'Lost Untangled' and Preview of 'Lost' 5.05: The Place is Death

February 05, 2009 05:01:25 GMT

'Lost' gives a featurette for those who are confused of the show and also a sneak peek to the February 11 episode.

'Lost Untangled' and Preview of 'Lost' 5.05: The Place is Death
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The preview of "Lost" episode 5.05 is available. Locke shoulders the burden of ending the island's increasingly violent movements through time. Ben is stymied in his efforts to reunite the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the island.

Sun is facing a huge trust issue when Ben said that Jin is still alive and he can prove it. Also, Jack is pursuing Kate to go back to the island while Locke and Sawyer are finding alternatives to get off the island. "The Place is Death" will air February 11.

Released alongside the preview is a featurette "Lost Untangled" which provides as a guide for viewers who have gotten lost in "Lost" complicated storyline. Presented in a comical narration, the featurette tells about the show from the beginning when the plane crashes to the current season where there are lots of flashbacks going on.

  • Preview of 5.05
  • Lost - Untangled


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posted by Charlie on Feb 10, 2009
Funny, but I think that is not so original. Look at the cide. Better developed idea
posted by tbha on Feb 07, 2009

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