Taylor Lautner Talks 'New Moon' Shooting Experience

June 09, 2009 06:13:09 GMT

'I was shirtless, all I was wearing was shorts. We were in 35-degree (2 degrees Celsius) weather,' the Jacob Black depicter reveals the brutal conditions he faced for 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon'.

Taylor Lautner Talks 'New Moon' Shooting Experience
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Taylor Lautner has talked about how hard it is to play Jacob Black in "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". To Access Hollywood, the 17-year-old actor shares what he has to undergo during the shooting for his part in the "Twilight" sequel, saying "I was shirtless, all I was wearing was shorts. We were in 35-degree (2 degrees Celsius) weather."

The co-star of Kristen Stewart in the vampire drama adds, "[They] poured rain on [us], which is like so iced cold! And the scene was like four minutes long and I'm just sitting there and you can't look cold." Worse, he recalls that he was the only one who has to stand shirtless in the cold. "I'm the only one, I'm just standing there like basically naked with everybody like bundled up in this ice cold weather! And I'm just like too too doo," he says.

Aside from addressing his nearly naked scene, Lautner also warns fans about this sequel. "There is like heart break and, oh it''s horrible, it just...'New Moon' will rip your heart to shreds," the Elliott Murtaugh of "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" promises, adding "So get ready!"

Set for November 20 U.S. release, "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" is a sequel to the hit "Twilight" movie. It will be directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz using the script penned by "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. Many of the original cast members, including Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, are set to reprise their roles once again with new members that consist of Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen among others.


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posted by grace, :) on Nov 03, 2009
TEAM JACOB! Even in the books I kinda fell in love with him (I know he's not real) I think Taylor Lautner really lives up to the hotness in the book he is the best person for the role and he is a great actor. No affence to Kristen Stewart lovers, but he is 100 times better than her for example. xx
posted by ULTIMATE TWILIGHT FA on Aug 29, 2009
oh man,can we have our tarzan style Jacob back?The new haircut just made him look like a softcore porn star which is fucking gross
posted by mika on Jun 25, 2009
omg i love him he is the hottist guy in this univers lol u can keep robert i bags taylor 4 life xoxo mika love ya
posted by tammie_boullion@hotm on Jun 24, 2009
jacob isnt gay. who would say that? i luv all the movies and im so crazy about the new moon and i cant wait for it to cum out . then i will watch it ten times aday like i do with twilight the first movie. taylor lautner looks better with out that stupid ugly long wig hair. and its not tammie thats writting this its her daughter hailie thats so crazy over twilight cause its so awsomely awsome. well gotta run . taylor is so hott i want to go out with him.
posted by LOVERLAUTNER on Jun 18, 2009
posted by yay!!! on Jun 18, 2009
yay!!!! no more dweeby long hair!!!!!!!
posted by love ya on Jun 18, 2009
you r so hot cant wait for new moon to come out xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love ya
posted by jamie.lautner on Jun 17, 2009
really he looks so different but im so happy he is in it he is perfect for this i love him in it ur hot as please marrie me bak of girls he is mine n so is robert patterson u have to keep taylor is all of the 4 movie u r going to make he is so perfect for the part n especiel for eclipes dw taylor we will stick up for u jamie xxxxx
posted by gails friend on Jun 15, 2009
gail does secretly love him she just doesnt know it yet and shes gonna kill me when she finds out that i posted this hahahahaha!!!!!
posted by me!!! on Jun 15, 2009
guys hes AWESOME!!!!!! do not dis the love of my life. and whoever likes pattinson is a loser!!! hes so friggin ugly!!!!! ya team emmett and jacob!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by haha on Jun 15, 2009
"Um jacob black isn't gay! If anyone's gay its you, you dumb fuck!" lmao that made my day haha <3 Taylor Lautner
posted by Unknown on Jun 10, 2009
Um jacob black isn't gay! If anyone's gay its you, you dumb fuck! TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY! Alwas was, alwas will!! Hes so freakin hot!!!<3
posted by abigail on Jun 09, 2009
i cant wait.... the exclusive look made me cry. well only when i saw Jake turn into a wolf
posted by velma on Jun 09, 2009
ouu baby
posted by emmy rockz on Jun 09, 2009
taylor rocks my socks!!! GO TEAM JACOB <3 p.s. the books are better then the movie ;) but taylor is still a good jacob <3
posted by on Jun 09, 2009
he is sooo hot! Go team Jacob! &#9825;
posted by Gabby21 on Jun 09, 2009
i <3 talyor he is so hot and i can't wait to see the movie!!
posted by on Jun 09, 2009
Jacob black is gay
posted by Nellie/yuna15 on Jun 09, 2009
This kid will go a long way! Taylor is very hard working

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