'Flash Gordon' Remake to Be Intense and Real

April 15, 2009 02:47:14 GMT

Director Breck Eisner talks about his idea on the 'Flash Gordon' remake, insisting that he will re-invent Flash and remain true to the comic's adventure origins.

'Flash Gordon' Remake to Be Intense and Real
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During a break from shooting "The Crazies", a remake of George Romero's 1973 action drama, director Breck Eisner has shared to Arrow in the Head News about what he has in mind of the "Flash Gordon" remake. The "Sahara" helmer revealed that while his version will still be based on the comic strip, it won't be like the 1980's version.

"The thing about Flash is you've got to throw away the '80s version of it completely out of your mind," Eisner stressed. "I want it to be intense, aggressive, gritty and real. For me it's about re-inventing Flash [but] still staying true to the adventure origins of it. There is an adventurous spirit in that movie absolutely that I want to embrace."

"There is this adventure on Mongo and it is [about] this man brought to another planet and uniting with this group on Mongo," he continued explaining his ideas for the project, "but there is a gritty, intense dynamic [and] active quality to the movie and [a] very modern [feel] that I want to bring to it so that it's not camp."

On the status of the remake, Eisner unveiled that writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have begun working on the script when he started shooting "The Crazies". "They went to draft just as we started shooting, and they're going to get to me a draft at wrap," he said. "I'll read it and do notes and we'll do a polish on that and give it to the studio a couple months from now. Hopefully the studio will like it and we'll go forward. It's a big movie and the studio has got to love the script."

Centering its story on a young polo player who has been kidnapped and taken to planet Mongo, "Flash Gordon" follows the titular character and his friends, Dale Arden and Hans Zarkov, as they fall into an adventure to battle an evil ruler called Ming the Merciless and bring solace to the planet. To be produced by Neal Moritz, it is eyeing 2010 release.


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posted by omnipresent on Aug 05, 2010
We know Lucas did both his Palpatine & Darth Vader based upon Ming, the skycity and underwater city plus weapons with beams of light, the introduction with words going towards the infinite space and even Death Beam star all based upon Flash. Please, DON'T FORGET there's no Flash Gordon without Ming like there's no Batman without a Joker. Ming sounds like Ming dynasty and Mongo sounds like Mongolian people, hence there's good reason to depict him like a Fumanchu with long nails and goatee. I hope he wears purple and SEVERAL a la Chinese robes and perhaps "Aelita" inspired look combo with old serials. I hope they hire an ASIAN actor (Chow Yun Fat, Ken Watanabe or James Hong/Lo-Pan) with contact alien lens wearing a dark yellow face that blushes GREEN, after all he's an ET with a Chinese look.
posted by Mr Speed on Jul 30, 2010
Some words of advice...don't bother. You'll never surpass the classic 30's serials or the 80's movie. Leave it alone and create something original.
posted by inasimplehyme on Jan 21, 2010
The thing is, there's not a damn thing wrong with the 1980 Flash Gordon. Nothing. I saw it screened a couple of years ago with Timothy Dalton in attendance and the crowd loved it. Just because Dark Knight is gritty doesn't mean everything else has to be too.
posted by CBenn on Nov 18, 2009
Really, serious? Dark, gritty? For Flash Gordon? Evidenlt he didn't get the 80s version at all. Here's a song for Breck Eisner.... "Hack...booom.. aaah aaaaaaaah".
posted by DrBear on Nov 06, 2009
Really? POLO?? Are you kidding me? Besides they already did a re-imagining of Flash Gordon with a series on SciFi about 2 years ago. Kinda lame. Here's an idea, how about coming up with something ORIGINAL. Why does Hollywood insist on stealing shit from 20 or 30 years ago? Are you people so stupid you can't have an original thought?
posted by teddybeckersted on Sep 21, 2009
A young polo player? already sounds campier than the original.
posted by David on Apr 15, 2009
The 80's version of "Flash Gordon" was great fun. Why does every remake nowadays HAVE to be intense, dark and serious. These are comic book characters peeps! Let's have some fun with them.

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