'Lost' Season 6 'Confusing' but Ends in 'Beautiful' Way

'Lost' Season 6 'Confusing' but Ends in 'Beautiful' Way

Actor Matthew Fox said that it will be an awesome ending when 'Lost' unwraps all the mysteries surrounding the island in the final season.

When "Lost" returns in 2010, some things will come rather blurry for fans at first. Matthew Fox, who plays Jack in the series, revealed that not only will it have a shocking value, but the season 6 premiere will also be quite confusing. "It's very surprising and probably fairly confusing initially to the audience," the actor warned.

"Like a third of the way in (to the season) I would guess we are going to (settle) in one time frame and it will be very linear-no more flashbacks, nothing," Fox explained further to E! Online. "It will be on the island and sort of a final conflict to the end."

The 6th season which has been reserved for midseason 2010, will be the final season where answers are given and mysteries are solved. For all of the skeptic fans out there, Fox assured them that the tangled storyline in the first 5 seasons will all come to a conclusion which is "incredibly powerful, very sad and beautiful".

"I think it is going to be very satisfying and cathartic and redemptive and beautiful," Fox continued. "I've talked to Damon (Lindelof) pretty extensively and every time I talk to him it's sort of surprising how moving it is just to talk about it."

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    Oct 28, 2009

    lost is the best tv show i ever see i wish season 6 doesnt be the last season and if it is its better 2 be good

    Jul 02, 2009

    da jade, midseason din 2010, posibil in primavara

    Jun 30, 2009

    If it's the last season,I believe it's goin to be great. They'll end it when they are still on the "right mind" track.Don't make up any more twist. Its enough. I Can't wait.

    Jun 24, 2009

    i really don't want season 6 to be the last seasone because i love the this show

    Jun 18, 2009

    sezonu 6 va fi in 2010???

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