuter.
posted by Cat on Jun 19, 2009
Adam is certainly gorgeous and his graciousness and wit make him even more so. To commenter "UsAndThem" are you 12 years old or what?
posted by adamlambertsexy on Jun 19, 2009
adam lambert....i cant get enough of your sexiness! your such an inspiration to everyone! live big!
posted by 123rucrazy on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is GORGEOUS!!!
posted by SusieB on Jun 18, 2009
Adam Lambert is the epitomy of hot!!! Everything about him sizzles!
posted by Kelli on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is the sexiest man I have ever seen.. Cant get enough of his sexiness! XO
posted by adamfan1000 on Jun 18, 2009
Adam captivates the audience when he sings. Can't get enough of his Upright Cabaret videos. Sexy, sexy, sexy.
posted by Adam\'s Angel on Jun 18, 2009
posted by wtdp on Jun 18, 2009
That girl should have dragged him over to the mirror and screamed "ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME BOY??"
posted by AussieFan on Jun 18, 2009
posted by Linda on Jun 18, 2009
I usually agree with everything Adam says but I have to disagree with his comment "I'm not hot". Sorry honey, but you are smokin' hot! Beautiful face, beautiful voice, beautiful soul all make up one hot Adam.
posted by Jack on Jun 18, 2009
This is great, really. He seems like a very nice, talented and down to earth person. I'm straight and I have to admit that darn it, I'm happy for him.
posted by melody on Jun 18, 2009
About time he made a list! Last month TV Guide had a show on the sexiest idols and Kris Allen made the list, but not Adam. I was truly appalled. Good going People magazine!
posted by jit on Jun 18, 2009
Is TV Guide a homophobe for not listing Adam as one of the sexiest? It sounds like it. Lambert looks sexy to both men and women. He crosses all barriers.
posted by Gemma B on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is amazing, sooooo HOT!!!!
posted by Leia on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is a gorgeous and sexy. FGreat personalities too. Love you
posted by Suz on Jun 18, 2009
I think Adam is GORGEOUS- a sexy man with a great voice, abundance of talent. He seems like a sweet fella too, which of course makes him doubly sexy. This isn't about orientation- it's about who is a sexy man!! Adam is the one! :-)
posted by sassytedy on Jun 18, 2009
One word for Adam - Yummy
posted by linda on Jun 18, 2009
What is it with Adam that mesmerizes me... his moves are so sexy..
posted by therese on Jun 18, 2009
I miss Adam so much. I would die to see his concerts.
posted by jane on Jun 18, 2009
Love Adam so much! He is truly sexy!
posted by cherry on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is so handsome! I cant have enough of him!
posted by maryann on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is truly hot, hot, hot!
posted by jan on Jun 18, 2009
Adam is current and cool. Along with his good looks he is the whole package. He is just "IT" always making you want more
posted by MadWordl on Jun 18, 2009
Oh yeah baby! Adam is indeed one HOT & SEXY bachelor. People mags got this right. Although he did not hit the #1, but 4th place is not bad. he should at least on 2nd spot but maybe Adam will be on One of the Sexiest Man alive for people magazine. I think that is anoyther yet to accomplish by Adam, and be on the GQ magazine. Adam is Hot and a current Artist right now. Excellent Job Adam, stay kool rock on Adam!!
posted by rocky on Jun 18, 2009
He should have been #1. He is drop-dead gorgeous.
posted by Undeniable on Jun 18, 2009
Glambert clothing line dude.. we want it!
posted by lover girl!!! on Jun 18, 2009
Yes ADAM your sexiness is universal. Straight and gay we all think you are drop dead sexyyyyy!!!!!!
posted by grace on Jun 18, 2009
It seems Adam has taken everybody by storm. Hope he keeps his head about him and makes some good music.

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