'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke Potentially Returns for 'New Moon'

November 27, 2008 08:35:44 GMT

Rumor has it, Catherine Hardwicke is in talks to direct 'New Moon', the follow-up movie to her successful vampire drama 'Twilight'.

Catherine Hardwicke
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The development of "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon", is slowly taking shape. After "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is signed to pen the sequel and Summit Entertainment officially give it the green light, Access Hollywood comes out with a news that the romantic vampire drama's helmer, Catherine Hardwicke, is in negotiations to direct the follow-up movie.

Though reporting on the speculation, Access Hollywood mentioned that the filmmaker has been avoiding on giving any clues on her return in earlier interview. When asked by USA Today about her future plans for Taylor Launter, the actor who plays Jacob Black, Hardwicke said, "I've got this to say about Taylor. He told me the other day that he had gained 14 pounds since I last saw him. He's only 16. I think he's chanting to make himself grow."

"New Moon" is an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's second novel in her Twilight series. The official announcement of "New Moon" development came after "Twilight" scored big on its opening day with $35.7 million on its pocket. Previously, it has been reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will earn $12 million each for this sequel.


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posted by love-da-wolfboy on Mar 07, 2010
*reads title* *finds cleats in closet* *flies to LA* *finds Catherine* *puts on cleats* *stomps on face a bunch of times* *leaves evidence* *runs like hell!!*
posted by Faith on Dec 09, 2008
Hi, Do you know who we should contact to work in the production schedule, or as the producer assistant? Please answer. I.A
posted by Nahrain on Dec 07, 2008
Catherine Hardwicke is not the problem. The screenplay writer is. I felt like words from the book were just put in there to please us but it didnt help at all with the development of the relationship.
posted by Vivid Glance on Dec 04, 2008
Twilight Saga brainwashed me. I'm hopeless now :|
posted by New Director PLEASE! on Dec 03, 2008
I can't take it! it was a terrible adaptation to a wonderful book. I really hope they get a new director. PLEASE GET A NEW DIRECTOR! There were so many things wrong with the movie. no one had any idea what was going on and every flirting scene was akward and funny. it's NOT supposed to be funny! there's passion and deep and commited love. And he doesn't yell at her for being clumsy and falling in a field trip!!! he takes care of her and protects her because she's so fragile! PLEASE DON'T ALLOW CATHERINE AND MELISSA TO MAKE NEW MOON. THEY'LL DESTROY IT LIKE THEY DID FOR THIS ONE! and no jingling vampires when they show their skin to sunlight! its not christmas with glittler and jingles PLEASE!
posted by twilightfan on Dec 01, 2008
new director please!
posted by Anna on Dec 01, 2008
I cannot tell you how much I do not want Catherine Hardwicke directing the next film. Myself and most of my friends agree that her constant close-ups and shaky camera effect detracted from the movie. Showing the whole picture/scene more often would have been refreshing. Doing constant closd-ups does not make it more intimate, it's sort of too much of a good thing. You almost loose track of the feel of the movie that up close all the time.
posted by BAD NEWS on Nov 30, 2008
This series is spectacular and I believe that the first round of the movies was very poorly done. Fortunately, the casting was great and I would say that Stewart and Pattinson are perfect for their respective roles. However, the directing of the film made it impossible for the young stars to let their true colors shine. Many of the scenes did not flow together, as Chelsea said earlier, and because of this the spectacular dialogue from the book was not allowed to blossom on screen. This series needs to take a new direction, and that would be to stick with the unbelievable descriptive writing that Meyer provokes, it was shown that Hardwicke was not up to the challenge in round one, so a desperate change is in order for New Moon to be successful. The actors/actresses cannot act well without good direction and that is solely to blame for Twilight's dissapointment to me; I think that Kristen Stewart is marvelous and Pattinson also has a large arsenal of talent, so good directing can propel this series into the realm of Lord of the Rings. PLEASE FIND SOMEONE ELSE...
posted by kellyd on Nov 30, 2008
the success of this movie was due to the popularity of the book. you may not be so lucky with the second book.
posted by Chelsea on Nov 29, 2008
Please change the director and add more to the screenplay! I believe the downfall of this movie was in the directing. The scenes were choppy and the quintessential Twilight lines sounded out of place and comical, because they didn't flow with the scene. I believe that Kristen and Rob could have given more if they had only been directed to do so. Please make the movie longer! 2 hours didn't seem to be enough. I would be willing to watch 2.5 to 3 hours of Twilight with better transitions and warmth between Bella and Edward. They are flirtatious in the book. They were not flirtatious in the movie. I am a huge fan of the book and I do understand that not everything can make it into the movie. They got all of the necessary parts in the movie, but they didn't flow together or jump off the screen as well as they could have. Even with all of these things, I did enjoy the movie.
posted by Samantha on Nov 29, 2008
Please Please Please do not have them direct and write the screen play! I am a MAJOR fan of twilight, but the movie cut out some of the most important scenes and added in new ones that had no place in the movie. If they do keep Catherine Hardwicke and Melissa Rosenburg then they need to stay true to the book. We love that book, Not that movie. So every fan would go c it anyway. Bad or not. And also it was very comical, less romantic and less sensual. Funny was not the mood in twilight. Some humor in it was funny, but taking out the chapter blood types and adding in a field trip that meant nothing?? Wat is wrong with them? Stephenie Meyer should get new ppl to do the job. Ik that they must hvae been under pressure, but the other 3 books better not b as trashy. Or PETITION it is. They didnt do the job, so why not get someone who can?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET A NEW DIRECTOR AND SCREEN WRITER! And im an actress and i am personally offended by the lack of dialogue. There was more switching oif scenes than anything else. ADD MORE DIALOGUE!!! Thank you!
posted by shannon on Nov 29, 2008
No wayyyy! I thought the movie was MUCH better than the book. Melissa's screenplay was spot on, plus she cut out the corny ridiculous writing that Stephenie gave us. She has a real feel for adolescents. AND Catherine is amazing with that age group. She gave depth to Twilight. Glad to hear they're keeping them both! And haven't you heard - Melissa already finished the New Moon script :)
posted by twlightlvr on Nov 29, 2008
please replace them both they did a horrible job the only reason twilight was such was because of us the fans we would have watch it regardless so please you ruin the most wonderful book don't let them ruin New Moon get great people behind it we the fans deserved it!!!!!
posted by jack on Nov 28, 2008
You're right Melissa R. should be replaced, but I heard she's going to do the screen play for new moon. Hopefully she learns from her mistakes the second time around and if Catherine directs it again...well lets just hope they both learned
posted by amy on Nov 28, 2008
I hope this is not true. Catherine is great in her own ways, but she didn't do a very good job with TWilight, I think they should give someone else a chance... and they should replace melissa as well.
posted by Your Fans Beg on Nov 28, 2008
Summit I am begging on my knees, don't let Catherine Hardwicke direct New Moon. I will be a loyal Summit movie patron for the rest of my life if you get a new director.
posted by TRASH on Nov 28, 2008
Melissa Rosenberg is to blame! She probably wished she wrote the novel so she tried to turn Twilight into something that wasn't even a 10th of what Stephenie Meyer created. Then coupled with Catherine Hardwicke as director created the perfect storm. Those two witches turned a beautiful story into trash.
posted by DUMP DIRECTOR on Nov 28, 2008
Totally agree. I can't beleive Stephenie Meyer thought that garbage stayed true to her novel. That directing was a joke. And the horrific score, seriously it was awkward and didn't to anything to convey the mood.
posted by Cathy on Nov 28, 2008
I haven't read the book, but I thought the movie was awful. My eyes were buggin' out at how choppy it was. I doubt I'll go see New Moon and waste my money again. At least my popcorn was good.
posted by TWILIGHT BUTCHERED on Nov 28, 2008
I hated the butchered adaptation that Twilight turned into, but if they're going to use the same director be prepared to experience the ultimate in cheesy choppy rushed horrible directing.
posted by NEW DIRECTOR FOR NEW on Nov 28, 2008
Summit must be really stupid! I can't believe they would actually think that Catherine Hardwicke is behind the box office sucess. News Flash! the movie would have done amazing if my cat directed it! GET A NEW DIRECTOR FAST!
posted by PLEASE GOD NO! on Nov 28, 2008
God please, do not let Catherine Hardwicke near New Moon or Melissa Rosenberg near the Script. The two of them collectively destroyed Twilight. Stephenie don;t let this happen!
posted by Jessica on Nov 28, 2008
I realize such a lengthy detailed book needs to be edited to fit into an acceptable movie length but I REALLY hope New Moon is just a little more like the novel. Why change what is already amazing?

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