'Twilight' May Get an Anime Treatment

March 18, 2009 08:08:27 GMT

During the DVD audio commentary of 'Twilight' final sequence, director Catherine Hardwicke was overheard suggesting that there could be an anime adaptation of the vampire drama.

'Twilight' May Get an Anime Treatment
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"Twilight" could get its anime adaptation. Pointing out on the possibility was Sci Fi Wire, noting that during an audio commentary included on "Twilight" DVD, director Catherine Hardwicke has personally hinted on the matter when she responded to Robert Pattinson's remark that he looks like "an anime character" in the final sequence of the vampire drama.

"Hey, I think there's going to be an anime version of this in Japan. So you will be an anime character," so the filmmaker reportedly stated about the anime possibility. She was heard saying those words after Pattinson commented on his look at a scene in which Bella and Edward are discussing about transforming her into a vampire, "I look Asian in this scene. I do, I look like an anime character."

"Twilight" DVD is set to invade North American stores on March 21. It will contain bonus features which include extended scenes and deleted scenes with introductions by director Catherine Hardwicke, music videos from Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park, a "making-of" segment, and commentary featuring Hardwicke as well as the film's stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.


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posted by StormShaddow on Nov 18, 2012
I agree you don't need a Twilight anime when you already have one which is better. Vampire Knight has a better story-line & plot and much more thought out then twilight will ever be. Not to mention it came out before twilight. So if anything Vampire Knight should get the live action treatment not the other way around.
posted by Chels on Feb 11, 2012
Well people if you don't like Twilight then why post ?! You obviously haven't read the books and in my opinion I think it would be a great idea. And in the anime world I have read/watched some crappy anime yet there are people who do like it. It's your own taste in anime! If you don't approve of this then don't read/watch it!
posted by Twilight hating Otak on Feb 20, 2011
posted by Angel93 on Dec 21, 2010
Okay look,we already have a twilight movie franchise and book...I don't need anymore Twilight crap in anime.I love anime but I despise twilight.And on a side note,anime nerds are called Otaku's you twilight morons.Also...I saw the was bad...the characters are lame and Bella just let's herself be rescued.She can't even defend for herself.She has to have a guy who sparkles and is a pedophile to save her...What a great message to teenage kids...Not.
posted by That\'s that. on Dec 17, 2010
I hate Twilight. But it might be a good anime, ya know if the characters had more depth, get rid of the sparkling first, add a great plot, change character names, give the main a personality and change the name. Yea I think that's the basic stuff out of the way, maybe it will be a good anime if all that and a couple of other things were done. lol Also what the heck are you twilight fans talking about? There are plenty of animes for girls and for those of you who think that they are just for guys, the fanbase of anime equally made up of boys and girls. I've been to an anime convention and there are plenty of girls, one of them being me.
posted by anime_otaku on Aug 08, 2010
Ugh. The only thing I'm looking forward to in this whole mess is fancomics where Alucard gets to beat up Eddie-boy AND Jacob. Hell yeah.
posted by Alucard is a real va on Jul 20, 2010
WTF!? This has to be a joke...ANIME IS ANIME not sparkling faggots...even the most stupid shoujo has A FREAKING PLOT!!! This can´t be happening...the only possitive point is that it would help doujinshi drawers to create a manga about Alucard pwning edward...and that would be great...the rest is pure FAIL
posted by . on Jul 17, 2010
WHY? How could anyone consider this to be a good idea? Everytime I let someone know that I like vampires, they automatically assume that I like Twilight. First vampires, and now anime? -hides in corner and weeps-
posted by questionmark on Jul 10, 2010
Okay, they turned classic works of literature into anime. That's okay, it's just another medium of telling the story. They've turned Powerpuff Girls into an anime. Well it was pretty popular, so I guess it's okay. They're turning Iron Man and Wolverine into an anime. Considering their last movies, why not? Turning Twilight into an anime? Really?! I understand Twilight's extremely popular to most girls, but was it really this popular that they're even thinking of turning it into an anime?!
posted by Jackoline on Jul 06, 2010
FREAKIN PEOPLE! WHY?!?!!??! I don't understand, just let it be a book and a movie!! Animate it in your own head, don't bring anime into it. Honestly, if you people want an anime with vampires just watch Vampire Knight or something, I mean anything has to be better than Twilight. The US is starting to disappoint me, I mean first they're saying they want Zach Effron to be Light-kun, NOW THIS! I can't take this anymore. I understand how some of you say that us dire-anime people should just not watch it if we don't like it. But you don't understand. By watching Twilight the "anime", people get the wrong idea of what anime really is. It's deceptive and WRONG!
posted by Glasses_Kid on Jun 25, 2010
I for one think that Twilight as an anime wouldn't be all that bad. I mean there are more ridiculous Shojo animes out there.
posted by VamJirachi on Jun 07, 2010
There's no chance of thhis happening. Japan is one of the few countries not poisoned by Twilight(I hear their main obsession over there is One Piece)
posted by Saber on May 02, 2010
Oh wow, a lot of the comments here are childish and immature, on both sides of the 'Should Twilight be an Anime' arguement. Oh well. Personally, I really, really despise Twilight. I would absolutely hate to see it as an Anime. The book itself is really awful; it's a story about a girl who's new in town, falling in love with an apparently sexy, delicious vampire. An unhealthy relationship spawns. Best of all, it's apprently based off a dream that the author had. Oh boy. I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter, either, but I believe that that series would be a better (and more sucessful) anime that Twilight; at least it has a story. In summary though, yeah, just... don't make this an Anime. Hasn't that woman made enough money from her awful books, movies and manga?
posted by noko on Apr 29, 2010
No. ffs, just let it die.
posted by FemaleOtaku on Apr 22, 2010
No. No, no, no, this is just WRONG. Not only do they have to ruin MANGA, now they're fucking up Anime as well!? Somebody, please, beat up SMeyer and tell her to back off already! I would if i could, but being stuck in another country sucks ass! A Twilight anime? My very being just shivered in disgust. Surely, this is a joke... right? Guys? Seriously, it has to be. I mean, i could understand the TV show and the ice cream, but a Manga and an Anime? One word; Outrage!
posted by yolli on Mar 12, 2010
i will like twilight for anime but if they do it as the books are... they are awesome, guys dont hate just think that the animes are the only thing they have make from the books ... no kristan stuart or robert pattison... which they are awful ... i think if the anime takes this serie it will be awesome love anime and i really believe they can get ppl to love the serie
posted by VampiresDen101 on Mar 11, 2010
I work as a panelist at two anime conventions and for one I am doing Vampires of Anime, which MINUS Twilight! The cosplayers in my group actually HATE it. We don't need FAKE cosplayers like the Twitards. For one if Twilight becomes an anime, then I refuse, absolutely to condone any Twitard as an anime fan, I will down right just ignore them and refuse to even do a fan made badge of freaking Edward for them, OTAKU doesn't mean freaking TWITARD! Twitards get the hell out of the ANIME FANDOM NOW!
posted by I\'m dying because o on Mar 06, 2010
Ok, first Twillight is AWFUL. And seond THIS WOULD POLLUTE THE ANIME WORLD!!! AHHHHH! If this happens, I will have to commit sucicide, as will my friends. DOWN WITH TWILLIGHT!!!! This is one of 2 things that will cause me to commit sucicide. Apart from this, the only other thing is ZACH EFRON, Yes, ZAC EFRON playing Light in a death note live film! THAT WOULD BE MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by SadFace on Feb 28, 2010
You got Twilight in my anime! This can't be happening. My safe haven, infected by twi-tards? I might cry. And WTF, Pattinson looks like an anime character? He's far too ugly to be a bishie and too lame to be macho. What is going on in these people's heads?!? Augh...... But who knows, maybe this adaption will make Twilight go from "so bad it's horrible" to "so bad it's hilarious".
posted by michelle on Feb 01, 2010
I really would like this to be anime =D, as long as they dont go over board with things. If you dont like it, wel dont watch it. Dont waste your time hating. People have diferent tastes likes and donts. I never watched an anime series, but i love drawing it, its fun, also i found some anime pictures on the web, and thery pretty good. I guess as long as they dont take out ideas, then its all good ! Please no hate, thats the last thing this world needs. =D, Peace out xD
posted by JumpyHamChan on Dec 24, 2009
posted by bleh on Dec 14, 2009
TWILIGHT AS AN ANIME!!! EW! That would be absolutely terrible.
posted by Practically Bella on Dec 10, 2009
That would be cool but wierd at the same time I really cant see Edward in anime sounded cool when I looked this up but now that I think about it...Ok I cant wait!!!!!! :D
posted by -_- on Dec 05, 2009
Psh, we don't want a load of crappy twilight fangirls talking about how ''edward ish soo gorguis, if u don liek him, go awaaay! anime neerrds!'' ¬¬ And anime isnt strictly japanese anyway, it stemed from Betty boop, bambi and other western cartoons ^^
posted by Renesmee Carlie Alex on Nov 25, 2009
posted by supersqueak on Nov 25, 2009
Twilight would be an amazing anime. Too bad it wont be.
posted by Hira on Nov 24, 2009
I really don't understand. Haven't they gone to far already? Why in gods name, do they have to ruin manga? Harry Potter didn't do that. Lord of The Rings didn't do that. Stephanie Meyers seems to be an attention seeking whore, who will ruin anything and everything to get money. Even anime. I mean, shouldn't they ask manga fans what they think, instead of some little fangirl bitches? True manga fans are totally disgusted at this idea! You can tell by the comments that they don't like this! Reference 'ashe' 'Jessica' and 'JustNO''s comments. Take your glittery boys and mutant babies away from anime.
posted by ashe on Nov 24, 2009
EVEN if edward was real, he couldnt have sex with your fangirl self anyway. you need a heart beat to have a blood flow, and a blow flow equals a boner. which to have sex with. Also, dont you think its a LITTLE dumb for "vegetarian vampire" to go to a high school full of girls BLEEDING BETWEEN THE LEGS. so edward can take his glittery chewed up left nipple and get the hell away from any sort of anime.
posted by Biohazardous on Nov 19, 2009
In all truthfullness, Twilight is perfect for anime. Love triangle? Check. Vampires and werewolves? Check. Sparkling Bishounen? Oh dear god, check. But one thing that good anime has that the Twilight books don't have is PLOT. 300+ pages of Bella talking about how beautiful Eddieplops is does not a good story make, despite what you want to believe. Another thing is likeable characters. Truth be told, I hate the main two (Bella and Edward) with every fibre of my being. She is basically a shallow, self-centered bitch, and he is incredibly creepy. Now, this would be okay if the author acknowledged these flaws and made other characters react appropriately, but noooo, we're told that Eddieplops is SO ROMANTIC and that Bella is just the best person ever *gagpuke*. And don't get me started on Pedowolf... One more thing Twilight is lacking: Character Depth. Oh god, I've seen stick figures with more character depth than the vast majority of Twilight characters. And for some reason, the characters that have actual depth to them (Jasper, Rosalie, Leah, for example) are relagated to background roles. Anyways, I ranted too much. I'll take my leave.
posted by Anti-Twilight on Nov 17, 2009
Why Twilight? Why not Harry Potter? >:(
posted by OuranFan01 on Nov 16, 2009
It is obvious by screh8rs comment that they know nothing about anime. There are plenty of animes aimed at girls, such as Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Negima, Chobits, and Romeo X Juliet. Maybe you need to understand anime, instead of watching it simply because Twilight is one.
posted by AnimeFanGirl on Nov 16, 2009
@ "Twilight"- for cripes sake, they aren't real people! Also, just because Twilight MIGHT become an anime doesn't mean you can insult true anime fans. It also doesn't mean you know everything about anime either. (Unless, of course, you have previously watched and understand anime)
posted by mellodrummer on Oct 21, 2009
Dear anime nerds, U dnt hav 2 watch it! If u dnt like a twishow chnge the friggin channel! I'm sure being u know how 2 use a remote. Anime snt jst 4 guys. Twilight is awesome, the director should jmp off mt everest tho. & for those sayin rpattz dsnt shower he has millions of grls after his skinny bones & u? Try the twi-anime thng, if it dsnt wrk out jst cancel it. Stop making such a drama, which u supposedly hate & jst dnt watch the fuckin thing! Chillax & live ur somewat of a life.
posted by screwh8rs on Oct 21, 2009
First of all,like over half of the antia-twilight anime nerds r jst afraid 2 c som actual grls around anime hangouts or somethin. I mean have u even seen a grl b4? Twilight the book was cool true the movie was a disappointment.jst let the anime industries decide if they wnt 2 make a hunkalishous vampire show.who knows it could b cool.also dnt use rpattz as the anime version or kristen & go by the book!& u h8rs ur jst afraid 2 possibly hav real interactions w let the world turn & stop dissin twi-fans cuz we can also strt dissin the anime/comic nerds.B^( <- nerd. NOW CRY!
posted by rainbowsareawesome on Sep 30, 2009
No just no. I like anime but I've had enough of Twilight.
posted by chibi_wiccan on Sep 26, 2009
ok... in my personal opinion, you guys are being way too harsh about what other people think. I personally think that as long as it was NOTHING like the movie, it would be alright. Because, yes, the movie was a piece of complete and utter crap. And yes, anime is better than the Twilight movie, but thats only because the director had no talent whatsoever and should be pushed off Mount Everest. go ahead and make it into an anime. I, for one would totally watch it. And for those of you who are not all that into Twilight, you don't have to watch it/read it.
posted by Renesmeefail on Sep 25, 2009
Twilight reads like bad manga anyway.
posted by John smith on Sep 01, 2009
Ah! US is only for US and Japan is only for Japan. Dont spread a wrong rum0r bcoz it will n0t turn into anime.
posted by chh on Aug 25, 2009
i liked twilight but its played out ppl got way to obsessed wit it and it will just ruin anime
posted by blueothello on Aug 24, 2009
@your Bella Has much has I would hate to see this book/teen Drama Farce of a movie that destroyed Bram Stoker's or Anne Rice's Vampire (I know there are other Author's both these two are the ones I heard about the most pre-Twilight)I don't want them to destroy Anime as well. Next thing we know there'll be Twilight the Comic Book or Twilight the Musical(the latter is VERY likely). Lastly a Twilight Television Series which will haunt the airways for many years. So please Japan just pass this fucking fad over. You didn't pass the emo protagonist fad over nor the Every protagonist has amnesia but this Sparkling Vampire fad is a phase in 10 years we'll look back at how stupid this whole thing is and then hopefully all harm made by this Book will be purged out of america if not God Help Us All.
posted by ignorant wanderer on Aug 22, 2009
again with the 'twilight anime' crap. i seriously think that twilight is just plain OVERRATED.For cripes' sakes someone's gotta stop this tragicome farce. and as i previously commented, IT MUST FREAKIN' KEEP to ANIME TERMS or drop the whole 'twilight-anime is gonna be amaazing' bullshit.
posted by John smith on Aug 19, 2009
I think it's very hard 2 adapt it into an anime version because 1. Whos animation company in japan wants 2 animate it? 2. If they turn it into an anime they need a lot of money and they need 2 get a permission from the creator of twilight, and if by a chance they turn it into an anime series, it depends upon the team and the director of the anime 2 make it a good series.., but again it's very impossible that japanese animation company would want to animate the twilight.
posted by tsk-tsk on Aug 18, 2009
you people just critizize because you secretly think that you love it.go to a phiscologist and -get.over.yourselves. whoever gives good feedback is great.if the thoughts arent good keep them***s
posted by animeisfarfromtperfe on Aug 18, 2009
Some of y'all are REALLY overestimating the quality of anime overall. I have no love for "Twilight", but come on. For everything awesome like "Monster" or "Cowboy Bebop", there's cheesy, melodramatic garbage like "Vampire Knight" and "Angel Sanctuary". How much inexplicably popular anime is out there where there's some story about a cutesy, clumsy girl falling for a broody, bishounen pretty boy? Happens all the damn time in anime! And that's essentially "Twilight's" whole pitch. If I were going to be foolishly optimistic, depending on the studio and if they take some massive creative liberties, they could crank a decent story out of this sucker not just pandering to tweeny fangirls. However, more than likely, it would just be "Vampire Knight" revisited. Whatever, a lot of people eat up this cheesy melodrama, so wouldn't shock me Twilight: The Anime does happen.
posted by Alie.. on Jul 31, 2009
Umm.. Yeahh.. Twilight becoming an anime would be kinda weird.. Umm.. Since, like, they screwed up the movie.. Who *knows* what they could do if they tried to make an anime.
posted by What?! on Jul 31, 2009
Oh Hell no! Crappy books are meant to stay crappy books, not become anime. No... Just no... (Yes I have read them and seen the movie, thank you very much.)
posted by Adachi on Jul 29, 2009
This can go one fo to ways: A) (The unlikely route): It could turn out being a decent horro/romance or B) (The obvious way): It'll look, sound, and be shit. (Also: Twilight fanfags are BITCHES AND WHORES)
posted by Breanna on Jul 29, 2009
Ah...I REALLY hate Twilight (but I have read the series and seen the movie because my friends wouldn't stfu about them) as an otaku, I suppose I'll watch the first episode and see how it goes.
posted by Twilight&HP on Jul 26, 2009
I think that IF Twilight does become and anime it would not be to bad. Because one if u want u could read it or two if u think it is stuped u could not. For me I think that if they made it into anime it would be cool.
posted by NightGaze on Jul 23, 2009
I-I'm not sure what to think of this. xD It'd be cool if they made it right... Liike, don't make Ed look like Rob. Lol, but seriously I think they're stretching Twilight WAY too much now.
posted by ♥Your Bella on Jul 19, 2009
All of you are just hating, n wft is that "anime terms" and "twitards" i mean come on seriously GET A LIFE!! you just critisize cuz u don't got nothing better 2 do, u sick low-lifes.., Twilight is way better than any of your stupid anime characters with ur stupid "anime terms" or wutever the f**k u call them, if you ask me Twilight "should" become an anime movie so all of you can see that it would be a real success n everyone will love it, screw your "anime terms", AND 4 THE REST THAT DONT LIKE IT CAN F**K OFF!!
posted by ignorant wanderer on Jul 18, 2009
i think this is going a little too far. true, edward might look good in anime form. but IF the anime were to use the original(book) as the guide, and not use the friggin' movie(which practically spoils everything)then it might turn out OK. and it should be in japanese.IT MUST KEEP TO THE ANIME TERMS. therefore i say, it depends on how it's gonna end up. plus, the book is better cause' its up to the reader's imagination to take control and take form on how everything turns out-esp.the characters. twilight might be better off having fan-art in japanese style rather than an anime. god, this is highly aggravating!
posted by ruuchia on Jul 14, 2009
wtf indeed. I thought we were done with the Twilight stuff. An anime out of Twilight? It's getting kinda... stretched out? Aren't people trying too hard with this franchise?
posted by Sane on Jul 14, 2009
This... This is truly disgusting. If it happens, I'm done, it's seppuku for me! On the topic of Twilight cosplayers.. they don't exist. Oh look, let me put on a white t-shirt and not bathe for a month and OH MEE GEE IM EDWARD?!!?@1?! Just a bit of a fact for you twitards. Robert Pattinson DOES NOT bathe, and also DOES NOT like being Edward Cullen, put that in your sparkles and snort it.
posted by oshytwhathastheworld on Jul 14, 2009
this would disgrace the name of anime. seriously. and Lil Miss Twilight, anime are always in Japanese unless they are dubbed. apparently you don't even know what it is. ugh. twitards...
posted by Bex on Jul 13, 2009
*laughs* rob thinks he looks like an anime character *laughs some more then turns and walks away* god kids these days...
posted by Cheerios Ate my LIFE on Jun 30, 2009
Jessica: HELL YES!! Lenalee: XD rofl. Yes, Hellsing and Jiro from Black Blood Brothers will help us. REAL VAMPIRES TO THE RESCUE!!
posted by Lenalee on Jun 30, 2009
Lil Mis Twilight...if it becomes an anime, it WILL be in Japanese. If it comes out in english first that's called a CARTOON...THIS is why we need to keep Twitards and their stupid glitter away from our anime. HELLSING WILL PROTECT US!!
posted by Save the Anime on Jun 30, 2009
posted by Save the Anime on Jun 30, 2009
NO! We do not need moronic Twilight fangirls invading out perfectly good anime, too. It's bad enough that the entire sci-fi/fantasy/horror section has been raided and thus anything remotely vampire-ish is checked out or out of stock. LEAVE OUR ANIME ALONE! Anime has STYLE, PLOT, DEPTH, CHARACTER...most things Twilight lacks. The only thing Twilight has going for it is a "hot" cast and a shallow, over-done storyline. While some anime resemble eachother, the key differences are hat make each one unique. If Twilight were to become an anime, most fans would complain about every other anime, and the fact that it wouldn't been in english for quite some time if at all. It's a terrible idea to make it an anime. Leave anime storyline creation to the Japanese. And leave Twilight to the current Twitards.
posted by htothel on May 17, 2009
NO! if that happens this franchise has gone waaaaaaay too far.
posted by Luckyfoot on May 08, 2009
Oh, I sooo hope they make a Twilight anime, it would be absolutly fantastic!! Lol hope its english dubbed ;) ^_^
posted by twilighter2009 on May 01, 2009
JustNo, I dissagree with you. I think Twilight would make a great anime. The movie wasn't that bad. REAL MEN SPARKLE! =D
posted by JustNO on Apr 22, 2009
No, seriously. They already made a bad movie of the book and now anime?! Keep the glitter away from my good anime --_--
posted by Nessie_cullen on Apr 21, 2009
I love this idea! =D Go Twilight, Edward could look pretty hot in Anime form.
posted by Lil Miss Twilight on Apr 19, 2009
I love twilight, and anime but I'm scared it'll ruin it but a twilight anime would be cool, just make sure it's in English and not Japanese or Chinesse ...
posted by el and mel on Apr 18, 2009
please make a anime we would so watch it and is there a manga getting made of it aswell X
posted by ProphitAngell on Apr 13, 2009
This hurts my soul.
posted by suta on Apr 11, 2009
FAIL! Just pure fail. Anime has characterized STYLE, why do we want to add on the delusional Twilight fangirls? all of a sudden we'd get cosplayers who don't even LOOK like cosplayers. Anyone can put one a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and call themselves Bella. but please, at a convention, do we really want to see a bunch of 14 year olds fighting on who is a better Bella? Or who gets the sparkly Edo?
posted by BellaCullen on Apr 02, 2009
That would be so awesome!!
posted by twilighter2009 on Apr 02, 2009
Hale yeah! Please make a Twilight Anime! I would totaly watch it! =D It would be a mix of two things I love. ^__^
posted by Jessica on Apr 02, 2009
LOL NO. D: NO Twilight Anime, the Anime Community does not need to be plauged like that. Now if Haruhi Suzimiya does a spoof, that's completely different.
posted by - on Mar 29, 2009
the twilight dvd on 21 march. it`s so awsome!
posted by You\'ve got to be ki on Mar 26, 2009
Oh hells to the no. Get this Twilight bullcrap off my anime.
posted by Nobody on Mar 26, 2009
Wow guys, Edward is fake. And Robert Pattinson is never going to be anybodies, and so when you say that he is yours, you only look like a faggot fangirl, who quietly cries herself to sleep at night over a picture of a guy that they could never have. Get. The. Freak. Over. Yourself. And die.
posted by renesmeeculleniscool on Mar 20, 2009
Listen, Twilight, Edward Cullen is a fictional character. Bella is so awesome, and Jacob, I don't really like him. And, yes, Taylor Lautner is back as Jacob in New Moon! YAY!
posted by twilight obsessed on Mar 20, 2009
ok dakota fanning is going to do great and i dont like jacobs charector either because he imprints on bellas kid :( but he is hot in real life robert pattinson is hotter
posted by twilight on Mar 19, 2009
i just love this movie!!!!!!!edward is mine !!!!get lost bella!!i wish jacob vanished from this saga!!!he is suh a fuck
posted by nazdar on Mar 18, 2009
oh my god i can't wait!

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