Preview of 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' 2nd Season Finale

April 04, 2009 02:43:45 GMT

'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' will wrap it up next week, April 10, with the final showdown between the Connors and Weaver.

Preview of 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' 2nd Season Finale
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It's the judgment day, the Connors will finally come face to face with the CEO of ZeiraCorp as well as the shape-shifting terminator, Catherine Weaver. In the preview of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", Ellis will guide Weaver to the family and a priest, Father Armando Bonilla, will be involved in the Connors side.

The final confrontation, as described by the official synopsis will shake John "to the core and changes his reality forever". It has been rive that a major character, a male, will be killed in this season finale while a woman in John's life will leave him and another betray him. On separate occasion Brian Austin Green who is Derek in the series, has been cast in The CW's "Body Politic" as a lead actor.

Titled "Born to Run", the last episode of the second season airs April 10. There has been no word yet on the third season but according to some reports, the fate of the show will be determined in May. FOX reportedly will lay the verdict based on the last four episodes' rating. It favors the show in a way, because "Terminator" has experienced a sudden jolt of ratings since the March 13 episode that goes 3.5 million from the usual average of 2 million.


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posted by Tim on Mar 24, 2010
The cast are amazing in their roles portraying each character beautifully one of the best shows i have ever watched. I'm from down under and would be very annoyed if FOX cancel this wonderful show
posted by big mas200 on Jan 27, 2010
Terminator series should not be cancelled because there a lot viewers that think the show rocks! Love the action! Could another station pick it up?
posted by Zoe on Jan 18, 2010
I'm from the uk and carnt get the terminator season on the t.v. I wasnt that interested in watching it as it got a bad review over here. My partner bought the first season without realising and am glad he did. We've just bought the seacond season and think it's gripping and fab. I have lent it to all my friends and they all agree. I carnt wait to see what will happen in the third season. Theres gotta be another!!
posted by Carolyn on Sep 15, 2009
Great Show. Best one on TV. Good as going to the movies. Great acting. Love the Robots and shapeshifters. Fox must keep this show. Puts Dollhouse to shame.
posted by terminator fan on Aug 30, 2009
i am from netherlands i have seen all 4 terminator movies and 6 ep of season 1 and its a great show i tell you that and what i have read here i hope that fox continue with ttscc.
posted by bob on Apr 30, 2009
to bad it's been cancelled. the sarah connor 3 dot storyline really went nowhere and draged on and on.. the show looked like it was heading where it should have been.... what a shame.
posted by Nomet on Apr 19, 2009
i think terminator the sarah connor chronicles has ended but a new series terminator the john connor chonicles will serve as the third season as sarah did not follow her son to the future. Thus leaving her out of the show
posted by Terminated on Apr 12, 2009
Great show - better than the movies to be honest. But the sets have been torn down and the actors have started on new projects. Fox just won't announce the cancellation of the show until the movie hits the big screen - to avoid bad press. Really to bad - would love to see where this all ended.
posted by conquestador on Apr 11, 2009
its all a ploy from the makers there will be a 3rd season especually after the new t movie fox just telling makers to pick it up fans need to see the movie to make sence of season two finaly it will all tie together after movie probly see series start back up after movie but till then sara connor and fox will keep u guessing
posted by dooku33video on Apr 11, 2009
I like this show very much and they should give it a 3ard season, Plus keep all the current cast members, It would be a tragedy to cancel this show when its picking up steam and getting interesting.
posted by T-2000 on Apr 11, 2009
I wasnt always happy with the way the story went. I kept watching though cause I liked the actors, the roles and the feel of the show. Now we got Reese and Cameron down. Jessy probably too. Id wish for a 3rd Season, but with this finale of S2 it'd be very difficult for the writers to continue... but what I do know; we seen the future at the very end of Ep22 - and it's still messed up. There MUST be 3rd season and we SHALL get it!
posted by jose on Apr 11, 2009
from venezuela the season finale 2x22 road to run only one word "¡AMAZING!" i need the third season i can`t wait, when fox will show the third season???? somebody knows?
posted by Joann on Apr 11, 2009
This show is amazing.One of my favorites of the season. The acting is fantastic. I am always surprised when watching it that only a few minutes are left as I am so into it that the hour show goes so fast. Great story line, great acting, and great intensity. I just hope Fox keeps it on the fall schedule, especially after the T movie comes out.
posted by Erik on Apr 10, 2009
I'm contracting in Kuwait and this show has been the best movie to T.V. series I've ever seen. It started off interesting but I think that the cast is starting to flow excellently in their roles. I thought the last John Connor character played in T3 sucked. This series has been saving that mess by going around it all together. As for the ladies, what can I say, cute, sexy, love driven and ass kicking all roled into one.
posted by Bill on Apr 10, 2009
It seems that every show that I like on Fox gets cancelled before they have a chance to become a long running series. The decision makers at Fox are short sighted and quite frankly just ignorant for cancelling so many good shows. Disappointed.
posted by stonecraig on Apr 10, 2009
FOX would be crazy not to renew this show. it is the BEST SHOW on FOX, get it out of the crappy time slot!!!!
posted by Ric on Apr 08, 2009
I'm from Canada and this show is simply wicked! Please don't pull the plug or the North pole will melt completely!!!
posted by dylan on Apr 07, 2009
I'm up in Canada and This is show is wiked cool Better not pull the plug on it.. Just keeps getting better and better...
posted by RAY on Apr 07, 2009
I love this show and I havenít missed an episode yet, I look forward to it every week. The last two were the best so far and had me glued to my set. I canít wait for the Born to Run episode, I hope John finally wakes up and gets together with Cameron. We the people need SEASON 3!!!!!!!
posted by Mark on Apr 06, 2009
TSCC is the best show on TV. It always leaves you thinking. The complexity is refreshing. Please do a season 3.
posted by mustangjimmy on Apr 06, 2009
I admit that the first few episodes of season 2 were a bit slow but how things have changed since. The story is getting so good that I can hardly wait until the next Friday to see what happens next. Season one was excellent. I was hooked and I beg Fox to continue this series.
posted by RWL on Apr 05, 2009
First Fox cancelled Prison Break and left me mad, American Idol has caused so many shows to go under due to being moved around and coming on consistantly on Fox, maybe they should only air AI 1 night a week or can it for all I care.If they cancel Terminator I may just have to ban them from my tv.
posted by EAB on Apr 05, 2009
FOX needs to keep this show on the air! Sarah Connor Chronicles, as this is one of the best shows today. Plus, the new Terminator (Salvation) movie shold spark a new interest with the tv viewing audience. So, if it is truly ratings that they are concerned with, I don't think they have much to worry about.
posted by ZOMG on Apr 04, 2009
Advertise it and put it in a better time slot. This show is amazing. Top quality tv, I can't believe its coming from FOX :)
posted by john baum on Apr 04, 2009
i heared rumors that there will not be a season 3, WTF this is crazy, im losing faith in people, well see what dumb show that put on instead
posted by Bog O\'Brown on Apr 04, 2009
Brian Austin Green is killed in the penultimate episode. This shows you, the reviewer don't even watch the show.
posted by matt on Apr 04, 2009
best show on tv season 3 is a must the show is geting cazy and the story not done all.
posted by George on Apr 04, 2009
Beautiful acting; Amazing well crafted. I suspect if FOX doesn't provide a 3rd season, one of the cable services will pick it up. There will be a third season unless it is preempted by the actual Judgment Day.

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