Behind-the-Scenes of Cassie's 'Must Be Love' Music Video


P. Diddy may appear as a cameo in Cassie's 'Must Be Love' music video as the behind-the-scenes footage of the video arrives, showing him on its filming location.

A behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting location of Cassie's music video for new single "Must Be Love" has been found. P. Diddy is also spotted on the video's set in addition to Cassie. Words are, Diddy will make a cameo appearance in the video.

"Must Be Love" music video is directed by Bernard Gourley. On what Bernard has in mind concerning the video, he said, "I want to see something smoldering and sensual ... something cinematic ... something dripping with desire."

"A vintage fan oscillates on a small table, while we see an extreme close-up of an ice cube tracing a set of full lips (presumably Cassie trying to beat the heat figuratively and literally)...," Bernard shared more. "We see condensation building on the air condition unit in the window ... the condensation drips down the wall like sweat ... I want to tell a story through mood and evoke emotion with dramatic images that grab you."

"Must Be Love" is produced by duo Mario Winans and Bryan Michael Cox. It was originally recorded for DAY26's effort but then is set to be featured in Cassie's forthcoming second studio album "Electro Love".

Behind-the-scenes of Cassie's "Must Be Love" music video:



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