Nikki Reed Rumored Secretly Dating 'Twilight' Co-Star Robert Pattinson

April 03, 2009 09:37:21 GMT

"Twilight" co-stars Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson have sparked rumors of them dating after they are said getting close to each other on and off the set of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon".

Nikki Reed
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New rumor has emerged by the hour that "Twilight" co-stars Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson are secretly dating. According to Lainey Gossip, which is the first to report that matter, the twosome has been spotted spending some quality time together on and off the set of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" in Vancouver, Canada.

Nikki, still according to Lainey Gossip, hung up with Robert at his place on Sunday, March 29. Later that evening they hooked up again. They attended a Juno Awards after party with the companion of fellow "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart and her actor boyfriend Michael Angarano.

During the bash, Nikki and Robert "spent much of the time talking to each other, heads bent close together," a source tells Lainey Gossip. At the end of the night, "Kristen and Michael hopped in a cab, and Nikki and Rob walked further up the block...arms wrapped around each other on their way home." The source adds further, "She stayed with him overnight, was supposed to be back in L.A. on Monday....But never showed."

There hasn't been confirmation nor denial from Nikki or Robert regarding the dating claim. Besides, there is also no obvious evidence of them spending time together at the particular date and event.

Nikki Reed, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart currently are in Vancouver for the filming of the highly anticipated "The Twilight Saga's New Moon." The "Twilight" sequel will be released in U.S. theaters on November 20 later this year.


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posted by freaky girl on Dec 15, 2011
Some peeps say he is gay .Guys r so hard 2 understand . People,they r celebrities . Just leave them 2 do what they want . I like rob but he is 2 difficult 2 understand . Let him do wat he wants 2 do . Kristen is wonderful 2 and she can do wat she wants 2 do............
posted by nikkell on May 17, 2010
crap!!!do u have a prove??hmp....ugh..i love to see her wit h kellan..
posted by dfs on Sep 25, 2009
i hope he's getting lots and lots of sex, and i don't care with whom either, if he wants to be with nikki then fine it's his life his decision.
posted by anoyomous on Jul 20, 2009
Everybody just shut up! Odds are that none of you are ever going to meet, let alone date Robert, so just stop. Robert can date who ever he wants, if it's Kristen, fine or if it's Nikki, that's fine too. You really shouldn't care, it's the celebrites life and not yours, I think that the cameras should just stop following the celebrites, because it's not fair to them, they are just people too, just like you and me. And just for the record, I am not a Robert fan!
posted by Salma Inguanzo on Jun 29, 2009
I hope that is NOT true that Rob and Nikki are secretly going out cuz i would be very dissapointed.I think Rob and Kristen make a better couple and she should break up with her boyfriend and date Rob!!!
posted by roberts lover (desti on Jun 25, 2009
i love robert he's cute ,smart,and sexy!!! if i had 1 wish it would beto meet him i would cry and be happy no one could make me mad!!
posted by robets lover (destin on Jun 25, 2009
i'm really hurt because all of these beautiful single girls chasing after him and he likes kristen im pisted like my dream is o meet robert and to tell him how i feel. ~destiny waddell~
posted by king on May 13, 2009
shut up you people who think you know rob and nikki. you dont. they alone know what they like and if its each other then good for them. let it alone
posted by twilight on May 06, 2009
I think......da pops should stop, cuz its not their life, its his if they would want 2 sneek up on pepole they should sneek up on some1 else I HEART ROB
posted by andy on Apr 27, 2009
i think roba nd kriten should be to together. nikki is ssssssooooooo not right for him. he needs to find someone else.
posted by jane on Apr 21, 2009
Kristen and Robert!!!Belong together!
posted by Insider x x and big on Apr 12, 2009
I think nikki has a boyfriend and its not rob you can all breath again lol x x x
posted by Sarah x x on Apr 12, 2009
I love rob but if he luvs her i wont argue x x
posted by Sarah x x on Apr 12, 2009
I love rob but if he luvs her i wont argue x x
posted by Sarah x x on Apr 12, 2009
I love rob but if he luvs her i wont argue x x
posted by Sarah x x on Apr 12, 2009
I love rob but if he luvs her i wont argue x x
posted by Insider x x and big on Apr 12, 2009
I think nikki has a boyfriend and its not rob you can all breath again lol x x x
posted by joy on Apr 11, 2009
I remember watching "Thirteen" starring Nikki Reed which talks about her real life story of being rebellious while growing up and I didn't find her attractive at all (my opinion). I feel Rob can do way better. Such as Kristin Kreuk, she sooo pretty...I think they would look great together:)
posted by JB on Apr 07, 2009
I don't know how I feel about this. I don't get a great vibe from this girl but hey, if he likes her whatever. I'm all for whatever makes him happy cuz I wuv him
posted by pahah<3 on Apr 06, 2009
nikki looks 40 now. as Rosalie she was wayy hottt. and even tho she had a small part she licked butt bein all bitchy and stuff..
posted by lana on Apr 06, 2009
Rob needs to get with a girl because as of right now it just seems weird. He's smart, funny, gorgeous, sweet...Why don't any of the girls he likes like him back? Is there something major the public doesn't know about him or something? I think if I came across a guy like Robert I would have a really hard time saying no, regardless of the circumstances I was in at the time.
posted by Fabíola (I think the on Apr 06, 2009
He is just a boy in the world... so gorgeous, of course... but, just a boy... he needs to kiss girls? why this is important?... let he kiss who he wants...take care your own lifes, please...
posted by ragtime girl20 on Apr 06, 2009
I think that he should date me because I think that he would get along with me alot better then any of the actresses that you named off so you might as well just give it up I think that if he saw me skinnier than I am now then he would say hey she is hot stuff I wish that I could ask her out myself and if he did ask me out I would say hell yeah I will deffinitley go out with you so do not get your hopes up ok bye.
posted by charlize on Apr 06, 2009
no. not that nikki. she is not fit for rosalie and now she hook up with robert pattinson...who even care about her !!! she is only have few lines and break the bowl and everyone said she is great actress, wake up everyone, this is major stupidity, they all just want to be famous, i better see rob with paris hilton than her..she love the fame and the paps for sure.....
posted by miley on Apr 05, 2009
they are perfect for each other.... horray
posted by hay on Apr 04, 2009
Unless there's pix then I doubt its tru. I think they're just really good friends.
posted by Twilight Kidd on Apr 03, 2009
I dont think this is true... they all are very close friends. all we have to is wait until one of them comments about it. they say shes beautiful but i dnt think she that nice... but hey thats my opinon.
posted by Tina on Apr 03, 2009
If this should end up true!!! I hope to God they don't break up uring the mking of the twilight series movies!!! If they should break up during the making of the movies, than the views of the movie and eachother will change big time and belive me not for the better!!!
posted by confuzzled<3 on Apr 03, 2009
ickyy...She palys his sister Rosalie,,,pluss she looks like his mom nowww
posted by emma on Apr 03, 2009
They don't make a cute couple. I like Ashley Green better. She is sweet. Nikki seemed a little rough-cut for Robert.
posted by Amanda on Apr 03, 2009
Honestly that would be awesome. I'm sure many people wont like my saying that, but they'd make a cute couple. And it would be great for them considering they have the series so it wont really be hard for them to have to be apart.
posted by lisa2 on Apr 03, 2009
Nikki has been pretty strong willed. Robert being very vulnerable right now probably needed a close friend, and Nikki is there. Also, he is a gentleman; he won't tell Nikki to go home if she's lingering around his place.
posted by lisa on Apr 03, 2009
...she is cool in her own right. But I hope this is not true. No, Robert, no!!
posted by Michelle on Apr 03, 2009
Did anyone actually see Nikki leave in the morning? Are there any pictures of them wrapped in each others arms? Where is the proof?
posted by nikki on Apr 03, 2009
I agree the pictrure is dated from last year and they are promoting it for now, I think they are running out of stories. Also I think Nikki is in the same mind set a kristen on Rob, not unless she is really trying to be in the spotlight, because it seems to me that she wants that since she is not getting that attention. In a interview she immediately added she was in africa with kristen, they did ask her that but she thought everyone should know. This is just to gain some spotlight time.
posted by noela on Apr 03, 2009
ditto MJouv
posted by sarah on Apr 03, 2009
i think its great they are together they might not look so cute but atleast rob got a girl!!!!
posted by cmrnkirk on Apr 03, 2009
April 29th???? I think you mean March.
posted by JT on Apr 03, 2009
Nobody knows except for R/N. All this speculation is silly from everyone. No matter how much you analyze and dissect this, unless you are Rob Pattinson and Nikki Reed, you don't have a clue.
posted by ~lush on Apr 03, 2009
Hollywood is the land of makebelieve. Whatever they want you to think is what we get. I say, if it's true...good for them. But, it really doesn't matter either way. At least it pulls the the spotlight off of the R/K gossip, which is a bit silly. I say good PR. Anyone, at this point can fit the part.
posted by Minna D/FW on Apr 03, 2009
posted by amari on Apr 03, 2009
O cripes, Rob, hook up already, will ya, so we don't have to keep reading all this crap.
posted by AMari on Apr 03, 2009
O for God's sake, Rob, hook up already, will ya, so we don't have to keep reading all this speculative crap.
posted by Celz29 on Apr 03, 2009
maybe someone should ask him on twitter?? haha
posted by Moon beam on Apr 03, 2009
Pattinson Anonymous also discussed this story and details in full an account of this rumored relationship. I think it is a good overview of the whole relationship going back even to last year.
posted by MJouv on Apr 03, 2009
My policy: if there are no pictures, it didn't happen! LaineyGossip is not exactly reliable anyway.
posted by Robssessed on Apr 03, 2009
I wouldn't mind if they dated. I like Nikki. She seems like his type, you know?
posted by Tess on Apr 03, 2009
This is total bs. *yawns*
posted by gia on Apr 03, 2009
if that is indeed true, then i am happy for rob...he needs somebody...especially now when he is still coping up with the big change in his life....and we can see he is not too happy nowadays....he deserves to be happy....
posted by @$$ on Apr 03, 2009
u no im gettn tired wit all these lame azz stories about whos in roberts pants.....hes a prick n e ways so get ovr ur selfs and wake up l:[
posted by anon. on Apr 03, 2009
it said april 29th. that hasnt even happened yet. i don't think it is true.

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