Director Catherine Hardwicke Plans to Finish 'New Moon' by End of 2009

December 02, 2008 04:05:59 GMT

'Twilight' helmer, Catherine Hardwicke, speaks out about where her position on 'New Moon' and how far along the sequel project has been developed.

Catherine Hardwicke
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Rumored to potentially make a comeback to "New Moon" after making a record for largest opening by a female filmmaker with "Twilight", Catherine Hardwicke opens up to MTV News about what she has in mind of the sequel. One of the interesting tidbits she shared is her target date for the end of "New Moon" filming.

Though her return to the series is yet to be certain, she reveals her plans on the shooting schedule, saying, "I would say that the film could be finished by the end of 2009, if not the beginning of 2010; cameras could be rolling in about five months." She then adds, "We spent about a year and three months getting ['Twilight'] ready, between writing the script and casting. We could probably do things a little bit faster this time, but who knows? It depends. And sometimes you can do things really fast. You can get two editors on, and you can just zip through."

On her position in "New Moon", she explains, "Well, right now we're trying to figure out if the studio people, and me, and everyone's on the same page." The "Thirteen" director continues, "I want to do ['New Moon'] better than we did 'Twilight,' and do it really cool. I definitely don't want to do it as something just tossed off, like a 'Saw 2' or something like that. We want to be sure that it's really going to be great and that everyone's on the same page."

On the occasion, Hardwicke also lets out that "Twilight" writer who has been tapped to pen "New Moon" has turned in a screenplay. "There's a draft, but then of course, you do more than one version of the script. You work on it. You try to bring it to life," she says of the matter, adding, "I've read the draft; we're looking at it and trying to think of cool ideas that will bring it to life, bring it to the screen." More on Hardwicke's interview with the network can be read at MTV.


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posted by w0oOw (0_o) on Dec 19, 2009
(Krys is so Adorable !!! (*u*) <3 heheh
posted by EMBRY&EMMETlover on Feb 02, 2009
I heard Krys the guy who plays Embry is seventeen and I am obssesed with him, and all he does is make an appearance. It was that much of an impact. I'm one native girl searching for her a fine native boy and I think I found him!
posted by Chantel on Dec 11, 2008
Are you already making New Moon ? . And By the way Krys Smokey-Desperado Is the most gorgeous boy i've ever seen. How old his he ?
posted by jessielovesedward on Dec 08, 2008
whens the next time edward cullen is comeing to boston!?
posted by greekyfangirl on Dec 08, 2008
well it will be better if they find a other person but i hope they don't change directors every movie because then it might end up like harry potter...LAME. i hope they find a new director and just stick with that one.....
posted by LP on Dec 05, 2008
I agree...some of the parts I loved in the book Twilight didn't show up in the movie Twilight...but non the less I loved the movie as well! I do though hope in New Moon that the ending is died on to the book! keeping my fingers crossed!
posted by HurricaneRidge on Dec 05, 2008
She should check out the first underworld for ideas on morphing werewolves...
posted by ebony on Dec 03, 2008
look twilight waz an very good movie i loved it but when new moon comes out please dont changesthe charaters an i hope that new moon have alot more action but i love twilight an also all four books
posted by Nicole on Dec 02, 2008
Twilight was awesome as it was. Whatever you do I'm sure you will give the book the justice it has due!
posted by New Moon needs New D on Dec 02, 2008
I couldn't take another travesty like Twilight. New Moon needs someone to direct it that knows how to direct.
posted by NO! NO! NO! on Dec 02, 2008
God please DO NOT let Catherine Hardwicke near New Moon. She totally butchered Twilight!
posted by some body on Dec 02, 2008
twilight was good but not what i thought it would i read the book and when i watched the movie she left out the good parts and add stuff that didnt happen get it straight this time or dont do the 3rd one let someone else
posted by raymen on Dec 02, 2008
make new moon better and put more action and try not to leave things out like twilight! oh and alice is hot!!!!!
posted by raymen on Dec 02, 2008
make new moon better and put more action and try not to leave things out like twilight! oh and alice is hot!!!!!
posted by TwiHard Yams on Dec 02, 2008
TWILIGHT WAS AMAZING! i think Catherine Hardwicke will do a fabulous job! Good Work!
posted by v on Dec 01, 2008
Please, please, please make New Moon better than Twilight!!!!

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