Major Death Falls Upon 'Lost'

March 12, 2009 07:04:45 GMT

'Lost' will kill off one of its lead characters whose portrayer just found out after the script made its rounds.

Major Death Falls Upon 'Lost'
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The next episode of "Lost" is not going to return until next week, but a bad news has come early for its fans. E! Online reports that a major death is approaching, as imminent as before the season five ends. In its description, the publication points out that it will be a series regular who is "much-loved" by many of the show's fans, meaning it could as well be the protagonist.

Interestingly, the actor who portrays the character has reportedly just learned about the fate last week. A source was quoted as telling E!, "Unfortunately, [he or she] found out after the script treatments were sent out to some of the crew on the set. So it wasn't the best timing."

E! boldly confirms that the dead one will not be Kate Austen, in contrary to the rumors circulating that Evangeline Lilly who plays Kate would leave the show this season. Another hint is, it will be a real death, and not some kind of time-travel that Locke had in last two week's episode.

"Namaste", the next episode of "Lost" will be on March 18. Its preview can be seen here.


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posted by Gabby on Apr 11, 2009
As long as it's not Jack or may well be Hurley.
posted by jd on Mar 19, 2009
anyone but Sawyer
posted by AxeManStretch on Mar 13, 2009
It's Desmond and Penny. Remember when Ben called Jack all busted up before the flight back to the Island? He made that call from a marina, where Desmond's boat was docked. He swore to Widmore that he'd kill Penny, and I think he made good on his threat.
posted by klark on Mar 13, 2009
not sayid....
posted by Erin on Mar 12, 2009
I swear to God, if it's Desmond, I will cry and pitch a fit at ABC.

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