Robert Pattinson's Favorite Food and Beverage Revealed

April 08, 2009 01:37:24 GMT

During the filming of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" in Vancouver, Canada, Robert Pattinson likes eating spaghetti with meatballs and drinking Global cocktail at a local eatery.

Robert Pattinson
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Filming his latest big screen project "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" in Vancouver, Canada, Robert Pattinson likes to eat spaghetti with meatballs and drink Global cocktail at a local eatery called Glowball and Satay Bar. According to the restaurant's manager Jan Wichmann, the British heartthrob usually eats there alongside the other cast of the film.

"They have visited us about four times and Robert really loves our Global cocktail," Jan says, explaining that "it is a mixture of Martini, Vodka, Alize and fruit juices." Jan continues revealing, "He had several of them the last time he was here and he left in a very good mood."

"Robert also enjoyed our special spaghetti dish which we make with Kobe beef meat-balls - he has ordered it each time he dined with us," adds Jan. "All the cast members who visited us were very friendly but we are used to having actors pop in because there is a lot of film production in Vancouver now. Robert seemed like a very chilled-out guy and despite the fact he is well on his way to becoming a huge star he was very polite and well-behaved."

Robert Pattinson has been in Vancouver filming "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" since March 23. He is joined by the other cast of the romance-thriller-drama flick, like Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. The highly anticipated movie itself, which is a sequel to the box office hit "Twilight", is set to be released in U.S. theaters on November 20 later this year.


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posted by ambreen on May 12, 2012
Spaghetti and meetballs is my most fav dish. love u
posted by AOXSK on May 12, 2012
rob i love u, n i meet u 1 time in my life
posted by sana on Feb 25, 2011
i dont love i just dont understand why i hate anyone close with u specially girls and kristen stewart.TELL ME WHY THIS HAPPEN TO ME.
posted by maisie on Nov 09, 2010
i love you..i ACTUAL wanna marry you, you have no idea how much i love you, im not lying, i know you get this alot but i want to marry you,
posted by logan phegan wagga w on Nov 02, 2010
robert robert robert i think you would be a nice friend and im very jelous of ANY1 that ever getts to work with you please next time you come to australia come to a town called wagga wagga and you should spend a day with me and i will definatley give you a tour of wagga omg plz com ask for logan phegan at wagga wagga high school plzzzzz omg you better read this xxxxx :)
posted by veds on Oct 31, 2010
i love u rob & i m comin to meet u
posted by _robsten fanastic_ on Sep 24, 2010
i very like you. rob your are so very perfect to kristen stewart i hope you will be the one or i wish your hearts will be together as one i am a #1 fan of twilight and of cousre i am a fan of you too
posted by MILLY on Jul 29, 2010
posted by Miracle (yes thats m on Jun 24, 2010
Happy Belated Belated Belated 24th Birthday! MAY 13, 2010! I hope it was great! I thought Oprah would at least say happy b-day considering she knew ahead of time that that particular episode wouldnt air until the 13! I loved Remember Me! The ending was so sad! You were amazing in that movie! Oh, and I'm sorry you have to wear so much make up in the Twilight films! I could only imagine how your pores feel! Much lovre to you!
posted by Sarah on Jun 14, 2010
hi robert, you might not look at this website often but if you do, then omg. i feel kind of sorry for you because at times you must get really stressed out with everything. i am a massive fan of all the twilight films and i love you. i'm 13 so go easy on me with the comments :) i wish i could meet you. just for a minute would be the best thing in my life. i think your a amazing actor and a complete hearthrob for everyone. you probably won't even read this but this is all of my heart speaking. you also probably get that ALL the time. there's just something about you that i like. and trust me, i am COMPLETLEY different from your fans. but i know u won't read this so i'll stop pouring my heart out for another fan page :) bye xxx
posted by priyanka on May 25, 2010
hi,robert i like u r acting very much u r very handsome i want to talk to u but i know immpossible so good wishes for ur next film
posted by lorin on May 14, 2010
i love you your so sexy
posted by twinkies 5 on Apr 20, 2010
yoyoyo i hate rob p
posted by twinkies 4 on Apr 20, 2010
posted by RobbyHottie on Apr 02, 2010
Hello I live in WA Port Angeles and I'm eleven.... I'm a huge huge huge fan maybe da number 1fan ;) my family gets annoyed cause all I talk about is u and all the guys I kno tease ne but I honestly don't care :) my biggest dream would be to meat u your my hero.... Love you always :)
posted by Belda on Mar 05, 2010
Dear robert, my name is Belda and think spaghetti and meatballs are good to eat . I live in brownsville Tx. I am a really big fan I think your ultimately #1 fan . I alwas dream I will meet u in person . I wanted to go to Vancouver for my vacation but realy I just wanted an excusied to see u .But, I was out counted by my family 2out of 4 wow ! So I wish my dream comes ture one day . See you in the furture.:-D
posted by angleica on Jan 25, 2010
hi its me angelica i love that dish and drink glad you like it rob
posted by future mrs pattinson on Jan 19, 2010
i'm vegetarian but i bet i could live with u even if you eat meat but i reckon u are mega mega mega mega hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Emily on Jan 16, 2010
hi robert im big big big fan of yours i have a poster in my room and i kiss it every time i wake up and fall aslep by i love with all my heart o dang i can barlie stop getting of thats how much i love you but you cant dat me becouse im only 8 years old and i live in missouri and you live in londen so by love u love u by
posted by meika ..... on Dec 16, 2009
heey rob i no u prob get alot of fans sayin i lovee u and al.. but i hope im diffrent.. went i first saw u in harry potter i fell in love big time, then when i saw u in twilight i was obsessed. u have no idea.. my family doent like tallin to me cause thats all i talk about lol.. twilight lol... i hope i cant meet u one day. i waish i was a actor but im very shi in from of the camra. and lol i no this isnt really u but its worth a try
posted by riza on Nov 30, 2009
your so handsome and very gentleman i want meet you in personal. i very in love with you
posted by riza on Nov 30, 2009
hi robert your so macho i love you
posted by urte on Nov 28, 2009
hi rob i from lithuania your films is cool. i much like theatre ;]]by
posted by algie on Nov 27, 2009
hi from the your twilight fan and my cousin also you know what ang galing galling mong umarte at ang gwapo mo talaga!!!! ang pinsan ko ay sobrang fanatic sayo at pati ako we even watch your movie many times before at hindi kami magsasawa.sobrang pagkahanga ko sayo ay niresearch pa kita sa internet!!!!!
posted by algie on Nov 26, 2009
hi robert i'm from philippines and i'm your number one fan.i am fanatic in your movie and you are very good actor in front of camera. iwish i could be a good actress too because i'm very shy in front of everyone.and i hope i can see you in personal.i know you are nice person.i want also to know more about you!!!!!
posted by vernadette on Nov 26, 2009
hi robert my name is vernadette but my friends call me know i really like your movie!! which is twilight i hope i see you in personal!!
posted by Jahanzaib on Nov 16, 2009
Hi Robert... I am from Pakistan and i really really like your movie and your acting seriously i watch your movie Harry pottar and then you got a main role in Twilight this is an amazing superbly and very very fantastic i really wish you in future i wish you got a success hudge success and i wish i wish i met in once in my life.I am too far to you but i can't come there because of low budget.Incase wishing you very very very success Life.. Keep it up ....
posted by wow on Sep 09, 2009
i love you robert ur ma life.....i will make tat fr u if ya marry me......and tat GLOBAL COCKTAIL..ill buy it fr you!!!!!!!
posted by RobLuver on Aug 19, 2009
hmmmm.....spaghetti and choice too n he looks awesome n hot n wat not???
posted by xXheatherXx on Jul 30, 2009
never mind the meat balls- rrrrr fit!xx
posted by ????? on Jul 26, 2009
I agree with Taylor who posted on July 1st.Yeah Rob is hot and everything but he is a normal guy.If I was lucky enough to meet him that would be awesome but u dont know him.But Rob is a great actor.
posted by taylor on Jul 01, 2009
so i see it is a compitishon on who loves robert more....well i can tell that you guys love him for his looks at for his money....but you no wat is it was not for the shows or movies like twilight he would be a regular guy and you people would laugh when he tried to flirt with you....but you no wat he may be an actor on the outside...but on the inside....he is like me and could you people love him for that i can easily say that robert has a heart of gold....he dosent want to be nown as hollywoods hottest hunk...i bet he just wants to be called normal...and he is!!!! do you guys even no anything about him,where he is from,his number,his adress,the ppl he grew up with. you r in love with a guy you dont even no!!!!
posted by Kristen on May 18, 2009
i agree with the spaghetti and meatballs. I think that Kellan Lutz is so sexy
posted by DeNisha on May 03, 2009
I love Robert Pattinson!!! He is so sexy.I talk bout him all day. He is so hot n i love Robert Pattinson
posted by courtney on Apr 30, 2009
i love robert pattinson more than all of ya'll
posted by xsdwrapt on Apr 29, 2009
your so so so so soso so so so so so so so so cooooooooooool!
posted by Rachel on Apr 23, 2009
Omg i love u rob!!!i think your an amazing person!!!
posted by roblover2 on Apr 21, 2009
I love Rob !!!! I think he is the most beautiful man ever created!!!!:)
posted by roblover2 on Apr 21, 2009
I love Rob !!!! I think he is the most beautiful man ever created!!!!:)
posted by angela key on Apr 12, 2009
what kind of a name is miley cyrus..?
posted by Crystal on Apr 11, 2009
is it true rob is giving up acting?
posted by laurenandjess on Apr 08, 2009
rod doesnt dirnk to much. hes 22 hes bound to drink like the rest of us. dont worry rob, we'll drink with you!
posted by Michelle on Apr 08, 2009
Tobby, try my spaghetti and meatballs. You'll never want to go back
posted by shnook on Apr 08, 2009
posted by jpatti on Apr 08, 2009
I love spaghetti & meatballs, too!
posted by krystania (Mindi Rea on Apr 08, 2009
See I knew I wasnt the only one about the Spaghetti.. lol. Marystat, ur probably correct on that one. That's why I wish they would get alittle peace and quiet. I did a blog kinda about that problem on my myspace/krystania
posted by Kristal L. Rosebrook on Apr 08, 2009
I agree with Krystania on the spaghetti. Kristal L. Rosebrook
posted by Jess on Apr 08, 2009
Who's Miley Cyrus? Robert Pattinson your the biggest hearthrob since Paul Mccartney and the beatles.
posted by Jade on Apr 08, 2009
I wish he was vegetarian! Then he definately would be perfect.
posted by Marystat on Apr 08, 2009
Now watch the cast NOT eating there now...
posted by krystania on Apr 07, 2009
Peace and Quiet? I would probably drink alittle as well just 2 relax. More than that sparks my interest. It's the man, not the character or the actor. Besides spaghetti is one of the greatest dishes out there. =^_^=
posted by Jeanie on Apr 07, 2009
Spaghetti and meatballs. Hmmm, I can make that for ya. Rob baby, you drink too much.

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