Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Robert Pattinson and Michael Angarano

February 24, 2009 04:28:58 GMT

Denying rumors of her having a fling with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart praises her actor boyfriend Michael Angarano as an "awesome" guy.

Kristen Stewart
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Featured as the cover girl of Nylon Magazine's March issue, Kristen Stewart opens up in an interview with the publication about her relationship with rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson. "It's just totally false...Rob and I are good friends," so says the "Twilight" leading actress concerning the mounting and persistent rumors of her dating the British actor.

"Rob and I are good friends," Kristen insists, adding that "We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him." She goes on to dish, "and it's like, I know the guy really f***ing well. It's only natural that we sort of lean on each other, because we're put in the most f***ing psychotic situations."

And when it comes to her real life boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano, Kristen tells Nylon Magazine, "He's older than me--he's 20 now--but when you're 13 and he's turning 16, it was always sort of an out-of-reach thing. Then you get a little older, and you realize, 'Oh, What the f*** am I thinking? I can have you, like, lickity...'" She adds, "He's awesome."

Kristen Stewart and Michael Angarano first met when they co-starred in 2004 movie "Speak". However, they didn't start dating until two years later.

On-screen, Kristen will reprise her role as Bella Swan in the highly anticipated of "Twilight" sequel, "The Twilight Saga's New Moon." Besides, she will also star in "The Runaways", playing the role of Joan Jett.


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posted by asiangirl on Mar 07, 2010
Boo, Amanda Bynes is not Asian And I think Taylor Swift and Diana Agron from Glee would be just right for Rob...
posted by whatev on Feb 28, 2010
Team Michael and Robsten won't last. Once Twilight is over, you all will see them fall apart.
posted by Camden on Oct 05, 2009
Well in the light of recent events, we now know this is crap...Having said that considering how much Rob seemed to be crushing on Kristen it only seems inevitable.
posted by Camden on Oct 05, 2009
Well in the light of recent events, we now know this is crap...Having said that considering how much Rob seemed to be crushing on Kristen it only seems inevitable.
posted by ahmealwayzme! on Sep 21, 2009
Kristen is juz being true to herself,maybe right now she cant behave like a real lady but one day she will... each & everyone of us has our own opinion. But i juz hope that people would understand that we all experienced misbehaving when we are young. as time goes by we learnd from our mistakes, so please let her be. I like a person who can stand on her feet w/o considering what people might say. either bad or good thats being true to urself. Its so PLASTIC to me to be so well behave in public juz bcoz ur a public figure, but deep inside ur not that kind of person. Well she may be not a good sample to the teenagers but really it has nothing to do with her, Its from the parents supervision to their teenagers to talk to them constantly to open up their minds in what they see and read. I dont like kristen that much but I prepare her than any other starlet in hollywood who loves to party,loves to wear designer clothes etc. and most of all being so plastic in public coz their stars. Infront their nice to you but once they turn their back at you their devil! sorry for my word but its true. B4 i dont like kristen to end up with rob, but then i realize i prepare her than anyone else in hollywood. Im not really a fanatic of them but juz gotten involve coz theres nothing here to read except them hahahaha!!!!
posted by RomanticFool on Jul 17, 2009
Kristen has a high school (3 hours a day tutor) education, grew up in the Valley suburbs of LA, and her parents are in the industry-theater director and script writer mom. She hangs with the far left in Hollyweird but we are supposed to believe that she is wholesome and nice. Her PR manager has not coached her on what to say and to watch her comments, language and clothing choices. The Pics of her on the internet smoking a bong may not be her, but the ones in Italy roling joint/cigs and in weed bikini are. Many believe she is a train wreck just waiting to happen and want her to cut Robert free to find a nicer girl....He is a romantic naive and loyal it seems.
posted by InsideStory on Jul 17, 2009
Kristen's friend Michael knew Twi Director. She got the part through him. She fell for Rob (SO OBVIOUS--see You Tube behind the scenes) and was afraid to show it as she had future work through Summit and did not want to burn bridges. Rob may not want a girl that does not behave or speak like a celibate girl. Possibly Summit suits told them to wait until after the money from the movie was counted before going public. They wanted Rob to look hot and single. This sweet guy made tons of money for them..He went from unknown and broke to beloved, famous, booked up and rich in 1 year---dreams do come true.
posted by RomanticFool on Jul 17, 2009
Kristen should clean up her mouth, body and attitude if she wants a long career. Her fans--the teens, moms of teens and young women out there have been shown that she has is not someone to admire off screen. It is not because she is lucky, beautiful, talented and has Robert's affections. It is because she is not a gracious, grateful, articulate, refined and warm person like Robert is.
posted by RomanticFool on Jul 17, 2009
Rob has been locked down and not allowed to give interviews because he is too open and has trouble not answering questions. He is coming to Comic Con next week which is where fans fell in love with HIM not Edward. Funny, talented,witty, modest and sexy guy. The liars and gossip rags should not be taken seriously. He is trying hard to be a nice uncorrupted guy in the worse environment and temptations. He is more than likely offered drugs and meaningless sex daily. Let's say a prayer for this amazing young man that he triumphs over the temptations and is safe and happy.
posted by Lori on Jul 17, 2009
Rob is not a player GET informed. He is actually a sweet, decent, moral and humble beautiful soul. He deserves someone like him---Taylor Swift. See for his interview with Byrne on his faith and celibacy or search You Tube. He announced h e is celibate at UK Twi Premier too. He actually cares who he shares his body and soul with--like we all should in today's messed up world. Admirable.
posted by SicknTired on Jul 17, 2009
She pretends to be tough but she is on You Tube smoking a bong, in Italy rolling a joint or cig and curses like a sailor. She is not ready for prime time and is too rough around the edges and ungrateful for her fame and money that only came from the fans she repeatedly states she does not like. Twit.
posted by Megan on Jun 24, 2009
okay WTF to all of you except the people who had good comments about Kristen stewart not the negatives. Rob pattz is proboly getting on her nerves and so is the papz imagine if you were speaking the whole truth and they analized all you said and turned it negativly and all girls hated you! imagine that. and have you seen her other movies? shes great! wake up people shes not perfect no one is So keep your fcking mean comments to yourselfs! p.s. i think robpattz and kristen stewart wouldnt make a good couple because when the Twilight Saga ends so will they. And hes most likely to cheat on her. So she should stay with her true love Michael.
posted by 8) on Jun 08, 2009
yeahh i agree with twilightt<3. she is soo rightt tho everyone does a great job and use shud all read the whole article before judging! its pathetic..i mean use dont even knoe her.. just give it a break and keep yur bullshit to yurselves.
posted by anonymous on May 30, 2009
i think the movie was ok but no where as great as the books! they left out a lot of important parts
posted by twilightt<3 on May 16, 2009
Twilight is one of the best movies i have ever seen! All the actors and actresses do great jobbss and i cant imagine anyone else to play the parts. And use are all hipporcrytes! Use are all like "omg kristen is a snob blah blah frikkin blah!" but use got no idea what use r talking about..use are judging someone you dont even knoeee...yue read, watch and hear stuff about her but i bet most of hte shit that comes out is all bull crap and i bet shes a realy great person in real lifee. but leave kristen and rob alonee who cares if theyre not together..? thats theyre choice not yours so stop judgingg and get over yourselvesss. Rob and Kristen do a great jobb i dont knoe who would ever do a better job..theres only one Bella and one let it the Frick go!
posted by bee on May 16, 2009
omg what the hell.. use are all dogging kriten and robb...its their life not yours theyll do what they wantt..and judging two people who use have never met.. or even knoe? thats reallly stupidd. if use honestly think that kristen is the snobb? just listen to yurselves. Kristen does a Great job at being bellaa..i couldnt imagine anyone else for hte partt an in the book they describe her as the exact way she acted in the book. and Rob is a lil hottiee and doesss a reallly goooooooddd jobb!
posted by Love the books on Apr 18, 2009
I'm honestly bored with all the Kris & Rob drama. I like her and all but I get the inpression she doesnt want Rob but doesnt want any1 else to have him either. Every1 should leave her and Michael alone. They've been together a long time. Rob needs to be a man and not try and break up the relationship she has with her bf. I think he wants her because he cant have her...not because this is real love. He should find some1 away from the movie before they all end up fighting and get replaced. I want to be able to concentrate on Edward and Bella in the movie...not Kristen and Rob. I too hope the acting in New Moon is better than Twilight.
posted by secret on Apr 15, 2009
...why not... ... do you like robert pattinson to be his boyfriends? i think she like you?
posted by Erica on Mar 31, 2009
When everyone dogs on Kristen i try to defend because i believe that maybe somewhere down inside her there may be a better actress and maybe a nicer person. She is getting a little irritating. She does seem like a snob. She acts like shes the greatest thing when really in Twlight all shes got going for her is her looks. She blinks too much and she has to gasp and stutter every chance she gets. Maybe she;s got some tricks up her sleeve to improve New moon. I really hope so. I am a huge Twilight series fan and was a little dissapointed with Twilight. Keep hoping for New moon:]
posted by StewartStinks on Mar 25, 2009
I was hoping that Summit would have casted a new Bella after Twilight was out in theaters. Too bad they didn't. Her acting is horrible and she has verbal constipation! She never smiles and seems like a real snob (b!t@h) in real life too. What a boring person to be around... I'd be so depressed all the time if I had to work with her. She butchers the character of Bella completely. She's nothing like the Bella in S. Meyers novels. So sad. I hope Summit isn't keeping her because of the crazy teenage fans. They'd still watch the movie with a new and improved Bella!
posted by Rose on Mar 07, 2009
Hey guys! Get a hold of yourselves. These two actors made a movie together that doesn't mean they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together!! Edward and Bella are fictional characters REALLY! Give Rob and Kristen a break.
posted by Tono on Mar 07, 2009
y the f r evy1 rude to kristen? hate her coz she's not datin rob?! o's her life..u don get 2 comment on her life k..nyway both r'em! excess hot!
posted by regy on Mar 05, 2009
Oops! sorry they both are not singers!!! what am i thinkin duh!rob
posted by regy on Mar 05, 2009
rob i love you baby good bay!!!!
posted by latingirl on Mar 05, 2009
I dont get why Kristen is so mean and cold to Rob? He always compliments her and she dogs him. she is so mean..
posted by KbLASTER on Mar 03, 2009
even co-star billy burke (charlie swan) said that “We get along in this weird ethereal way that I haven’t gotten along with any costar before,” “She brings something that makes me want to go to work.” she's not a snob.
posted by KbLASTER on Mar 03, 2009
kristen is amazing!!! she true to herself.. you should all read the entire article.. this site only took a piece of it and you all judged!! if you read the entire article, she mentioned that she knows she's been misunderstood becoz in most news, they are quoting only a portion of what she is saying not really getting what she meant. she loves working in twilight, she admits not good in handling screaming fans but she appreciates them and tries to do whatever she can to make them happy. she is the best actress of her generation!!!
posted by K K on Mar 02, 2009
I know kristen is upset with the fans but she really needs to stop cussing and be responsible.She is a roll model to everybody so she needs to stop acting like she is the only one who gets hurt.Maybe if she started to act like herself and not a popular hollywood teenage maybe she would try to figure out who is the guy she wants.I just wish she really would stop thinking of what other people think and just go for the guy that makes you feel like your not the only one there.I hope that guy is robert because i think both of them down inside really like each other they just feel like if it doesn't work out between them they will let there fans down by not staring in the next movie.I feel bad for robert. I think he looks so sad because he wants to tell kristen how he feels about her but he cant because he is afraid that she wont like him back. Kristen is right for robert its just she needs to act her self not someone she isnt.She just cant figure out what guy to choose just like in Eclipse i just hope it will end the same way. WITH ROBERT!Just tell him to shave.
posted by setitstraight on Mar 02, 2009
You guys really should read the entire article before you judge - it's one of the most honest interviews I've ever read - i completely get why EVERYONE who has met Kristen loves her
posted by aleish on Mar 02, 2009
I pity kristen for this issue.she's not a snob, but i think she just speaks what she feels..Just imagine to work with somebody comfortably and after the movie has been shown,all of these issues came. I just wish that everything will be all right for them when they start filming the next book...
posted by miriangarano on Mar 01, 2009
kristen i love your boyfriend ehehhehe
posted by Boo on Mar 01, 2009
Oops! sorry they both are not singers!!! what am i thinkin duh!
posted by Boo on Mar 01, 2009
Rob is way too good for her. I mean ... english soul and a snop yankie. Naa...It wont last anyway. She deserves Mike, and Rob's gonna need someone like...i dunno a talented+gorgeous asian or maybe young talented singer like Amanda Bynes, Kristen Kruek?
posted by Escape 27 on Feb 28, 2009
I was so proud of Rob for showing and doing an excellent job. kristen really let everyone down. her father thinks he's the actor, he needs to get over himself. his influence will hurt her eventually - not help her. I don't care who she dates, sounds like daddy's approval- michael. She has no other experiences to draw on. Wake up girl you are 18, think for yourself or you will be firing your dad like so many other actors have done in a few years.
posted by AmAm on Feb 28, 2009
i'm sad i think, she & rob should be together that would be great :D
posted by justanordinarygirl on Feb 28, 2009
uhm have you people even read the books of Twilight saga or are you all some stupid n ignorent roblovers the book says that bella has a lot of flaws and that stuttering was prob a suggestion the producer or her own besides her bf is soo cute but of course differences in taste is common and i have the same taste as Kirsten or sort of i think her beau is way cuter & awesomer then rob now i am not saying that michael IS better then rob i am just saying my opinion
posted by bella on Feb 27, 2009
lol, ahahaha, I'm glad. Rob needs someone awesome as him. Kristen is ok I guess. But she can't act properly in twilight. I mean she stutters a lot and blinks. This is dry but she would be good in stuttering music video. Lol..ok. I wish that chris weitz can make her not do tht anymore. Its the least they can do when we have to endure through the whole movie watching kstew. I would've liked it if she didn't stuttering like an idiot.
posted by hmmm.. on Feb 25, 2009
kristen cussing? losing respect...
posted by zero on Feb 25, 2009
future is a blank sheet i hope KStew will realize that Rob is a kind and downearth person hope they together ( they so adorable )but they have their own reallife..i understand yah :(
posted by zero on Feb 25, 2009
poor Rob and KStew.. dont disturb them,they are a good friends, too much attention,noise and critic around them would ruin their good relationship I hope not! please.. i still want to see their great job at twillight sequel love u Rob n KStew!
posted by rosey on Feb 24, 2009
No.Shes great at Bella.. But she's right, and besides, she can date who she wants, not who everyone elce wants her to date.. and Rob too.
posted by *ami* on Feb 24, 2009
I think they could a picked a waaaay better bella. Kristen blinks to much n stutters alot also.Of course she looks the part though..They got edward right at least.LOve HIM!!
posted by rob lover 4ever on Feb 24, 2009
rob and kristin should be 2gether!! they would be an amazing couple. but i love rob andi wish i can be with him. soi if anyone is gonna be...KRISTIN IS THE ONE!!! :D
posted by Raven on Feb 24, 2009
Okay guys, get a load of this: Kristen's dad, John Stewart, gave an interview on Oscar night and they asked him why Kristen wasn't at the Oscars. John responded that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.” Looks like someone is headed for a mighty big fall. Poor Rob is going to have to work with her for another year! Wake up,'re not as great as you think you are!
posted by Rain Girl on Feb 24, 2009
Kristen is starting to get on my nerves...snob comes to mind almost immediately. Quite frankly I'm delighted to hear there's nothing between her and Rob. He deserves better...I thought she was awful to him on the Twilight tour but he remained a gentleman. I truly hope Chris Weitz can cure her of that stuttering problem she had in Twilight...
posted by tee on Feb 24, 2009
Plus there would be no hesitation as to "being" with Rob.. he is way better than her current Beau!
posted by tee on Feb 24, 2009
I think they shouldve picked me for the part! Bella needs to get her stuff together...she is all over the is her hair!

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