Holly Madison Makes Criss Angel a Paper Ring, to Propose to Him

December 23, 2008 02:08:48 GMT

Holly Madison promises that when Criss Angel starts wearing the paper ring she has made for him, then she will propose to him.

Holly Madison, Criss Angel
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Model and TV personality Holly Madison is taking her love relationship with illusionist Criss Angel to the next level, showing her love for him by making him "a paper ring." He wouldn't wear it though, forcing Holly to make a promise that "when he starts wearing his paper ring," she "will be the one to propose."

Having quite a different perception of their romance, Criss explained, "You know, what Holly and I have is really something that money can't buy. She is enough for me." Showing their support for each other, Holly and Cris had joint birthday at LAX on Friday, December 19 to celebrate her 29th birthday and his 41st birthday.

Already catching the holiday spirit, Holly Madison and Criss Angel plan to spend New Year in Sin City with their parents. "That will be the first time they all meet!" so she revealed. "I have a private room booked for dinner and then we are going to go out," Criss added.

And for the nearing Christmas, Holly will be getting Criss "all snowboarding stuff." Criss himself wishes nothing for the yearly celebration, but "health, happiness and love." About those he explained, "Those are the three things that you can't buy and the three things, in my opinion, that are the most important in life."

Holly and Criss began dating after she publicly announced her separation from Playboy boss Hugh Hefner. She turned 29th on December 23, whereas Criss turned 41st on December 19.


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posted by mrs.sarantakos on Aug 12, 2009
i watche season 5 and he isnt' with holly. he has a different girl and she looks like a really nice girl that he would be happy with
posted by real eyes, realize, on Jan 21, 2009
this makes me lol.bro she fully only wants to marry him cuz he's all religious and wont fuck her otherwise and worse yet shes never gonna get it cus "divorce is a sin" too. so theres been alot of hate against holly SOME of which i agree with but we all have to admit that she was the pretty bunny of the three.(woops now theres 4 my mistake i forgot he dumped her for twins!) -- that makes me lol so hard it cracks my funny up. REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES!!!
posted by Team Holly on Jan 04, 2009
Here, here, finally someone who speaks the truth! All this trash talk about Holly, comes from the mouths of the insecure haters of the world. True Mindfreak fans are happy for Criss, not jealous freaks foaming at the mouth while spreading their vile rantings!
posted by Holly Rules...OK!! on Jan 04, 2009
This is so one-sided, Holly is a beautiful, sincere, genuine person who gives her heart and soul to Criss. Why can't we just be happy that these two magnetic people have found each other. Give Holly a break - she is not a bad or evil person, she does not deserve this criticism and hatred. Anyone who is a true Criss Angel fan should be happy for him to have found his soulmate
posted by Criss Mom Loves Holl on Dec 26, 2008
Criss' Mom is fine with Holly. I read she really likes her. So when Dimitra grandaughter wants to follow in Holly's foot steps and also exposure her vagina for everybody to see Dimitra will be just fine with it. Hey if it is good enough for her future daughter in law then why not her grandaughter
posted by Used up on Dec 26, 2008
Enough of this used up Pu**y. When do we read about your WORK. Holly is nothing to us. We don't care. Keep your trash out of the media.
posted by Mindfreak 5 on Dec 26, 2008
Holly the Ho will probably be in every epi of Mindfreak 5. She will probably show everybody how she makes chocolate molds of her vagina and then Criss will show how to eat them and make them disappear. I wish this couple would disappear. If Holly the Ho is in Mindfreak 5 I WILL NOT WATCH IT.
posted by Keira on Dec 25, 2008
I know these people, so listen up! You know, a while back Criss Angel got into a fight with a guy in Vegas who (unbeknownst to Criss at the time) turned out to be connected to the local mafia. Criss was yelling "Do you know who I am" and was trying to act so cool. Then the other guy said "Well do you know who I am." (I think it was then that Criss crapped his pants [just kidding, am not sure if that happened]). Then Criss disappeared after that for about a year. You won't read about THAT in the local papers LOL...I think Criss had to bribe the guy so the mob wouldn't kill him. Also, anyone (i.e.) who treats their potential mother in law that way is an immature, selfish, self-centered ass, and only concerned about appearances. Okay, now I'm done venting.
posted by Keira on Dec 25, 2008
Well, first Criss has to divorce his current wife before he can marry again. Unless Holly enjoys the polygamist lifestyle.
posted by keira on Dec 25, 2008
And when Holly dies someday and her tombstone is made, do you know what will be on it to signify her legacy of all the important contributions she's made to society for the future generations of this world? It will probably say: She Made A Chocolate Vagina. Criss and Holly = What a pair of lost losers these two are turning out to be.
posted by Amy on Dec 25, 2008
Criss bring on your magic. Get rid of the Ho. Let her find another 82 year old grandpa's ding dong to suck on. We don't want to read about you and this skank. Keep that between a close door. She is gross to us. We want your magic. Bring it back and let's read about that and hide your whore. We are not impressed by Holly the WHORE. We are disgusted by this low class girl.
posted by Criss is gone on Dec 25, 2008
I just copied this from a recent article. Criss said this: Its the first time Ive brought them to meet a boyfriend, the blonde beauty cooed. Im incredibly flattered, said Criss, adding, The more I know her, the more I love her. She changed the way I look at life. She is unlike any girl Ive known before in my life. Holly is the love of my life.
posted by Christmas Cookie on Dec 24, 2008
I was at the "believe" show on Criss' birthday - when they did the photo op on stage, Criss' Mom was originally standing next to him, but Holly "pitched a fit" (Criss' back was turned, so he did not see this disgraceful, immature behavior) until Criss' mom GRACIOUSLY stepped aside, so that the HO could stand next to her son - but for one brief moment I could see the pain & disappointment in Mrs. Sarantakos' eyes, before she put a "professional smile" on her face, to support her son unconditionally... RUN CRISS - DO NOT GET TRAPPED - she is just looking for someone to pay for a lifestyle she got used to while Hef was paying her bills. Don't be this STUPID or BLIND.... YOU DESERVE MUCH BETTER (and so does your family!) Or was the respect/love you showed for your family in Seasons 1-4 of Mindfreak all a sham too???
posted by Rasdebol on Dec 24, 2008
SOMEBODY!! ANYBODY!! Please marry this girl already! She's working her way down the celebrity food chain! If you can't BE one then MARRY one! When your only talent is getting naked you become VERY conscious that the clock is ticking as gravity and time deform your high maintenance butt towards over-painted, endless cosmetic surgery Hag-dom! Hef was way too smart to make her the next EX-Mrs. Hefner (with a large money pile for her reward). Hope Criss Angel is a smart as HEF....
posted by Liz on Dec 24, 2008
Holly is a skank but get ready for her to be the next Mrs. Sarantakos. She will DO whatever she has to do to get criss to marry her and knock her up. I want to be at school when their son or daughter get ups in front of the class for "Career Day" and tells the children that my Mommy Shows Her Vagina To The World For A Career".
posted by Criss is going to ma on Dec 24, 2008
I can't paste the link here but but go do a search on robin leach. There is a whole article that Criss admits he is in love with Holly and he has never been happier. He is going to marry this WHORE. He gave her a diamond ring. NOT an engagment ring yet but just a ring.
posted by Susan on Dec 23, 2008
Did she make a chocolate mold of her vagina for Criss yet. What a waste of a women.
posted by Magic on Dec 23, 2008
Work your magic Criss and make this bimbo disappear!!!
posted by Criss Angel Life Is on Dec 23, 2008
Goodbye Criss Angel she is going to get you right where she wants you. You will never be the same again. I miss you already.
posted by This poor soul on Dec 23, 2008
She is in serious need of help. Criss just marry the skank already and give her the baby she wants. Some asshole needs to do it. Hef got rid of her because she was begging for his sperm anyway she can get it. He might be an old man but he is not a stupid man. What a stupid bubble head this girl is.
posted by ha!! on Dec 23, 2008
she's gonna ruin him! if he can't read between those lines then it's good enough for him i suppose.
posted by destiny on Dec 23, 2008
what's wrong with this picture? eager much? btw, just because you don't have to stand on a street corner doesn't make you any less of a glorified prostitute honey... and get a hot oil treatment for your hair already!
posted by oh my god on Dec 23, 2008
only two months and she's already pushing the marraige button? this girl is getting a little scary now!
posted by valerie s on Dec 23, 2008
man she doesn't waste any time does she? run for the hills criss! she's no good.
posted by DON\'T DO IT on Dec 23, 2008
posted by loyal2criss on Dec 23, 2008
WAKE UP BIMBO!! He's still married!
posted by bea on Dec 22, 2008
Give us the illusion that he gets a divorce first. Holly you sound desperate!
posted by Loyal Fan on Dec 22, 2008
Criss you can do so much better then Hef's leftover whore. Please don't marry this skank. Before you turn around she will trick you into a baby. This is what she wanted from Hef a baby and marriage and didn't get it and now she is after you for it. Think about your Niece. Do you really want your Niece having an Aunt who was going down on a man who was 56 years older then her. How do you explain that one. I guess if you have no problem with Holly the Whore then you will have no problem having your Niece do playboy also and show off her vagina to the world. THINK CRISS THINK. Having fun with Holly but don't marry this skank bimbo fake girl.
posted by Porkchop on Dec 22, 2008
Don't marry this skank. You will be sorry.

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