Clay Aiken, Guest Judge on 'America's Next Top Model'

February 05, 2009 02:38:20 GMT

Clay Aiken will appear on TV again, serving as the judge of acting challenge in 'America's Next Top Model'.

Clay Aiken
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Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos

"America's Next Top Model" has invited Clay Aiken to be one of the guest judges in a future episode. Entertainment Weekly reported that the "American Idol" season 2 runner up will be involved in an acting challenge for the contestants.

Aiken for one thing, has submerged himself in the theater world last year. He played Sir Robin in Monty Python's "Spamalot" that opened at Shubert Theater in Spring 2008 and reprised the role in fall that year before winding it down last month.

The twelfth season of "America's Next Top Model" will premiere on Wednesday, February 25. Clay Aiken's episode will air in April and R'n'B singer Ciara will also be seen paying a visit to a photo shoot.


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posted by anna on Mar 12, 2009
eww clay aiken is gay and FAT as hell! his fans uses words to big for the vocabulary..anyways yeah im skipping this eposide hes nasty fat and sweaty and icky and gross and hes a deaddrop..who never sells albums only cause his fans are women
posted by Sublime on Feb 12, 2009
Abigail, opinions are one thing, but your an idiot and show no abillity for being able to distinguish fact from fiction.
posted by brooke on Feb 06, 2009
Anon: Just shows how much you don't know about Clay Aiken because all that sleazy tabloid trash was just that...trash!! He sings fabulous and is a fantastic actor.
posted by Abigail on Feb 05, 2009
Aiken "has submerged himself in the theater world last year" by playing a gay coward - no acting ability needed on his part for that. Tyra Banks has a thing for gayelles, hence creepy Aiken being invited to guest on ANTM. I, for one, will not be watching THAT episode.
posted by kit on Feb 05, 2009
There is not one word of truth in the sleazy tabloid stories, other than that Clay is indeed gay. Clay is a CLASS act. He's a great entertainer, fantastic singer, and a devoted humanitarian. Watch the show and you'll see what I mean.
posted by LAWRENCE58 on Feb 05, 2009
I don't know why people can be so mean. Clay play a very important role in broadway and he is a great singer and dad .I am happy for him.
posted by anon on Feb 05, 2009
I'll skip it too. I don't want to see him since all that sleazy tabloid stuff turned out to be true.
posted by anon on Feb 05, 2009
That's your loss then, Abigail.

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