Rumored Lovers Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle Seen on Lunch Date

December 03, 2008 02:02:56 GMT

Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle have been photographed enjoying a lunch date in Venice, Calif. on Sunday, November 30 only to add fuel to rumors claiming they are dating.

Rumored Lovers Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle Seen on Lunch Date
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Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle have added fuel to the persistent circulating rumors claiming they are dating as they've been spotted lunching together. The rumored lovers were photographed enjoying a lunch date at Three Square Bakery on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, Calif. on Sunday, November 30.

Both Robert and Camilla wore casual outfits. In the many pictures that can be seen on Celebuzz, both of them were all laughing during the outing. According to reports, the actor even assisted Camilla in opening and closing her car's door.

Robert Pattinson and Camilla Belle's lunch date over the weekend created confusion among people as the actress has been reported to be dating Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers. Neither of the three stars has offered comment on the buzzing dating reports though.

The Sunday outing wasn't Robert and Camilla's first one. They have already been photographed on the red carpet together twice; first at the Hollywood Film Festival on October 27 and then at the Los Angeles premiere of "Twilight" in November.


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posted by GET AWAY! on May 09, 2009
GET AWAY FROM MY BABE, camilla!- emi
posted by birdinia on Apr 17, 2009
i love you rob
posted by bella cullen/kristen on Apr 05, 2009
those pipz sayin bad things bout camilla belle...I REALLY LOVE YOU!!! ur yt shi is TOOOOOOOOOOTALY a SLUT!! I LOVE YAH CAMILLA BELLE HATERS OUT THERE!!!ALL OF U!!!
posted by bella cullen/kristen on Apr 05, 2009
eew...camilla belle is a slut, a bitch, a freak, cheap ambitious social climbing hag! DONT STEAL ROBERT FROM KRISTEN you SLUT!!!
posted by excusememiss! on Mar 14, 2009
has anyone thought that it might be ok for someone who is new to L.A. to have atleast one friend? it's not illegal to go to lunch, he probably just wanted a sandwich! which he'll have to barf up after being nauseated by all these dumb rumors.
posted by Cher on Feb 26, 2009
Im not really a fan of rob and camilla..More of rob and kristen as edward and bella..But whoever rob goes with or likes to get intimate with..Is really none of our business..Lets give rob a chance to be human and ordinary person as well off screen..What they do on screen is their job..They got paid 4 it..So they have to play it very well..Like it or not..I like robert pattinson more as an ordinry person coz there goes d real him..Not d onscreen charac. Not that it doesnt appeals to me..But i get over it after d movie..And expect of him to be diffrent than that..
posted by lei on Feb 17, 2009
i hate her! go back to jonas slut!
posted by gabby 09 on Feb 17, 2009
I LOVE ROB so if he is happy with her so than be it but bella is so much better
posted by BJ on Feb 03, 2009
What. The. Hell? Leave 'em alone! He's entitled to do whatever the hell he wants. He can date whoever he wants. Just 'coz you screaming little fangirls want to marry him or see him date Kristen Stewart, doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Don't go calling Camilla a 'slut'. It's not like you lot know her! It's their life, leave 'em alone!
posted by lady on Jan 03, 2009
.u should date kristen not camilla..camilla doesn't love u... I want kristen 4 u not camilla.
posted by anggieINA on Dec 14, 2008
what are they actually??
posted by paramichelle on Dec 07, 2008
U know u love kristen, Rob...
posted by Pinky6635 on Dec 06, 2008
nasty slut!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just needs people to notice her. He could date dirt better looking then her! All these girls that like him, and dates her!!! down grade!!!! i repaet DOWN GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jennarx462 on Dec 06, 2008
wow people she and him are long time buddies and what is wrong with having lunch with a person i have lunch with friends that are guys is that a you guys r so jelous and desparate. every person has a 1 in a million chance of ending up with him so chill out
posted by rainracer on Dec 06, 2008
i hate her she is a user!! bitch!! its very obvious she is just using all the popular people to get notice..well who is she anyway? and besides it how the show business works right? I really hate her!! social climber slut!!!
posted by sHasu_ on Dec 04, 2008
i don't know what to say.. i dunno camilla. But when i heard this news and saw the pictures with them together from E news..gosh! my heart was broken..=( just loving Robert and i can't wait so watch the next series of his movie..
posted by noand on Dec 03, 2008
taht girl is so not the girl 4 u u should totallly go out with bella
posted by kay on Dec 03, 2008
ummmm i dont know what to say.. if u he likes her.. go for it!
posted by lola on Dec 03, 2008
these "photo ops" with Camilla and Robert are being set up by Summit --- Robert is obviously their golden boy right now, and Camilla has a Summit picture coming out in a couple months. This is completely staged to get buzz going.
posted by springzhao85 on Dec 02, 2008
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