Leona Lewis Confirms Justin Timberlake's Duet on Some New Songs

'He's been producing and he's got vocals on some my tracks too,' Leona Lewis says of Justin Timberlake's involvement in her new album.

AceShowbiz - Leona Lewis recently talked about her new album and revealed that indeed Justin Timberlake will be featured on her several new songs in addition to contributing on its production. "He's so awesomely talented. He's been producing and he's got vocals on some my tracks too," she told Digital Spy.

During the interview with the publication at Capital's FM Summertime Ball, Leona also shared that the recording sessions for the new record is "more than halfway" done. About 20 new songs have been crafted for the effort, so she said.

To Digital Spy, Leona also adds, "I'm really, really positive about it. This far in, I'm feeling it even more [than last time]" when referring to what she feels toward the follow up to her debut album "Spirit".

News that Leona Lewis and Justin Timberlake work together was outed earlier this year. They had hit Chalice Recording Studios for a song called "Don't Let Me Down". Also, they were rumored to join forces on a cover version of Whitney Houston's 1974 song "I Will Always Love You", which was penned by Dolly Parton.

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